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20 AI Video Editing Tools For Pros And Beginners

AI Video Editing Tools

Video has become an integral part of our daily lives, with over 85% of internet users in the United States watching online video content every month. The demand for high-quality video content has skyrocketed, and businesses are turning to video marketing to boost their engagement rates and increase conversions.

However, creating compelling videos is a time-consuming and expensive process, which can be a significant challenge for businesses with limited resources.

This is where AI video editing tools come in. According to recent research, the global AI video editing market is projected to reach $994.5 million by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 22.4%.

These tools use artificial intelligence algorithms to automate various video editing tasks, such as video trimming, captioning, and voiceover generation, resulting in faster turnaround times, lower production costs, and increased efficiency.

In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at how AI-powered video editing tools work,  benefits of AI video editing tools and the top tools available in the market.

How AI Video Editing Tools Work

AI video editing tools are built using machine learning and deep learning algorithms. These algorithms enable the software to learn from large datasets and identify patterns in the data. In video editing, AI algorithms are used to identify objects and faces in videos, transcribe speech, generate subtitles, and perform other tasks that would take a human editor hours to complete.

Computer vision is one of the key technologies used in AI video editing tools. It enables the software to identify objects and faces in videos, track their movement, and apply various effects and filters to them. Natural language processing is another technology used in AI video editing tools. It helps the software to transcribe speech and generate subtitles automatically, reducing the time and effort required for this task.

Benefits Of AI Video Editing Tools

A. Efficiency and Speed:

One of the main benefits of AI video editing tools is that they can automate many repetitive tasks, reducing the time and effort required for video editing. For example, AI algorithms can automatically correct color and audio levels, match footage to a particular style, and apply motion graphics and visual effects. This automation leads to faster rendering times and improved efficiency.

B. Improved Quality and Accuracy:

AI video editing tools can improve the quality and accuracy of video editing by automating various tasks that would be difficult or impossible for a human editor to perform. For example, AI algorithms can accurately track the movement of objects and faces in videos, remove unwanted elements, and enhance the overall visual quality of the footage. AI tools can also generate subtitles and transcriptions with a high degree of accuracy, reducing the need for manual transcription and editing.

C. Cost Savings:

By automating repetitive tasks and improving efficiency, AI video editing tools can help reduce labor costs and increase productivity. For example, with AI tools, editors can produce more content in less time, reducing the need for additional staff or freelancers. Additionally, some AI video editing tools are available as software-as-a-service (SaaS), reducing the upfront cost of purchasing software and hardware.

Best AI Video Editing Tools

With technology now spreading its wings, the AI advantage is rather beneficial. Whether it is to boost productivity or edit videos, the AI tools get more traffic to your content. Plus, they are easy to use and make the user’s life simple.

Here are the top 20 video editing tools that you need to consider.

1. Munch

The tool has rather impressive uses, including extraction of trending and impactful video segments from long videos. Along with this come the benefits of intuitive editing, auto caption generation, and aspect ratio smart cropping. The videos created can be used for shorts on various social media platforms. Munch is perfect for use by marketers, social media managers, and companies.

2. Papercup

Another AI-powered tool Papercup helps users to add interesting voiceovers to their videos. It can transcribe, translate and create human-sounding voiceovers within minutes. The tool also provides captions and, subtitles, distribution features, making it suitable for content creators, media companies, and e-learning platforms.

3. Capture Lab

The tool is for those streamers who want to share their gaming moments with others. They can edit, connect and share the video reels on major social platforms. By connecting the streamers to sponsored content, you can monetize the video. The Capture Lab tool is suitable for Gaming enthusiasts, streamers, and content creators.


An AI-based tool it helps YouTube creators to optimize their content and get maximum shares. Easy to extract parts of the video to make short and crisp versions. Simplistic video editing process, thus giving creators a chance to work on more videos. Suitable to make videos shorter and save time used in video editing.

5. Shuffl

This is a cutting-edge video production platform. It uses AI technology to streamline the content creation process. The platform allows the business to create high-quality video content that gathers maximum traction.

6. KrockIO

The tool uses AI technology to help animation companies create unique videos. Helps in creating customised virtual experiences for brand development. The links to the content created can be shared with other project members.

7. Nova AI

The Nova AI is a compilation of various features that make video editing easy. This includes cutting, trimming, merging, and speed controller. Users can add subtitles, create engaging videos for social media, and much more.

8. Kapwing AI

The tool is perfect for creating videos, memes, and images. There are multiple features offered, like text-to-video, text-to-image, meme generators, etc. It is simple to create videos just add the context in the prompt. Perfect for those creating videos for social media advertising, branding, etc.

9. Deep Swap

As the name suggests, the tool helps the user swap the face and impose a new face on the old. The tool has more than 150 million users and comes with features like movie role refacing, gender swaps, and face memes. Users can also create trending memes and GIFs that can be used on social media.


This tool is the easiest and fastest method to create professional-looking videos. It helps the user to create videos with just a click and add subtitles to them. Users can make screen and webcam recordings that are editable. Add filters and music visualizers and make each video attractive. Used by translators, subtitlers, for training and e-learning purposes, etc.

11. Polar Copilots

Polar comes with three copilots that help you create artistic projects. This includes photo editing, video editing, and Design copilots. These tools generate the concepts using your text inputs.

12. Centropo

The tool is suitable for real estate agents and helps them in promoting houses. Centropo helps in preparing property tours, neighborhood guides, and client testimonials. In just a few clicks, a professional-looking video is ready that can be posted anywhere.

13. Cutout Pro

The tool uses artificial intelligence to create a wide range of products. You can use the creations for both personal and professional purposes. Different tools offered are AI removal and cutout, AI generation, Photo enhancer tools, etc.

14. Wonder Studio

This tool simplifies, animates, lights, and composes CG characters into a live-action scene. It detects the performance of the actor based on the camera footage. Then the same footage is transferred to the CG character. With features like Body Mocap, lighting and composting, and Advanced retargeting, you can create beautiful videos.


A simple AI tool that helps businesses create short videos for e-commerce stores, websites, etc. Allows the creation of customized videos that can generate traffic for your product. Just paste the product URL and create a video related to its working features.

16. Qlip.Ai

An AI-powered tool, Qlip helps in clipping videos and creating short videos from long ones. Users can generate clips with colors, logos, and titles. It can automatically repurpose your content and create a marketing purposed video.

17. Adobe Firefly

Now create content quickly with everyday language and multiple input methods. You can produce custom vectors, textures, and brushes and change the mood, atmosphere, and weather of the video. With a single text line, users can create unique posters and banners.

18. Rask.Ai

The Rak.Ai offers video dubbing and translation services. It supports multiple languages for voiceover, captioning, and dubbing purposes. Suitable for employee training, creation of multi-language videos, marketing purposes, etc.

19. Movmi

This is an AI-powered human motion capture software particularly suitable for 3D animators. It can capture humanoid motion from 2D media data. The tool can support any camera, and there is no need for a high-end device. Offering flexible packages, the tool is helpful for 3D animators, motion developers, content creators, etc.

20. Zeemo

While creating videos, it is essential to have the right captions with each. The Zeemo tool allows content creators to auto-generate and translate video captions in 17 languages. With state of an art accuracy rate, the tool is one of the best captioning tools available.

Why One Should Use AI Tools For Video Editing

Videos in any marketing context are the in thing. People do not have time to read elaborate guides and hence prefer using video editing tools. However, with AI, the beauty of video creation has increased manifold. Some reasons why companies are using AI tools for video editing are:

  • Creates engaging, realistic, and artistic videos
  • Saves time as the videos are created quickly
  • Most software are affordable and provides multiple benefits
  • The overall effect of the video is highly enriching
  • Easy to use and simple to work upon

As technology expands, the prospects for marketing teams are becoming more advanced. Now they can do much more with the presence of AI tools. This leads to better success in the professional world and better revenue as well.


AI video editing tools have the potential to revolutionize the video editing industry by improving efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.

However, there are also challenges associated with AI video editing tools, such as limitations in the current state of AI technology and ethical considerations.

Despite these challenges, the benefits of AI video editing tools make them a valuable tool for video editors and content creators looking to streamline their workflows and improve the quality of their content.

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