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HitFilm Express is an on-premise video editing solution combined with various VFX tools that help businesses build and modify videos via a centralized platform. The solution allows editors to add light effects, blaster impacts, and change the backdrop of videos as per requirements.

Organizations can import and create animated 3D models, adjust visual effects and use the audio mixer tool to include soundtracks in videos. The software enables editors to trim clips, reframe photos, upload vertical videos and make composite content.

Businesses can create masked layers and lock content to keep it secured from any unauthorized actions


HitFilm Express


  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Video Editing
  • Animations & Transitions
  • Audio Capture
  • Brand Overlay
  • Content Library
  • Drag & Drop
  • Media Import
  • Rendering
  • Speed Adjustment
  • Split / Merge
  • Supports HD Resolution
  • Text Overlay
  • Video Content
  • Video Editing


  • Deployment: Installed - Mac, Installed - Windows

HitFilm Express Users

Available Support

  • Email
  • Phone

Language Support

  • English

Company Details

  • Company Name: FXhome

  • Headquarter: United Kingdom

  • Full Address:


After an extensive search and comparison, I found HitFilm Express to be the best option. It is not expensive and has a lot of features. I was able to edit, cut, trim audio and video, and I see a lot of optional tasks available as plugins, so I only need to pay for this optional features if needed.

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I like that the program is free, and you have the options to buy the addtional add-ons, therefore making the product more custom to your needs.

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Hitfilm Express looks to be software focused on motion graphics design, but it is really a powerful video editor that will allow us to make high-quality videos, this software has an attractive library of effects and animations, we will always find something useful for what we’re creating, that is what makes this software worthwhile. If you’re a designer who is practiced in managing the Adobe suite, using Hitfilm Express will be very easy, so if you don’t want to pay a subscription every month, I recommend you to use this software.

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It was my first use of any such software and it was easy to learn from the user guide. The file transfer was straightforward and the preview window display helped me to see what I am working at. Once all voice and video files are loaded the editing process(splice, add, remove, stretch, etc) was done at ease. If I made mistakes I was able to delete and correct them without losing the original loaded files. Running the test preview before exporting gave me a general idea of the end product. I could keep editing videos and voice while exporting them.

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