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Best Emerald Chat Alternatives 2022: 10+ Apps To Chat With Strangers

emerald chat

You do not need any registration to use Emerald Chat. Just go online, choose a nickname and start chatting with any person.

You can do one-on-one text chatting, group chatting, video chatting, and even share media and videos with each other. Moreover, there are no bots on Emerald, which is an awesome feature.

Just like Omegle, Emerald Chat is a service that helps in connecting users all over the world and helps them chat. There is no way you can get its app from Google or Android stores, but simple tricks can help you download it.

This service is basically for 18 years and above users, and you have to confirm your age before you start chatting.

Emerald chat asks you to create an account in case you want their full services. This is to stop youngsters from trying to chat. Once you reach the site, the user can do one-on-one text chatting, group text chatting, or video chatting.

The service will pair you with similar interest users. You can also filter which gender users you wish to chat with. But for that, you need to apply for Emerald Gold account for $3.89 per month. This is another step to stop the youngsters from applying.

What Is Emerald Chat?

Emerald was created so that people having similar interests could chat through one on one text, video, and group chatting.

  • Users have to create a profile with their flair color, bio, gender, interests, and pictures.
  • Other users can see your profile only after they become friends with you.
  • The website will match the user’s basis of their interests, “karma rating,” and gender.
  • Users could give or reduce the “karma points” of other users basis their chats with them.
  • Emerald says that the difference between them and chat sites like Omegle is that they do not let bots enter their site.
  • “Whether you want friends or something more, you could find it on Emerald.”
  • The website clearly indicates that users should be over 18 years to use this platform. However, there is no other process to verify the age than just accepting that the user is over 18 years of age.
  • Their rules mention anti-spam, anti-harassment, and not permitting illegal content. The deep learning technology and moderators help in identifying the users who are breaking the rules and banning them.

Why Should Parents Care About Emerald Chat?

  • There is no significant age verification process.
  • You can connect and talk with strangers.
  • Users can share explicit messages and even appear nude in live video chatting.
  • Strangers may ask for any personal information and thus exploit the users.
  • Topic discussions could become personal.
  • Some of the users could screen record or save personal conversations and use them later against the other person.

Top Features Of Emerald Chat

Bot Control

On this site, there are no bots. The system is created such that it just blocks all the bots. So you only meet the real users. Also, when you start with the website, it will check if you are a bot or a person. You have to meet their requirements, thus proving that you are not a bot. Their system helps in blocking all the bots.

Select A Gender

You can choose your gender. The site would then match you only with users who fall into the selected gender. So you will get only filtered results. But this feature is suitable only for premium users.

Text Chat

There is a text chat option for those who like chatting on text. To begin, you have to first enter your interests. The site would then connect you with those who have the same interests as you have. Plus, you could quit the chat room if you wish. Apart from that, there are many other features that you may see.

Video Chat

In case you are someone who is bothered with video chat, then you can use the video chat option. You will have to give access to the video camera and microphone and have a video chat. This site will pair you with random users once you click on their start button. Moreover, you will have control over the conversation, and you can cancel it at any time.

Group Chat

You can also do group chatting. This is for those who wish to chat with more than one user at a time.

Create An Emerald Chat Account

Though there is no need to register, you can still create an Emerald chat account. Just go to “My account settings” and start with the process.

Emerald Chat Account Settings

You could also keep the account secure by creating your password. For that, you have to go to the Menu-Setting-Account setting options.

Delete Emerald Chat Account

You can even delete the Emerald chat account if you want to. Just go to the account settings and then click on “my account delete,” and your account is removed.

Photo And Media Sharing

With the site, you can send pictures, video clips, and even songs to other users. There are not many websites that allow you to share any media and pictures. But the site still asks you not to share any sensitive media or photos.

Friends And Message Box

In the end, you will find your friends and a message box. The app comes with a friend list feature. You can also add your normal friends. You may use Emerald chat to chat with each other regularly.

Is Emerald Chat Safe?

This is dependent on what you consider as being “safe.”

Once you choose the chat function, there is no one to monitor you. The one-on-one texting and videos can become explicit if the users want them to. However, in the non-Emerald Gold section of their video chat, there is no kind of wrong sexual behavior propagated. Some people can be seen in dark “moody” settings, and some are shirtless.

But if you see their group chat feature, the users do not restraint themselves. It is similar to the AOL chat rooms that we had earlier, and once we explored the Parent ology section, we found some threads full of sexual language, which violates their rules.

People chatting on the platform could give the users positive or negative karma depending on their interaction. Users who continue to get low karma scores are temporarily banned from using the site.
If you notice any user being abusive, you can go to the site’s “Help” section, which suggests giving them a negative karma score. In reality, if many users give the abuser a low score, then he is automatically banned but only for some time.

The site has some “active mods” who themselves can ban any users who do not follow the rules. Yet there is nothing that will stop someone who is below 18 years just to click the verification button and start chatting on the app.

Emerald Chat

12 Best Emerald Chat Alternatives


This is an international chatting site where you get to meet many people. Their random chat page and chat rooms are very popular as you can chat with many strangers.


This is totally a mobile communication and private social networking app. The app is free, cross-platform, and full-featured. You can use it to get in touch with all those you care about.


Chatroulette is an online tool that allows you to meet new people. On the website, you can start a chat with any random person through text, Mic, and webcam. At any point, you or the other person may leave the chat room just by creating any other connection.


Omegle is a place to meet new friends. It picks other users randomly, and you can have one-on-one chats with people. These chats are totally anonymous, though there is nothing that should stop you from sharing any of your personal details.


MeowChat is a fun place where users chat and meet with new friends. You can chat quickly with unknown people all around the world. If any of your friends are not on MeowChat, there is nothing to worry about as there are many people you can chat with.


ChatHub is an alternative to Omegle, where you can chat with different strangers. It comes with many filters like face, gender and country filter, etc.


Streamup is a video chat community that many users love. You can broadcast with many viewers or even explore rooms that stream live.


This is a free web-based application suitable for video and group video calling. They also offer features like chat rooms.


With Chatrandom, you can easily talk to strangers around the world. Just browse free webcams on their basic video chat features are also free to use. The random video chat app will pair you with strangers so you can have instant cam to cam chat.

Fav Talk

Now share your story with those who have the same interests as you. There will be many people who have similar tastes as you have. Plus, you may choose other people with who you want to have a talk from their chatting list.

Random Chat Live

The Random video chats Live allows you to video chat on desktop, tablet, and mobile without any registration. You can meet people from all over the world one-on-one or in the group video chat rooms.


The platform is like a combination of Omegle or a Chatroulette, just with new technologies. It comes with an easy-to-use interface that is suitable for both computer and smartphone, and you can also install it as an application.

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