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Amazon CloudFront


Amazon CloudFront that seamlessly integrates with Amazon Web Services provides easy and secure access to developers and businesses to distribute content to end users.

Low latency, high data transfer speeds are some of its biggest attractions. It is also flexible as you have to commit to any fixed plan and no commitments.

It gets integrated with AWS Shield, AWS Web Application Firewall and Amazon Route 53. It makes your data secure from all types of attacks including network and application layer DDoS attacks.

It also gives you an option to customize your content delivery. For this, you can use its CloudFront Functions and AWS Lambda@Edge.

Amazon CloudFront is a high-speed content delivery network (CDN) service that ensures secured delivery of data, videos, application and APIs to users all across the world with uninterrupted, accelerated transfers, all can be done within a developer-friendly framework.

CloudFront provides ultra-modern security functionalities which includes field level encryption and HTTPS support, deep & uniform integration with AWS Shield, AWS Web Application Firewall and Amazon Route 53 to offer ultimate protection against numerous types of attacks like network and application layer DDoS attacks. These services co-exists at edge networking locations- scaled and connected throughout via AWS network network backbone- delivering world-class security, efficient performance and smooth experience for your users.


Amazon CloudFront


  • Static Content Caching
  • Dynamic Content Routing
  • Cache purging
  • SSL
  • Custom SSL
  • Dashboard
  • Reports
  • Logs
  • CMS Integration
  • API
  • Protection against Network and Application Layer Attacks
  • SSL/TLS Encryptions and HTTPS
  • CloudFront Functions
  • Origin Shield
  • Enabling redundancy for origins
  • Real-time Metrics
  • Standard and Real-time Logging
  • Fast Change Propagation and Invalidations
  • Full-featured APIs and DevOps Tools
  • Edge behaviors
  • Reduce Origin Operating Costs

Language Support

  • English

Company Details

  • Company Name: Amazon Web Services

  • Headquarter: United States

  • Full Address:


There are so many things that Amazon is doing to make it’s services easy and secure. The OAI feature is really good and a must use for security reasons. The way edge locations are placed covers all regions very well and delivers content from cache causing a faster response to customers.

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It is a complete CDN for all types of accommodation, has an unparalleled network, for delivery and distribution of content, at a unique speed in the market, thanks to the network servers Amazon has, this is something that is not found in no other platform claiming to offer cloud integration services, the transfer between the different servers is impressive, speeding up the content scale, in the different search engines, in this way we are always first in the searches that interest us.

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Measurably reduced load to our web servers, enabled our static content (web application) to be globally distributed to multiple endpoints around the world, instead of managing IIS web farms within a fixed location. Increased efficiencies and lowered hosting costs substantially.

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Amazon Cloudfront is a Global Content Delivery Network that replicates part of your application to AWS Edge locations decreases the latency. Also, it Cached the Common Requests, which further helps in improving user experience and reduces latency.

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The power and simplicy to set up and configure and the abundance of features and configuration granularity. The design seems to be very well “thought out”.

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