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With the help of smart technologies, Cloudflare CDN helps build a better Internet. It has a talented team and engaged users. It handles more web traffic than the combined traffic of internet behemoths like Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Instagram, Bing, & Wikipedia. A small change in code done by Cloudflare is felt by over 200 million web surfers.

Thanks to the excellent service provided by it, it attracts 10,000 new customers every day. It serves data from over 102 points-of-presence around the world.

Cloudflare is a global CDN network that helps enterprises deliver static and dynamic content at super-fast speed. Cloudflare allows users to manage how the content is cached, minimize bandwidth costs and avail built-in unmetered DDoS protection.

Cloudflare constitutes a wide-ranged global network of data centers that cache static content closer to users and deliver dynamic content with the unbeatable speed and reliable private backbone links.

The Cloudflare network is API-first, enabling customers to take advantage of automated workflows through highly granular control on how content is cached and purged. Customers are allowed to customize content caching according to their application requirements with the help of Cloudflare workers.


Cloudflare CDN


  • Dynamic Content Routing
  • Cache purging
  • SSL
  • Custom SSL
  • Dashboard
  • Reports
  • Logs
  • API
  • CMS Integration
  • Administration Console
  • Availability Control
  • Traffic Management
  • Static Content Caching
  • Cache tags
  • Concurrent Streaming Acceleration
  • ETag header support
  • Customizable cache expiration periods (TTL)
  • API programmability
  • Cache control header extensions
  • Web cache deception protection
  • Fast cache purge
  • Cross origin resource sharing (CORS) support
  • Intelligent traffic routing to avoid congestion and latency
  • Firewall

Language Support

  • English

Company Details

  • Company Name: Cloudflare

  • Headquarter: United States

  • Full Address:


Cloudflare helps us to improve our website speed and also provided us end to end encryption with their SSL. Cloudflare actually improve our website loding speed with their CDN they actually save our website static files on their server which thing helps us to live our site 24*7 without any issue. Also cloudfare compress required code and image files all those thing helps us to improve our site overall health.

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The CDN feature is really helpful, I have able to upscale up the website speed under 1s from 10s, it just works amazing, and it’s free. The Analytics Dashboard it provides is just awesome to understand the monthly data and bandwidth usage by the website and scale up the site and optimize it. It also has a dashboard to see the Browser Insights and an overview of how fast is the website in development mode and in real time.

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Cloudflare makes it easy to config the optimal DNS and CDN services without complicated server configuration. We also love that the base services are free. They always seem to do what’s best for the consumer and the internet. Any time there is an issue they are transparent about what is going on and when it will be fixed.

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Cloudflare is a good option for protecting one’s website from unauthorized access by speedily responding to web traffic from sites that hackers could otherwise use to overload your site. Cloudflare serves your website files up quickly and lets you choose which files get served through its CDN. These cached files will respond directly from the visitor’s closest data center instead of going via your origin, so they’ll go faster and save you bandwidth. When you use a free SSL certificate with Cloudflare, visitors get the padlock and HTTPS indicator in their browser address bar which can improve conversions. Best of all, it’s free.

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This website allows you to use a proper CDN without paying for it, if you need further assistant or premium options, you can always pay for it. However, as far as I have been using it I have no problems with it.

Cloudflare allows people worldwide to see your website from a near server and not from your original server unless that user is close to you. Is easy to set up and if you use WordPress there are thousands of plugins that can work great with it. But, make sure the plugin has a Cloudflare integration.

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