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How To Steal Your Competitor’s Backlinks


Replicating your competitor’s backlink profile is a powerful link building strategy. It can help you acquire backlinks quickly, lay a sustainable foundation for future link building efforts and provide valuable insights into the link building strategies of your highest ranking competitors.

There are literally hundreds of ways you can build backlinks to your website. Each tactic is worthy of it’s own blog post.

One of the best white hat link building strategies is to steal your competitors backlinks, and along with it their rankings and traffic.

Highlights of the Article

  • How to analyze your competitor’s backlink profile
  • How to use free tools to build a gigantic list of backlink targets
  • How to steal backlinks from your top competitors
  • How to leverage your competitors for link bait content
  • How to set a rock solid foundation for your link building campaign

By using all of the backlink tools listed above you will be able to build a giant list of highly relevant backlink prospects. The best part, you will be able to do it for free!

Sounds interesting! Getting backlinks of  your top 10 competitors pointing back to your site and improve your content strategy.

Read the complete article here by Robbie Richards which reveals how you can use competitive analysis and backlink checkers to steal your competitors’ backlinks and their ranking.

We feel most of the readers almost 90% of them are ‘lurkers’ who do not publicly participate but only read and build their opinions based on social comments. We’ve curated these comments that not only add value but also provide insights to the community.

Paul points out,” Another tool you may want to add to your list is . Its a free online tool, without limitations on quantity of inbound links. Whats more it shows PR, Anchor & Alexa as well as couple of other metrics. Hope you find it of some use.

Andrew McCauley says, ” You keep popping up with great content. My question is : Is page rank still a valuable metric or have Google stopped using it as a refrence? I thought i heard recently that they had stopped looking at PR rank”.

Responding to Andrew’s query, Robbie says, “ Great question. I think the factors that contribute to Page Rank value are just as important as ever before. So yes, Page Rank itself is important.

However, Google has only updated the PR value once or twice in the past 12 months, that I’m aware of. It appears they are moving away from making the value “public”. But I suspect they are still placing just as much weighting on it. This failure to update could be a result of number of things. But, there are a ton of tools out their that give near equivalent indications of a domain/page’s authority, such as Moz Rank, Trust Flow and Ahref’s URL rank. Referring domains/ inbound links are still a top ranking factor.”

SEO Hizmeti states,” First of all thank you for sharing in detail. However, some of the online tools you suggest has problems and they don’t match the results when you compare them. I give you sample: When I use Ahrefs, I get great result. Than when I jump on to Majestic..all kind of problems shows up. Like: crawl error-Title tag is missing. Also there is another tool you have not mention “Traffic Travis” there is pro and free version to start with. I will add this article to my SEO Book collection. because it is a treasure. Thanks again for the insight.”

Tim says,” This post makes my brain hurt. So much helpful information that makes me realize I have so much more to learn in the SEO world. Very awesome though and thank you. For some reason I couldn’t verify my site in Bing. I chose the copy the meta into the Yoast SEO option, but when I click verify it came up red on all the options as if to indicate I am supposed to use all three to verify and not one of my choosing.”

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