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CommVault Retention & Compliance Suite


CommVault Retention & Compliance Suite had redefined the backup and recovery process with its comprehensive backup and recovery solution. Its fully-featured solutions are capable of handling data related works of progressive enterprises. It covers workloads across all locations: hybrid environments include on-premises and multiple cloud providers.


CommVault Retention & Compliance Suite


  • Match & Merge
  • Version Control
  • Data Dictionary Management
  • Retention Management
  • Web Archiving
  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Encryption
  • Web Access / Restoration
  • Cloud Backup
  • Multi-Cloud Management
  • Capacity Analytics
  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Demand Monitoring
  • Multi-Cloud Management
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Relational Display
  • Visual Discovery
  • Release Management
  • Self-service search and recovery
  • Content-aware retention management
  • Single-query search


  • Deployment: Cloud Based, Web Based, SaaS Based


  • Documentation

Language Support

  • English

Company Details

  • Company Name: Commvault

  • Headquarter: United States

  • Full Address:


There are many things to like about commvault. My favorite has to be the in-depth reporting. I know I know, everyone has reporting. I can get specific. I mean real Specific. I can pull reports on items that were archived months ago .. slated for testing and how it scored in the last last six months prior. And then have that sent to that servers owner. – every six months. Forever.

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The customer support is phenomenal. When you call to put in a trouble ticket, they ask you for the job ID and by the time the tech calls you back in 1 hour, he already has all the info.

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Commvault is a very systematic and all-in-one tool. it has all the advanced features required even though it has the traditional tool. keeping up with time is a great thing with Commvaullt.

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The product can feel complex and prone to being particular and throwing errors. This is due to the large and far reaching nature and interactions with systems it is backing up.

The logs do contain all the information you need, but can equally be overwhelming and time consuming to fully understand – however that does promote a better understanding of the product and the systems you are backing up!

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There are so many things I like about Commvault. The first is having a single pane where I can manage everything. Code upgrades now take less than a day to complete as opposed to weeks with our previous system. In fact, just about every aspect of my job has become easier since converting to Commvault.

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