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The Best Free YouTube Downloader Apps To Use In 2022

Youtube downloader

This list of the best free video downloading software for PC is for anyone who likes watching YouTube videos offline. Obviously saving video from an online video host will take quite an effort without implementing such programs. It is good to be able to use one of the download programs for free no matter what mobile device or computer it is.

There are so many videos available on the internet, but most of them are on YouTube and Facebook. You can find videos on other platforms like TikTok, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and more, but it’s not always easy to save them on your device. That’s why you need solutions to download videos from these websites.

In this post, we will be discussing the best free YouTube Downloaders that you can get for your computer. We will also be comparing them with others on the list.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that downloading videos from YouTube without the owner’s permission is against their policy. Downloading copyrighted content without the owner’s permission may be illegal. Make sure you only download videos that you have the right to download.

Is It Legal To Download YouTube Videos?

Downloading a YouTube video is not legal unless you own the video yourself, have permission from the copyright holder, or it’s in the public domain. Copyright infringement is a crime, and can result in fines or imprisonment.

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Why Do You Want To Download A Video?

There are a few different reasons you might need to download a video. You might need it for a presentation, or maybe you uploaded it in the past and don’t have access to the original file anymore. Another reason you might need to download a video is if you want to edit it or convert it into a different format.

If you want to save a YouTube video to watch offline, you can use a YouTube downloader. This is a much easier process than attempting to capture a video with a screen recording app. All you need to do is get the video’s URL and plug it into one of these downloaders. The downloader will take care of the rest.

What Is YouTube Downloader?

YouTube Downloader is a desktop or mobile application that enables users to download videos from YouTube. It also allows users to convert videos into different formats so that they can be played on different devices. Additionally, YouTube Downloader has a built-in media player that lets users watch their downloaded videos directly on their desktops.

YouTube Downloader is highly customizable. Users can select their preferred output quality when downloading videos, and they can also choose between different video formats.

Furthermore, it lets users disable annotations in YouTube videos so that they can be played without pop-ups obstructing the visuals. Finally, adding subtitles to downloaded videos is another option available with YouTube Downloader. By adding subtitles, users can watch their videos in different languages.

Then, they need to click the Download button and the program will start downloading the video. Once it is downloaded, users can play their videos using YouTube Downloader’s built-in media player or by using other programs that support the video format of the file.

YouTube Downloader is available for Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

Before Moving Forward…

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YouTube Downloader Features

Lightning Quick Downloads

In order to download a video from YouTube using the program, users need to copy the URL of the desired video and paste it into the “URL” field on YouTube Downloader’s interface.

Download High Definition Video

YouTube Downloader lets users download high-definition videos (HD) from YouTube and convert them into different formats. The program can also convert YouTube videos to be played on mobile devices, such as the iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

Convert Most Video Formats

The program supports twenty-four video formats. Among them are MOV, AVI, WMV, MP4 and 3GP for MPEG4 videos; FLV format for Flash Video files; DIVX, XVID and FLV for AVI files; SWF for Macromedia Flash video files; OGV for Ogg Video format; M4A (aacPlus) for MPEG 4 Audio format.

Users can copy the converted videos to USB devices or upload them to YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud services.

Fast And Easy To Use

YouTube Downloader has an easy-to-use interface that lets users customize the program to their preferences. The preferences window can be accessed by clicking on the “Preferences” button on YouTube Downloader’s toolbar. From there, users can select the video quality they prefer when downloading videos from YouTube, and they can also edit other settings.

15 Best Online YouTube Video Downloaders

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is a great free YouTube downloader that is simple to use and highly customizable. You can use it to download videos (or whole playlists, provided they are not longer than 24 videos) from YouTube by copying the URL and selecting an output format, quality and location. It supports a great choice of formats – both video and audio – including MP4 and MP3, and you can download captions for individual videos. It also supports 3D and 360-degree videos.

WinX YouTube Downloader

WinX YouTube Downloader is a program that can be used to download videos from various websites, including Facebook, Vimeo, and DailyMotion.

What if you could download videos from all the most popular sites without any effort? WinX YouTube Downloader does just that! It’s super easy to use. Just paste in a URL, select an output format and quality setting – then wait while it adds these requested webpages into your current batch list (once added).

Any Video Converter Free

Any Video Converter Free is one of the best free YouTube downloaders out there. It has a wide range of video formats to choose from, and even a basic video editor that can be used to crop videos, adjust the color, and add overlay text. The only disadvantage of using this app is that you can’t download more than one video at a time with its free version, but it’s still a great option if you’re looking for a free solution.

aTube Catcher

aTube Catcher can save videos from most of the big video hosting sites. However, it also downloads sneaky adware during installation which you need to be aware of before using this app! When asked whether or not to want an application installed onto your device hit the Cancel button, then click Decline when prompted again.

VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter is a powerful video processing software that has many features. It allows you to easily download videos from websites, and it also works as a converter so you don’t have to worry about downloading other converters.

The media downloading engine in this app can fetch videos from over 1,000 websites including YouTube and DailyMotion. It’s easy to download full-length content without having a tuner because it will also work for Facebook photos as well.


Viddly is a free online video downloader that enables you to convert any clip into popular formats. It offers an inbuilt search engine for finding subtitles of YouTube videos, and it even helps store playlists on your computer with just one click!


VidJuice is an app that lets you download videos from 1000 websites. It has a built-in video editor with easy trimming capabilities and allows up to 320kbps bitrate for audio files, meaning they’ll play back nicely even if your computer can’t afford its own high speed connection.

YTD Video Downloader

YTD Video Downloader is an easy-to-use software that allows you to download videos from any streaming site. You can choose between converting entire channels and playlists, as well as downloading in MP3 format for listening on your own time. The interface has been designed with simplicity at its core so there’s nothing standing between yourself AND excellent downloading capabilities.

YT1s Downloader

We recommend using the YT1s to download YouTube videos because it’s easy to use and you don’t have to install a program on your computer. All you have to do is copy links from YouTube into the program and click “Convert” to download a file.


ClipGrab is a software that allows you to download videos from YouTube and other websites. It also allows you to convert those videos into any format. ClipGrab also supports downloading into lossless FLV and MPEG4 formats.

Clip Grab is an open-source, free program that you can use to download videos from sites like YouTube. The interface of Clipboard stands out with its simple and easy navigation features as well as helpful notification prompts about whether or not the file should be saved after extraction on your computer’s hard drive.

Allavsoft Video And Music Downloader

Allavsoft Downloader is a great tool for downloading videos from websites like YouTube, Facebook and more! It can also download music files in formats such as MP3. The best part of this app? You get to choose what format your file should be before downloading it.

With the ability to batch download multiple files or even full playlists, this application has become an essential tool for any music lover.

HitPaw Video Converter

HitPaw Video Converter provides a simple way of converting videos and audio files so that you can use them on any device. It’s very easy-to learn, making this an ideal tool for beginners who want the best experience possible.

This video converter is fast and has a lot of features. It can convert videos into 800+ formats, so it’s great for converting multiple files at once.

iTubeGo YouTube Downloader

The best and fully-fledged video downloading software is iTubeGo. It supports websites such as YouTube, Facebook or Twitter to name a few; in addition, it allows you to download HD videos up to 8K resolution.


Videoder is a popular app that can be used to download YouTube videos on Android devices, as well as PC and Mac. It supports downloads from more than fifty websites, including popular ones such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Hotstar, Voot, and more.

The Videoder app has some great features that make it really convenient to use. For example, it has its own inbuilt browser with an adblocker, which makes it really easy to find things to download. Additionally, the app uses multiple network connections to speed up the downloading process, so you can get your files faster.

By Click Downloader

By Click Downloader has the best experience for downloading content from YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook with its native integration that automatically recognizes when you’re navigating through video. The prompt provides some options on file formats which makes it seem frictionless.

Final Words

All in all, the best YouTube downloaders are those that offer a good balance of features and a satisfying user experience. Our top picks have unique benefits that may make them a better fit for your individual downloading needs. Whichever software you choose, we hope you find it helpful in getting the content you want from the internet’s most popular video-sharing platform.

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