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It is a fully featured Artificial Intelligence Software designed for Windows. Useful for start-ups, agencies, its end-to-end solutions offers location tracking, fixed asset management, behavioral analytics, map creation etc.





  • Chatbot
  • Multilanguage
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Mapping
  • Data Management
  • Hosted Data
  • For Healthcare
  • Work Order Management
  • Dispatch Management
  • Field Reporting
  • Incident Mapping
  • Geocoding
  • Trade Area Analysis
  • Geofencing
  • Statistical / Mathematical Tools
  • Deep Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Dispatch Management
  • Mileage Tracking
  • Service Request and Work Order Management
  • Fixed Asset Management


  • Deployment: Cloud Based, Web Based, SaaS Based

Desktop Platforms

  • Windows
  • Mac


  • In Person
  • Live Online
  • Webinars

Mobile Platforms

  • iOS
  • Android

ArcGIS Users


  • StartUps
  • SMEs
  • Enterprises

Available Support

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live Support

Language Support

  • English

Company Details

  • Company Name: ESRI

  • Headquarter:

  • Full Address: ArcGIS Redlands, CA USA


“It is very easy to use and there is a lot of help information for the use of new tools, such as the adaptation of new projection according to our desired parameters”

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“Using ArcGIS at first can Be really overwhelming as it is not easy, you need to spend a lot of time learning it but since there are lots of tutorials online it is not that big of an issue.

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These software has allowed me to undestand the concept of geostatistical analysist. And also these software has allowed me to achieve my degree in bachelor of mining engineering.Such help like layouting map, analysis out put contour and another geospatial analysis.

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With enough time and interest, the features available for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Pro are brilliant and all-encompassing. Using raw map datums and a collection of information allows users to expertly display any sort of 2-d grid on any map projection with tons of custom options for audience display.

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I have performed GIS tasks by using ARC GIS for past one year. I put this commercial package over any other GIS application like MapInfo. It’s user interface is quite easy to use. And the iconic search option provide you n number of tools to perform tasks. Mapping can be also done professionally.

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