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8 Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs You Can Join In 2021

Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

Are you looking for top pay-per-click affiliate programs? If your answer is yes, then here, we will tell you the best PPC affiliate programs.

Every single year advertisers spend billions of dollars on Google AdWords and social media platforms. They do that in order to attract traffic to their websites, landing pages, so the sales of their products increase.

What is PPC?

PPC, in simple language, means Pay per click and is an advertising model where the advertisers pay commission to a publisher whenever a customer clicks on its ad.

This is quite simple to understand, and now we will tell you the top Pay per click affiliate programs you could associate with.

PPC Protect

Main Features

  • A 25% monthly recurring commission
  • You start receiving payout after the first month
  • PayPal or Wire transfer is the preferred mode of payment
  • 90 days cookie accepted

PPC protect matches with the other players in the market and allows the affiliates an easy way to tap into this market.

Click frauds are rising, and more Google ads users are trying to overcome the problem. The PPC protect offers the affiliates a 25% monthly recurring commission for the first 12 months.

The payments are made either through PayPal or Wire transfer, and the payouts start after the first month. It is immaterial whether you own a PPC-related website, agency, or a Facebook group; the PPC protect is excellent for anyone who uses Google ads.

1. Adzooma

Main Features

  • Get up to $100 per customer
  • Payments through PayPal or Wire transfer
  • Payouts made twice a month, and no minimum threshold
  • A lot of resources for affiliates

For small business owners tackling PPC can take up a lot of their time. However, Adzooma takes care of this problem and optimizes all the complex tasks.

Adzooma offers an affiliate program with loads of features. The Affiliates earn around $100 for every new customer, and payouts are made bi-monthly.

Since there is no minimum threshold so even small affiliates can benefit from this program, Adzooma also gives exclusive deals and offers to the high-volume affiliates. If you are an influencer, this is an affiliate program you should choose.

2. SpyFu

Main Features

  • A 40% monthly recurring commission for a lifetime
  • Payments made through PayPal or Wire transfer
  • A 365-day tracking cookie
  • Payouts twice a month

Competitor research and analysis are a crucial part of PPC marketing and save managers time. SpyFu is a great tool that helps in tracking any website’s PPC and SEO efforts.

It has a highly competitive affiliate program and pays a 40% recurring commission till the account is active.
Their plans start from around $33 per month, and soon, the commissions start paying off.

Also, it has 365-day tracking cookies and offers twice a month payout through PayPal and bank transfer. They have a 2.5% conversion rate and a significantly lower churn rate, so success comes easily.

3. Unbounce

Main Features

  • Gives 20% monthly recurring commission
  • You get a dedicated affiliate partner
  • Resources and training material offered
  • Affiliate referrals are offered 20% off for the first three months

Paid traffic is pointless if it does not convert into sales. Unbounce is a feature-packed landing page builder that helps in boosting sales and conversions.

It has an affiliate program that gives a 20% lifetime commission. Apart from that, the new customers also receive a 20% offer for the first three months.

The plans begin from $79 per month, so you get a decent commission even if someone takes the lowest plan.

Unbounce gives you a dedicated partner coach who solves all your queries. You get a wide variety of promotional material that increases your conversion rates.

4. SEMrush

Main Features

  • You get a 40% monthly recurring commission
  • 10-year cookie life
  • Twice a month payment
  • Payments will be made either through PayPal or bank transfer

SEMrush is one of the leaders in the digital marketing industry, and its benefits are endless. They have an outstanding affiliate program that gives a 40% monthly recurring commission to its affiliates. The lowest plan offered is for $99 per month, which can go up to $399 for the business plan.

Apart from that, their affiliate program has the longest life for any affiliate program, i.e., ten years. You receive the commissions twice a month through PayPal or wire transfer once the minimum monthly threshold is reached.

You also receive promotional material in 5 languages, including Spanish, French, and German, and therefore, even affiliates from other countries can take this opportunity up.

5. Optmyzer

Main Features:

  • A 10% monthly recurring commission
  • It is an Agency and enterprise-level software
  • Suitable for high ticket affiliates

Daily optimization and reporting are two jobs that make a PPC manager’s life rather tedious and expect a lot of time consumption.

At present, Optmyzer gives a 10% recurring commission on all its plans. These plans start from $249 per month and can go into thousands. In case you want an agency and enterprise-level affiliate scheme, then this one is particularly apt.

However, Optmyzer only allows its existing customers to promote its software. This means that the affiliates have the first-hand experience of using that product. This makes this affiliate program suitable for those who have experience in promoting their SaaS software.

6. Leadpages

Main Features:

  • Get a 30% monthly recurring commission
  • Affiliate support and education team for your help
  • Cookie life of 30-days
  • Exclusive deals for the customers

Leadpages is another landing page tool and helps the PPC marketers to connect with the audience, collect the leads and get the sales through the beautifully created landing pages. It is a simple drag and drop editor, which means anyone can use the tool with ease.

Their affiliate program gives a 30% monthly recurring commission on their plans which commence from $25 per month and go up to hundreds. The cookie duration is 30 days, and top members receive exclusive packages and deals.

If you get the desired numbers, Leadpages also agrees to offer you a variety of marketing efforts. In case you can get 200 people to sign up for their webinar then they will host the webinar with you. If you are a big player in the PPC space, then this undoubtedly helps to get you the conversions.

7. Long Tail Pro

Main Features

  • You receive a 30% monthly recurring commission
  • A dedicated affiliate manager is provided
  • High rate of conversions
  • Suitable for SEO as well as PPC audiences

As its name signifies, Longtail, pro is a keyword research program that helps you find the long-tail keywords. It is perfect for both the PPC and SEO marketers and an alternative for many keyword research tools available.

Long Tail Pro also has a competitive affiliate program, and that offers a 30% recurring commission on all their plans. The lowest package begins at $25 per month, and this can go up to $147 on the agency plan.

The affiliates who sign up get the benefit of a dedicated affiliate manager who clarifies any doubts and checks that you are doing everything correctly. Since Keyword research tools are always in demand, you can easily promote this software.

8. Supermetrics

Main Features:

  • Get 20% monthly recurring commissions
  • Receive monthly payments through PayPal
  • 90-day cookie accepted
  • Receive early updates of new product launches

You have to open 20 tabs every day to check the PPC reports, and that is not easy. It would be nice if there was a way to keep all this organized.

Supermetrics is an all-in-one reporting tool that provides you all the marketing metrics and, as the name suggests, helps you organize everything into the metrics dashboard. It is perfect for SEO and social media marketers, and you can promote the tool to anyone.

The affiliate program gives the affiliates a 20% recurring commission on all the plans. These plans start from $19 to $190 every month.

The program offers a 90-day cookie and all updates on their new product launches. With this at your disposal, you will stay ahead in all your marketing plans. Payments are bi-monthly, made through PayPal, and the affiliates get loads of promotional material from their dashboard.

How you can Make Money with Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

In order to make money from any affiliate program, you need an audience that you can promote these products and services. This could be anything ranging from a mailing list to website, social media followers, and running paid ads.

If you have a website or business that gets a decent amount of traffic, then you can make money from all the programs listed above. All the programs are duly checked and guaranteed to give you decent earnings.

Just add these tools to your website through mentions or in-depth reviews. Your audience will get to know new PPC tools, and that would reduce their work and trouble.

Once you get used to all the features promoting the new products and services, affiliate marketing becomes an easy task. Just remember that all these programs pay a good commission and expect valuable customers in return.

Are you looking for Affiliate Software to track referrals, endorsements, and other activities? Find MCP’s list of the Best Affiliate Software Solutions.

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