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9 Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily In 2021

Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily In 2021

You’ve earned your commission from an affiliate program, but you don’t want to wait for a month to cash out.
What should you do then? Should you join the program that pay weekly? But the fastest paying affiliate programs don’t take a week to pay.

If you’re interested in getting daily payment cycles, you should check out affiliate programs that pay daily.

Scroll down to find nine affiliate programs that pay daily.

1. Warriorplus

Warrlorplus is hands-down the most trusted affiliate program around today. Once you sign-up, you will get the golden opportunity to promote quality educational and software products.

Yes, you will see some crappy products in the network. However, you can bypass them and focus on promoting the quality offers in the network. Once you find several great products, you will be on your way to making instant commissions.

It’s imperative to point out that the vendor program continues to grow. The programs are easy to use and you’ll be pleased with the entire process.

2. Peerfly

Peerfly is a superb cost per action network. Many popular brands such as Uber are promoted heavily on this network.

They offer daily payments, but there’s a catch. A hefty 24% interest fee is attached to instance payments. You have the option of going with weekly payments to avoid the interest fee.

3. JVZoo

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard JVZoo. You can get instant commission from promoting the wide range of digital products.

You can promote online courses and software. There’s a plethora of digital products available at JVZoo. Fortunately, the search function makes it easy to find products that are suitable for your audience.

4. Mobidea

This is the perfect affiliate program for you if you’re into mobile CPA advertising. You can leverage this platform to get daily instant commissions with pure ease.

Mobidea’s offers fall into the following categories: videos, games, health, beauty, and dating. Please keep in mind that you must become a VIP to be eligible for instant commissions. VIPs are also eligible to get paid on the weekends.

5. Dr. Cash

Dr cash

We cannot discuss affiliate programs that pay daily without mentioning Dr. Cash. The name can confuse you. With a name like ‘Dr Cash’, you would assume this network offers financial products.

However, their portfolio is filled with top-notch nutraceutical products. What are nutraceutical products? They are alternative health supplements. They’re popular with people who are not big fans of conventional medication.

You’ll be impressed with the products offered by Dr. Cash. They’re over 2,500 affiliate products for over 240 goes.

Since 2016, this unique affiliate program has focused on neutraceuticals in the healthcare industry. You will find product categories such as skincare, weight loss and vitamins.

Many affiliate marketers are fond of Dr. Cash because they pay twice per day. Dr Cash will accept any form of traffic source. You can send organic and paid traffic to their offers.

6. Terra Leads

Terrabeads wears several hats. Terrabeads is the merchant, publisher, and network. They develop and market neutraceuticals such as weight loss products, skincare products, and foods.

The, products are made in Europe, and it’s important to mention that the products meet the strict standards of the European Union.

Besides earning commissions, you can earn T-Coins. You can exchange your T-Coins for various prizes.

Some affiliates exchange the T-Coins for automobiles. You will get paid instantly when your sale is approved by a representative.

7. AdCrax

The AdCrax homepage gives you the impression that you’re checking out a web development company instead of an affiliate program.

To be fair, their web design is not up to par. However, we’re not here to criticize someone’s web page. We’re here to introduce you to top affiliate programs that pay daily.

AdCrax entered the scene in 2014. Since then, it has been focusing on smartphone and mobile offers. But there are many other products are available on its website. The issue is that you cannot see the affiliate programs until you sign-up with them. This can throw off some people who would like to see if AdCrax is worth the time.

We must be honest with you. AdCrax works with many huge brands that are willing to pay you for promoting the products and services.

We did our due diligence on AdCrax, and we discovered that many affiliates are happy with the Offers and payments.

8. Rebll Network

You may not have heard of RebII, but they shouldn’t be underestimated. It has a huge following base. If you prefer promoting dating offers, you should sign-up at Rebll.

Rebll is one of the best affiliate networks for daily offers. With over 600 different affiliate offers in their network, you stand a great chance of making instant commissions.

The conversion rates for Rebll’s offers are extremely high. When you reach your payout requirement, Rebll will not hesitate to pay you daily.

9. Leadstead


Unlike the other affiliate programs that pay daily on this list, Leadstead works with any affiliate publisher. They have dozens of niches for you to select.

Leadstead doesn’t have any problems with working with affiliate novices. This is a great news if you’re getting your feet wet.

Some affiliate networks on this list will not work with affiliate beginners. They feel that affiliate novices don’t have enough experience to push enough traffic to the offers.

If you’re making at least $100 per day with an affiliate program on another network, they’ll make an earnest effort to persuade that advertiser to move to Leadstead.

At this present time, Leadstead is working with close to 5,000 publishers.

They have over 800 outstanding affiliate offers on the, books, and they hand, a minimum of 400,000 sales conversions every month. This is impressive!

These guys are not amateurs. If you want to partner with a true leader in the affiliate marketing industry, you should consider working with Leadstead.

At the end of the day, the door is always open for International publishers.

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