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How Top Creators Use Beehiiv To Grow Their Audience

How Top Creators Use Beehiiv To Grow Their Audience

In the fast changing landscape of content creation, staying ahead of the curve is essential for creators looking to grow their audience and monetize their efforts. Despite the growth and prominence of mobile messengers and chat apps, e-mail remains an integral part of daily online life.

In 2022, the number of global e-mail users amounted to 4.26 billion and is set to grow to 4.73 billion users by 2026 . With nearly 5 billion people using e-mail worldwide, email newsletters delivered directly into people’s inboxes continue to be a highly effective way of capturing attention.

Among the various newsletter platforms such as ConvertKit, Mailchimp, Substack, AWeber, Campaign Monitor, Omnisend, and Ghost, Beehiiv has emerged as a powerful tool for creators, streamlining the processes of newsletter creation, publication, and growth.

When Beehiiv raised $12.5 million in Series A funding led by Lightspeed in June 2023, the company had 7,500 active newsletters reaching 35 million unique readers and generating 350 million monthly impressions. Today, Beehiiv sends out 1 billion emails per month from around 20,000 active newsletters. These numbers show just how effective email newsletters can be for creators. Beehiiv’s users include individual writers, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Josh Richards, Robin Arzón, as well as larger organizations like Boston Globe Media and Brex.

💡 Beehiiv has just announced the all-new Beehiiv Creator Accelerator, an exclusive program designed specifically for creators. Reserved for just five talented individuals, this program will help participants launch a successful newsletter from scratch. The goal of the program is to identify and support the most promising upcoming newsletters on Beehiiv, providing creators with the tools, resources, and guidance needed to grow their audience and make their newsletters a standout success. If you’re a creator looking to make a significant impact, this is a great opportunity to shine.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the success stories of creators who are using Beehiiv as their email newsletter platform to grow their businesses and why many are choosing to switch from other newsletter platforms to Beehiiv.

Success Stories From Leading Creators

Beehiiv has empowered numerous creators to grow their audiences and achieve remarkable success. These success stories demonstrate how diverse creators have utilized Beehiiv’s tools and features to enhance their newsletters and engage with their audiences effectively.

Here are top 5 inspiring success stories from top creators who have harnessed the power of Beehiiv to reach new heights.

How Colin And Samir Grew Their Newsletter, The Publish Press, With Beehiiv

How Colin And Samir Grew Their Newsletter, The Publish Press, With Beehiiv - Case Study

Colin and Samir are well-known YouTubers who host The Colin and Samir Show, a weekly program focused on interviews and analysis in the creator economy. With over a decade of experience, they initially gained recognition through The Lacrosse Network on YouTube, where they covered lacrosse sports content. Their interviews with prominent creators like MrBeast, MKBHD, and Shelby Church have solidified their reputation as thought leaders in the creator community.

Initial Challenges Faced

Despite their success on YouTube, Colin and Samir faced the challenge of delivering timely news and analysis to their audience. Their long-form video content was excellent for deep dives but not suited for quick, insightful updates on the rapidly evolving creator economy. They needed a new medium to complement their YouTube channel and provide value to their audience in a different format.

Strategies Used With Beehiiv

In May 2021, Colin and Samir launched The Publish Press, a twice-weekly newsletter offering news and analysis on the creator economy. Written by Hannah Doyle and guided by Colin and Samir, the newsletter quickly gained traction, amassing over 20,000 subscribers within a year. They transitioned from Substack to Beehiiv to enhance their newsletter’s growth and analytics capabilities.

Key Beehiiv features utilized include:

  • Referral Program: To incentivize readers to help grow their subscriber base.
  • Advanced Analytics: To better understand subscriber behavior and improve advertising strategies.
  • Customizable Email Design: To maintain a visually dynamic and engaging newsletter.
  • Magic Links: For seamless subscription processes.

Growth Metrics

Since moving to Beehiiv, The Publish Press has maintained an impressive 45% open rate, reflecting high engagement. The advanced analytics provided by Beehiiv allowed them to understand their audience better and optimize their content and growth strategies. The newsletter’s rapid growth and sustained engagement are testaments to the effectiveness of Beehiiv’s tools.

Key Takeaways And Advice For Other Creators

Colin and Samir emphasize the importance of focusing on content quality before growth. They advise creators to:

  1. Prioritize Content Quality: Ensure your newsletter is an A+ product before thinking about growth.
  2. Stay True to Your Value Proposition: Understand what makes your content unique and who your audience is.
  3. Leverage Data for Growth: Use analytics to inform your growth strategies and understand your audience better.

Future Outlook

Colin and Samir’s journey with The Publish Press demonstrates the power of using Beehiiv to grow a newsletter. By leveraging Beehiiv’s referral program, analytics, and customizable design features, they have successfully expanded their audience and deepened their engagement with their subscribers. Their story is an inspiring example for other creators looking to grow their audience and monetize their content effectively.

How Even The Odds Scaled Up With Beehiiv’s Powerful Features

How Even The Odds Scaled Up With Beehiiv’s Powerful Features - Case Study

Even the Odds was launched in September 2021 amidst changing sports betting laws. Justin Schnell, the driving force behind the newsletter, aimed to provide brief summaries and in-depth previews of 1-2 games daily, tailored for sports fans who are new to betting. Unlike platforms with complex algorithms and vast amounts of data, Even the Odds offers a digestible guide, making sports betting approachable and engaging for all levels of sports enthusiasts.

Initial Challenges With Previous Platforms

Even the Odds, a product of Overtime, initially struggled with finding the right tools to support their growth. The overcrowded sports media landscape required them to carve out a unique niche. Using Substack, they faced limitations in analytics and growth support, which hampered their ability to optimize their content and audience engagement.

Implementation Of Beehiiv’s Tools

Moving to Beehiiv was a game-changer for Even the Odds. The built-in referral program provided a consistent growth method without the need for cumbersome third-party plugins. This was pivotal for their ambassador program, particularly on college campuses. Beehiiv’s advanced analytics allowed Justin and his team to segment their audience effectively, understand subscriber behavior, and tailor content accordingly.

Key Beehiiv features utilized include:

  • Referral Program: Simplified the ambassador program and incentivized growth.
  • Advanced Analytics: Provided insights into subscriber engagement and behavior.
  • Customer Service: Responsive support from the Beehiiv team, facilitating smooth transitions and growth.

Results Achieved

Since migrating to Beehiiv, Even the Odds has grown to over 10,000 subscribers within the first year. The segmentation feature has been instrumental in engaging high-quality subscribers and optimizing their content strategy. The newsletter’s unique approach, coupled with Beehiiv’s features, has resulted in high engagement rates and a steadily growing audience.

Lessons Learned And Recommendations

Justin Schnell emphasizes the importance of continuous testing and adaptation in growth strategies. He advises other writers to:

  1. Experiment with Different Growth Methods: Understand that growing a newsletter is a long game, requiring trial and error.
  2. Listen to Your Readers: Continuously adapt your content to match audience preferences.
  3. Leverage Built-in Growth Tools: Utilize platforms like Beehiiv that offer robust growth and analytics features to save time and maximize results.

Future Outlook

Even the Odds’ success story highlights the transformative impact of using Beehiiv’s comprehensive features. By leveraging the referral program, advanced analytics, and responsive customer support, Justin Schnell and his team have successfully scaled their newsletter and engaged a growing audience. This success story serves as an inspiring example for other creators looking to enhance their newsletters and reach new heights with the right tools and strategies.

Jasmine Garnsworthy’s Female Founder World Thrives with Beehiiv

Jasmine Garnsworthy’s Female Founder World Thrives with Beehiiv - Case Study

Jasmine Garnsworthy started her career in digital publishing in Australia, working with major fashion brands like PopSugar Australia and Stylecaster in NYC. Her vast network and experience in the fashion industry laid the foundation for launching her own content-driven skincare brand, The Buff. When the pandemic disrupted traditional business plans, Jasmine recognized the value in sharing the conversations she was having with successful women in business, leading to the creation of the Female Founder World virtual workshop series, podcast, and newsletter.

Initial Challenges Faced Before Beehiiv

Jasmine faced the challenge of finding the right platform to support her community-driven, content-rich newsletter. The previous platform, more suited for consumer brands, lacked the features needed for long-form, community-driven email content. This limited her ability to engage her audience effectively and scale her newsletter.

Use Of Beehiiv’s Growth Tools

Migrating to Beehiiv in February provided Jasmine with a clean, intuitive platform tailored to her needs. Key features she leveraged include:

  • Templates: Clean and fresh designs that matched her brand’s communication style.
  • Drag and Drop Functionality: Simplified content creation, allowing Jasmine to focus on quality content.
  • Built-in Referral System: Facilitated consistent growth without the need for third-party plugins.

These features have enabled Jasmine to create a visually appealing, engaging newsletter that resonates with her audience.

Impact On Audience Size And Interaction

Since moving to Beehiiv, Female Founder World has grown to over 5,000 subscribers, with high engagement rates. The newsletter offers valuable business insights, resources, and headlines, building a supportive community of women in business. Jasmine’s favorite feature, the clean and intuitive templates, has made it easy to communicate effectively with her community.

Practical Tips from Jasmine

Jasmine advises other founders to:

  1. Build a Community: Engage with peers and mentors to create a supportive network.
  2. Stay Focused on Value: Ensure your content delivers valuable insights and resonates with your audience.
  3. Leverage Platform Features: Use tools that support your growth and content strategy, like Beehiiv’s referral system and analytics.

Future Outlook

Jasmine Garnsworthy’s journey with Female Founder World illustrates the power of using Beehiiv to grow a community-driven newsletter. By leveraging Beehiiv’s intuitive design, referral system, and clean templates, Jasmine has successfully scaled her newsletter and fostered a vibrant community of female founders. Her story is a testament to the importance of having the right tools to support your content and growth strategies.

How The Fantasy Life Newsletter Struck Gold with Beehiiv

How The Fantasy Life Newsletter Struck Gold with Beehiiv - Case Study

The Fantasy Life Newsletter, spearheaded by Matthew Berry and CEO Eliot Crist, has become a cornerstone for fantasy football enthusiasts, offering valuable content, updates, and insights to its audience of over 300,000 subscribers. Covering everything from football rankings to waiver wire and trade advice, The Fantasy Life delivers crucial information that helps fantasy managers dominate their leagues every morning.

Previous Struggles With Content Distribution

As The Fantasy Life Newsletter grew, the limitations of their existing platform, Klaviyo, became evident. The team needed more robust analytics, better audience segmentation, and enhanced template-building capabilities to continue scaling effectively. Klaviyo was no longer sufficient for their expanding needs.

Effective Use Of Beehiiv’s Analytics And Segmentation Tools

Switching to Beehiiv provided The Fantasy Life team with the tools they needed to overcome these challenges. Key features they leveraged include:

  • Advanced Analytics: Beehiiv’s 3D analytics allowed the team to track individual email performance and make data-driven decisions to improve their strategy.
  • Audience Segmentation: Beehiiv’s advanced segmentation tools helped them understand subscriber interests and tailor content accordingly.
  • User-Friendly Email Editor: The intuitive design made it easier for the team to create and send visually appealing newsletters without getting bogged down by technical complexities.

Significant Improvements In Newsletter Quality And Subscriber Feedback

Since migrating to Beehiiv, The Fantasy Life Newsletter has seen remarkable improvements. Open rates have doubled, and click-through rates have tripled. The team now enjoys higher engagement and a more active subscriber base. Beehiiv’s analytics and segmentation tools have been crucial in understanding what content resonates most with their audience, leading to more targeted and effective newsletters.

Insightful Tips For Content Creators

Eliot Crist shares valuable advice for other creators:

  1. Leverage Robust Analytics: Use detailed analytics to make informed decisions about your content and marketing strategies.
  2. Focus on Audience Segmentation: Tailor your content to meet the specific interests and needs of different subscriber segments.
  3. Choose a User-Friendly Platform: Opt for a platform like Beehiiv that simplifies the content creation process and offers the necessary tools for growth.

Future Outlook

Eliot Crist’s journey with The Fantasy Life Newsletter showcases the power of Beehiiv’s advanced features in scaling a newsletter. By leveraging Beehiiv’s analytics, segmentation, and user-friendly design, The Fantasy Life team has significantly improved their engagement and grown their subscriber base. Their story is an inspiring example for other creators looking to enhance their newsletters and connect more effectively with their audience.

How Exec Sum Scaled Up And Thrived With Beehiiv

How Exec Sum Scaled Up And Thrived With Beehiiv - Case Study

Exec Sum, a daily financial newsletter launched in early 2021, offers a curated scoop of the most relevant financial news with a witty and humorous tone. Created by the anonymous “Meme King of Wall Street,” Lit, the newsletter is tailored for Wall Street professionals but is accessible enough for anyone interested in understanding the market. It covers a wide range of topics, including financial news, investment tips, and industry analysis, making complex business information digestible and engaging.

Previous Struggles With Content Distribution

When Exec Sum was initially launched on MailerLite in January 2021, Lit quickly realized the platform’s limitations. The usability was slow and cumbersome, and it lacked robust analytics and data access. Emails often got clipped, and the platform didn’t support the growth and engagement needed for a rapidly expanding newsletter.

Effective Use Of Beehiiv’s Features

Switching to Beehiiv in November 2021 provided Exec Sum with the tools necessary to overcome these challenges. Key features they leveraged include:

  • Advanced Analytics: Beehiiv’s analytics allowed Lit to track individual email performance, enabling data-driven decisions to optimize content and engagement.
  • Customization and Ease of Use: The platform’s intuitive design made it easy to create visually appealing newsletters, allowing Lit to focus on content rather than technical issues.
  • Built-in Referral System: Helped in organically growing the subscriber base by leveraging the power of word-of-mouth.

Significant Improvements In Newsletter Quality And Subscriber Feedback

Since migrating to Beehiiv, Exec Sum has seen substantial improvements. Open rates have increased, and the newsletter now enjoys higher engagement from its growing audience. The advanced analytics and customization options have enabled Lit to tailor content more effectively, resulting in better subscriber feedback and higher retention rates.

Insightful Tips for Content Creators

Lit shares valuable advice for other writers:

  1. Authenticity is Key: Be genuine in your content to build trust and engagement with your audience.
  2. Know Your Audience: Understand your readers and tailor your content to meet their needs and interests.

Lit’s journey with Exec Sum demonstrates the power of Beehiiv’s advanced features in scaling and enhancing a newsletter. By leveraging Beehiiv’s analytics, customization options, and built-in referral system, Exec Sum has successfully grown its subscriber base and increased engagement. Lit’s story serves as an inspiring example for other creators looking to optimize their newsletters and connect more effectively with their audience.

Future Outlook

The future looks bright for Exec Sum. With goals to double the audience size and publish more deep dives into interesting industries and companies, Lit is focused on making Exec Sum the go-to source for financial news. The support from Beehiiv and its innovative features will continue to play a crucial role in achieving these objectives.

Summing Up

The success stories of these creators illustrate that Beehiiv provides a strong platform for growing audiences and monetizing newsletters. With its comprehensive tools for creating, publishing, expanding, and monetizing content, Beehiiv is an essential resource for anyone aiming to elevate their newsletter. Sign up for Beehiiv today and start transforming your content creation journey.

Are you struggling to grow your newsletter audience? Do you want to take your content creation to new heights? Discover how Beehiiv can revolutionize your newsletter with its robust suite of tools for creating, publishing, growing, and monetizing content.

Join the Beehiiv and Amplify Your Voice Today!


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