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Animaker is a cloud based do-it-yourself (DIY) video making software that allows you to create trendy videos in several minutes. It is one of the leading SaaS product companies in the media industry because of its video making space with more than 10million users in around 220 countries. Animaker empowers creators to make professional 4k quality videos (animated or live) for introduction, marketing, branding and more without any technical skills. The platform simplifies these complicated procedures in no time that encourages businesses to change their strategies according to the market needs for creating competitive advantage.

Animaker is a suite of animation tools that allows businesses to make live-action videos like intro, logo animation, text animation, outro, resume, pro videos, YouTube intro and more.

With Animaker, creative teams can make character-driven stories with multiple accessory slots and expressions, add voice over and create advanced animations. Users can add subtitles and watermark to their content. The suite offers a huge media library that enables managers to add images, videos and GIFs to their projects from Giphy and Getty.

Animaker is an online do-it-yourself (DIY) video creation tool that allows businesses to create studio-quality videos including resumes, outro, text animation, logo animation, promo, video marketing, YouTube intro, and more.
Animaker helps creative teams design various customized characters with statement accessories and sharp facial features and add voiceovers to enhance engagement. Users can also include subtitles or watermarks to their content.

Organizations can import assets with brand logos, pictures, themes, videos, and more. Animaker offers a text-to-speech converter that enables users to create voiceovers with various supported voices, languages, and other specifications.




  • 2D Drawing
  • Animations & Transitions
  • Audio Capture
  • Audio File Management
  • Brand Overlay
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Content Library
  • Customizable Branding
  • Customizable Templates
  • Drag & Drop
  • Media Import
  • Media Library
  • Offline Presenting
  • Pre-built Templates
  • Analytics
  • Video Streaming
  • Social Sharing
  • Privacy Options
  • Media Management
  • Content Management
  • Rendering
  • Search/Filter
  • Supports HD Resolution
  • Text Overlay
  • Text to Video
  • Video Capture
  • Video Content
  • Video Creation
  • Video Editing
  • Video Support
  • Voice-Over / Audio


  • Deployment: Cloud Based, Web Based, SaaS Based


  • Live Online
  • Webinars
  • Documentation

Animaker Users

Available Support

  • Email
  • Live Support

Language Support

  • English

Company Details

  • Company Name: Animaker

  • Headquarter: United States

  • Full Address:


I have been using animaker to create whiteboard explainer videos for marketing and internal presentations. What I like the most about it so far is its ease of use. It is fairly easy to create animation videos in animaker without prior experience in the field. As such, its integration to our organisation was smooth and seamless.

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the program is very easy to use, the creation and production are up to the examples that the system has. I’m very happy with the time I gained in creating and producing my work, I can only thank you for that.

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I’ve used several animation tools over the past five years and this is by far the best tool. The design options are fantastic and what I really love is that this is the smoothest editing platform I’ve ever seen. It’s just so easy to use and I love that it is so easy to quickly preview exactly where you are working on. The customer support is very fast and very knowledgeable. And they will even review my exact video to help troubleshoot any issue I have. That is far beyond the service I’ve seen on other tools.

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I’ve been utilizing animaker to make whiteboard explainer video clips for promotion as well as internal demonstrations. Things I like the majority regarding it so far is its convenience to work with this. It’s simple enough to make cartoon videos in animaker without having earlier experience. Consequently, its integration with our company had been easy and effortless.

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The software is very easy to use, otherwise, you have lots of tutorials, helping you using it. Moreover, they have great basics videos that you can use in case you’re running out of creativity. You can create amazing things, videos.. with the software they have lots of logos, pictures, backgrounds, etc.

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I really like the variety of options it offers, the simple one with which you can start a specific project.

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