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The clubhouse is a fast project management platform for all the software teams to build, plan and launch better products. It has the right balance of simplicity and structure that can help the teams increase their productivity. The software is designed for developers and has a robust set of other integrations like Slack, GitLab, and more. It is free for a team of up to 10 users and comes with API to automate the workflows.




  • Agile Methodologies
  • Alerts / Escalation
  • Assignment Management
  • Audit Trail
  • Backlog Management
  • Client Portal
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Create Subtasks
  • Customizable Templates
  • Dashboard
  • Gantt/Timeline View
  • Idea Management
  • Issue Auditing
  • Issue Scheduling
  • Kanban Board
  • Customer Ideation
  • Task Ranking
  • Custom Workflows
  • Release Forecasting
  • Progress Monitoring


  • Deployment: Cloud Based, Web Based, SaaS Based, iPhone / iPad, Android


  • Live Online
  • Webinars

Clubhouse Users

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  • Email
  • Live Support

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  • English

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  • Company Name: Clubhouse

  • Headquarter: United States

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Overall: Clubhouse helps us manage agile software projects better than ever before. With other tools it feels like we are forcing it to try to accommodate our workflow, but with Clubhouse it feels like it was designed exactly for our use.
Pros: Clubhouse brought us a new set of features and ways to organize stories and tasks that we didn’t know we wanted/needed. We have always stuck with tools that were able to help improve our kanban based workflow rather than the simple project board tools like Trello that cater to everyone more than software/product development specifically. There are few tools out there that provide what we are looking for: the ability to organize and label stories with more granularity than a single label (estimates, types, project, priorities, epic, etc), and the ability to have reports like velocity and burndown charts.
Cons: It is a very small thing, but it would be nice if we could adjust the color scheme of both things like labels beyond the default options, as well as adjust the overall interface colors.

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Overall: Clubhouse has been a game-changer for us since we migrated from JIRA. We looked for something that was more lightweight, but still afforded us all the features we need to track our software projects. This is exactly what Clubhouse delivered, and more. I love the fact that Clubhouse gives you everything you need to track a project from the granularity of a sub-task, all the way up to milestones. This makes it easy to distinguish the forest from the trees, and present the relevant story to stakeholders at different levels. We haven’t regretted the move to Clubhouse for a single moment, and we’re always delighted with the new features that are regularly released. Simply put, Clubhouse gets out of your way very quickly and lets you get on with your actual goal: creating great software.
Pros: – Clean user interface – Fast search – Continuously adding of new, useful features – Great integrations – Free for teams of up to 10 users
Cons: – This is mostly me nitpicking, but I’d say reporting. It has been improving over time though. – It would also be great if there was a tool for simplifying backlog grooming

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What do you like best?
Clubhouse is a simple and practical agile dashboard solution. You can organise the stories of different teams in your company using Clubhouse workflows and spaces. With iterations it is possible to group stories, for example sprints. In the dashboard it is possible to customize the workflow state through columns representing the status of each story, like Backlog, Open, In Progress, Acceptance, and Completed.

What do you dislike?
Sometimes the dashboard seems to get stuck and update itself in real time. For this situation it is necessary to refresh the page. This problem does not happen frequently though.

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What do you like best?
I like the UI the best. The overall ablity to create projects, stories, episcs and add comments along the way make this tool indespensible for me.

What do you dislike?
The search can sometime be a bit sluggish.

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Has huge potential, but needs to open up or differentiate

Clubhouse offers a very unique and engaging way to socialize, compared to the text model of other apps such as Discord. However, as apps such as Discord are beginning to offer similar experiences to Clubhouse, I think Clubhouse should try to find more ways to keep conversations fresh and unique.


Clubhouse came out with a really unique concept at the time. I like the idea of drop-in audio; especially during the pandemic, Clubhouse really helped simulate a real interaction. Clubhouse has a great community partly due to the invite-only nature of the app, and I’ve enjoyed the interactions I’ve had.

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