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SnapSupport: Features, Usage And Best Alternatives


SnapSupport is a platform for workers in the field; it forms a collaborative resource for real time problem solving. Through its mobile and web-based application, it has created an avenue where service organizations can communicate and collaborate in resolving any problems that come up in the course of work.

By making use of live video feed, pictures and industry checklists, staff can provide technical support to field teams in various locations. It can also be used to fully automate quality checks and maintenance procedures.

Time is money and every time a field technician is called out to a job that may require multiple site visits, it causes costly delays. With SnapSupport, you get timely assistance to field organizations, that translates to better fix rates, less time on repairs, thus meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

What Is SnapSupport?

SnapSupport is a platform developed to offer service support through the internet, IoT and even smartphones. Ease of use means you can even take pictures, annote the part that needs attention and send it out to support for quick diagnosis and prompt feedback.

This means that any problems that arise with machinery are easily dealt with by the technical support on hand to offer their skills in problem solving.

By using this interface with service status icons that are automatically generated, one can easily adopt it for small and medium-sized businesses that are trying to upgrade into the bigger professional markets.

It is an ideal platform for most industries, from drilling to manufacturing. It is available for milling machines, CNC devices, lathes, grinders, sanding machines, routers and even industrial plasma cutters. You can implement your own tailor-made system that is best suited for your manufacturing needs; this can even be made available to your existing customers.

SnapSupport does enable field teams to respond to customer issues on:

  • Asset and quality inspections
  • Real-time field assistance and collaboration
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance of equipment

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Advantages Of SnapSupport

Can Be Used With Different Types Of Machines

It supports different types of machines, that means troubleshooting on most issues is easy. This makes it a co-founders support avenue that works fast to help solve issues that crop up.

SnapSupport is an ideal co-founder support platform for the various manufacturers of devices, an example would be a lathe manufacturer encountering problems with a couple of devices or a specific component. By using SnapSupport, he could troubleshoot the issue. After getting the right information, one can solve the issue quickly.

Easy To Use

SnapSupport is cloud-based, which means that anyone can use it. You can use it on any device with a browser, like a phone, computer, or tablet. That means we can get help from experts whenever we need it. We can use it for things like data center automation and hardware issues that might be making our system slower. Field technicians love it because they can get help quickly if they need it.

Supports Different Manufacturers

When using SnapSupport, you can gather information about the issue and resolve it fast. As SnapSupport provides support to numerous manufacturers, you can examine what others are dealing with, if the issues are similar or a recurring problem with a certain model. This can help you handle future problems with that model.

Perform Unlimited Functions

One can perform different procedures with the app, from basically adding an unlimited number of modules. These are customized plug-ins that allow for different functions, from simply asking questions, uploading the images to ease diagnosis, performing diagnosis on the equipment, creating alerts, receiving customized messages and saving device logs. A customer support time would be swamped if they tried to provide all these services but with SnapSupport its a breeze.

Remote Assistance

One of the top selling points of having SnapSupport is the remote assistance feature: one is able to easily add a mobile device tech as a member of the support team by making use of the remote assistance module found on SnapSupport.

One can thus remain fully operational, from replacing batteries to planning for maintenance checks remotely. Your imagination is the only limiting factor when it comes to mobile customer support on this platform.

Real-time Field Support

With SnapSupport, field teams can receive expert help with one touch. This is because SnapSupport makes it possible to access critical data that may help resolve issues in a timely basis. Technicians solve problems faster as they can make use of information on SnapSupport with real-time point-by-point guidance from the vast army of experts at hand.

By making use of collaborative tools like chatbots, video conferencing and chat field, teams can highlight problems and thus tap into the available experts across the whole organization. SnapSupport can:

  • Increase fix rates and reduce mean time repair rates
  • Increased efficiency through intelligent routing and issue escalation
  • Enable AI self support functions
  • Use of Hands-free voice-activated smart glasses
  • Help you avail expert help at job sites to technical teams
  • Access to training tools and expertise to field teams by senior staff

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Asset And Quality Inspections

SnapSupport is a mobile app that automates asset and quality inspections. This eliminates the need for companies to use multiple systems and applications. This is achieved by combining real-time field support and the power to carry out field tests using the mobile or smart glasses app. The team is also able to generate reports instantly that can be shared with the whole team.

Other benefits include:

  • It does different kinds of inspections using inspection templates that are highly configurable
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Inspection reports in Word or PDF that can be generated instantly
  • Use of RealWear HMT-1 smart glasses with hands-free and voice activation for inspections
  • Inspection data augmented with videos or images

Top 10 Competitors And Alternatives To SnapSupport

1. Geopointe

Geopointe is one of the top geo-location apps on AppExchange. It enables users to take advantage of geographical features of their data to streamline processes and increase efficiencies from analytical insights to the firm’s business operations.

2. Skedulo

Skedulo makes use of cloud-based software to increase productivity through using an app to create Deskless software that makes it possible for an organization to engage, manage and increase performance of its workforce.

It assists in simplifying job scheduling, daily operations, reducing operational costs and overall staff utilization across all the departments.

Over 35 million appointments have been achieved using Skedulo worldwide by various organizations, from Sunrun, DHL and even the American Red Cross.

3. FieldRoutes

FieldRoutes is a mobile based SaaS provider suited for businesses heavy in field services. It helps automate field operations from processing payments, customer acquisition, route optimization, marketing and digital sales. All this helps streamline processes, build revenue, increase growth and customer retention.

4. Salesforce Maps

Salesforce Maps combines the firm’s sales, IT, marketing, service and commerce departments in any location using Customer 360 that powers connected apps by using an integrated CRM platform. This makes it possible to concentrate on the core functions reopening, stabilizing the business, providing a great customer experience.

5. Pega Platform

Pega helps its clients make better decisions by reducing the complexity of their operations and increasing their efficiency. This allows its clients to use AI in real-time and intelligent process automation to make the best decisions possible.

A business can use digital automation along with case management to better orchestrate tasks and make smarter decisions using artificial intelligence. This can be done through the use of bots that provide a channel-less experience to customers or clients.

Stakeholders are able to speed up the development of enterprise apps using visual tools, collaborate on IT by allowing modifications by users to apps in a systematic procedure.

Pega assists in controlling complex processes, maintaining audit logs minimizing compliance issues, automating and streamlining regulatory requirements.

6. Field Nation

This is the leading platform for on-demand expertise in IT, Field Nation provides a solution to on-site work needed by companies. By availing support, software, network needed and services needed to meet field service requests on-demand made to companies.

7. mHelpDesk

As a job management system, it connects your dispatchers, schedules, forms, billing, and field staff into a streamlined organization.

By giving you the ability to track each process from the initial customer contact to payment, mHelpDesk web and mobile apps help streamline access to information, workflow, communication with clients and provide real-time data on any location.

mHelpDesk helps reduce manual procedures and mistakes; costs are kept low as it doesn’t require special or expensive components. Field technicians are easily tracked using the mobile app.

8. simPRO

Service Industry Management Professional (simPRO) is a cloud based software for resource allocation, schedule creation, service, maintenance and project management.

With job listing functions for field and office management, one can run operations, manage and expand the business.

9. Dynamics 365 Field Service

From Microsoft, the platform provides a way to manage field services and thus provide clients with world class experiences. The company is able to still maximize efficiencies while keeping costs down.

10. Service Titan

This is one of the best platforms providing software for managing businesses in the service industry. It incorporates best practices in the industry. It streamlines dispatch, sales, scheduling, reporting, marketing while increasing customer satisfaction.

Service Titan is a powerful tool that combines communication, job booking, advance reporting, tracking and recording calls, credit card processing and invoicing. It’s a cloud-based platform, which makes it easy to use.

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