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Designrr helps you convert your content which includes blog posts, word, Google docs, Podcasts, Audio files, Videos and PDFs into into eBooks and Flipbooks. Designrr has intelligent editor which can synchronize the audio/video file with the transcript. With this feature, you can instantly correct any errors.




  • Image Database
  • Image Editor
  • Templates
  • Text Editor
  • Timecoding
  • Automatic Transcription
  • Audio/Video File Upload
  • Annotations
  • File Sharing
  • E-forms
  • Customizable Templates
  • Newsletters
  • Catalogs
  • Content Management
  • Magazines
  • Audio/video file upload
  • Speech Recognition


  • Deployment: Cloud Based, Web Based, SaaS Based


  • In Person
  • Documentation

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I love this Designrr software because it allowed me to do things I never thought I could do myself. What’s more, is that it allows for access to tools I never knew existed. It has also allowed me to produce high-quality work that is needed in my role as a senior lecturer.

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I liked most is that it makes my eBooks look great without all the crap and hassle I have had to go though before. I’m not a graphic designer so having something that makes my work good right out of the gate is very cool indeed!

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Don’t try to approach intuitively or you could find you get unstuck by not approaching in the right sequence, or deleting aspects of the software (eg placeholders) that you will need later. Once you have mastered the basics the work can proceed much more quickly. Keep at it!

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This is the best software that I have ever bought. I have been a subscriber since the beginning in2015/16 and this software only gets better with time. I am just amazed at the upgrades that [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] and the crew have done to Designrr over the years.

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I struggled with embedding pictures for some reason. This was a bit frustrating because my first e-book was a picture guide and my photos were shot on different phones and in different sizes. I think I just have to use the software more. My editing was horrific. I’m almost ready to publish new e-books and I’m looking forward to it.

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Some of the details for creating from a typed input can be tedious. I don’t want to copy from a blog for all my creations and want to create from scratch into the program. This element works but refinement may make it much faster!

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