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Artificial Intelligence Software

Artificial Intelligence (AI) software refers to a program on a computer which mimics human behavior, such as reasoning, learning problem-solving, and analysis.

AI systems are able to analyze huge datasets to discover patterns and correlations, and then use these patterns to create predictions and provide useful insights.

A few of the uses of artificial intelligence software are speech recognition, natural language processing, specialist systems (designed to solve difficult problems by replicating the decision-making abilities of humans) and augmented reality. These software applications could be in the form of smartphones as assistance, AI chatbots and images and voice recognition software.


Kofax TotalAgility

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This multi-language, a fully featured Artificial Intelligence Software chatbot, tool has a built-in contact tracking which is very helpful for sales teams for various businesses. It is popular among A.. View Profile

SAP Conversational AI

Its chatbots transforms customer and employee experience by deploying powerful conversational AI interfaces. Its end-to-end bot-building platform allows the building of end-to-end chatbots as well as .. View Profile


Scibids, used by media traders and media buyers, is a fully featured Artificial Intelligence Software. Designed to serve SMEs, Agencies, Scibids provides display media buyers with an algorithmic tradi.. View Profile


PaleBlue provides solutions in digitization whose software suite include SaaS, Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPad software. It is an artificial intelligence software, which helps organizations si.. View Profile


A platform for computer vision and artificial intelligence, Clarifai is known for providing Computer Vision AI. Its provides enterprise-level, end-to-end solutions for the entire AI lifecycle. The pla.. View Profile


THRON Content Intelligence, whose clients include Whirlpool, Maserati, RTL 102.5 Radio, MSC Cruises, removes duplication and simplifies approval. Since, it can profile every visitor, it is able to gen.. View Profile


Its Artificial Intelligence and analytics tools help businesses successfully communicate with a diverse set of workforce. It enables Businesses to receive real time insights on many important paramete.. View Profile


It is multi-language speech recognition software. It is equipped with power to dictate any third party software. You can also use it to fill forms on websites. You can use its voice command to do many.. View Profile


This award-winning AI platform accelerates conversations in business processing. Using its key features such as background screening, job requisition, internal human resources (HR), self-service porta.. View Profile