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ACID Pro is an on-premise software suite of powerful audio editing tools that assists businesses to compose and modify audio samples to organize music production tasks. ACID Pro’s Chopper tool enables professionals to re-order and remix tracks to produce new and unique samples of original audio files.

ACID Pro includes the Beatmapper tool that helps organizations manage time signatures and tempos of external audio files. Music producers can edit various components like pitch, modulation, expression, velocities, note positions by using controller data.

Additionally, ACID Pro provides a drag-and-drop interface for businesses to perform multitrack audio records and arrange audio files in custom folders.




  • Audio Manipulation
  • Audio Mixing


  • Deployment: Cloud Based, Web Based, SaaS Based

Language Support

  • English

Company Details

  • Company Name: MAGIX Software GmbH

  • Headquarter: Germany

  • Full Address:


The possibility to mix some samples and create goods beats for multimedia projects

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The facility with which the various loops mixes

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Acid Pro has always had a great workflow and reasonable included effects and instruments. It pioneered loop manipulation and coined the term acidisation for including tempo information with loops so that they can be easily manipulated and included in tracks of different tempos.

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easy to use Face is somewhat considered simple Suitable for all businesses whether professionals or beginners Instructions in the original It contains all kinds of tools audio noise removal get the highest pure sound and noise-free transient detection in the midi chopper remix tool to play elements, Effects and Acid Rings powerful and versatile recording intuitive drag drop for loops automatic adjustment of pitch and tempo good instruments and sounds in places many loops included good workflow for loop-based work

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