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Imperva Cloud Application Security


Secure your sites from latest threats with Imperva Incapsula’s Web Application Firewall.

It is an enterprise grade solution that becomes effective soon after the integration. Anti-DDoS solutions (layers 3-4 and 7) also boost your website’s load speed and minimize bandwidth usage. It also provides solutions for monitoring website’s security and performance.


Imperva Cloud Application Security


  • Static Content Caching
  • Dynamic Content Routing
  • Cache purging
  • SSL
  • Custom SSL
  • Dashboard
  • Reports
  • Logs
  • API
  • CMS Integration

Language Support

  • English

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The most helpful part of Imperva Cloud Security is preventing bad actors from accessing your site and attempting to break into it or deface it. There are many upsides that come along with this, including the ability to prevent bad actors from profiling your site to find weaknesses to exploit them, often times these bots run through hundreds if not thousands of vulnerabilities at a time in the manner of seconds, with Imperva they get stopped in their tracks. If bandwidth is a concern this will help preserve it for legitimate traffic.

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Thanks to incapsula I can control all types of attacks against the security of our digital platforms, it is a perfect tool for web protection, since it has a highly effective system against all types of attacks, it should be noted that while Incapsula is running on On the website, this does not produce effects for the performance of the website in question, which is a point in favor of this application, since there are other applications, which offer a very complete protection, but usually affect the performance and functioning of the websites, something that with Imperva Incapsula does not happen, that’s why it is our preferred security platform.

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It is a very powerful and wide solution, but the interface is very, very compact and all the features are easy-to-go. Scriptable security rules, which are activating super fast (hello, Akamai), the real-time dashboard is easy to use and very informative

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