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Intfutive is an advocacy and engagement software that helps organizations in managing on-demand advocates. The features of Influitive Advocate Hub include them engaging with target customers, exclusivity, awards, and recognition, building community and experience, track and measure, and integration and campaign management.

Influtive gives personalized challenges to each of the advocates basis their preferences, demographics, and behavior. With the help of these challenges, the advocates give feedback, share NPS surveys, and take up missions to finish.

Influitives helps you in building a community that invites customers, partners, advocates, and employees together. They then complete activities like referrals, product reviews, social media posts, etc. As they will finish these activities, they will be targeted to groups or individuals. In the end, they will earn points, badges, and levels to redeem their privileges and perks. You can report on the activities and integrate them with CRM to add advocacy to your customer journey.




  • Activity Tracking
  • Advocate Management
  • Analytics/ROI Tracking
  • Attendee Management
  • Badge Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Churn Management
  • Communication Management
  • Community Management
  • Contact Management
  • Content Creation
  • Content Management
  • CRM
  • Customer Advocacy
  • Customizable Branding
  • Social Network Integration
  • Contacts Sync
  • Survey Customization
  • Gamification
  • Customer Intelligence
  • Customer Engagement
  • Downloadable Reports
  • Qualitative Solutions
  • Advanced Portal Features
  • All-in-one Dashboard
  • Templates
  • Rewards
  • Public Leaderboard


  • Deployment: Cloud Based, Web Based, SaaS Based, iPhone / iPad, Android


  • In Person
  • Live Online
  • Webinars
  • Documentation

Influitive Users

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  • Email
  • Phone

Language Support

  • English

Company Details

  • Company Name: Influitive

  • Headquarter: Canada

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Overall: From the beginning, we have had nothing but a positive experience with the Influitive product and the team. We’ve had a dedicated customer success manager with who we meet every month to plan our projects and key initiatives. The support team is responsive and helps
Pros: Our company spent time researching which company would provide the best platform for running our online customer community and Influitive was the top pick. Almost five years later, we are still pleased with the decision. The Influitive platform is a safe, closed environment for our educator community to engage and collaborate. The evolution of the platform product roadmap continues to improve our administrative functionality in addition to the ease of use for our members. The channel functionality allows us to put similar activities into the same category. Members can pick and choose their areas of interest without having to sift through all the activities. The reporting functionality gives us the data we need to report out successes and evaluate areas that need improvement.
Cons: Many of the issues I liked least about the software have been improved on the Influitive product roadmap including the ability to clone challenges with targeting, the ability to delete members, and the reporting functionalities. The thing I like least about the software is the campaign library can’t always be edited easily to meet the tone and needs of our community. We generally create 95% of our own campaigns and don’t rely on the campaign library.

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Pros: I love the app’s Lead Management feature because it allows me to look at new leads which are crucial in my new startup’s success. Reporting/Analytics plays a crucial role along with lead management in my startup’s role of trying to gain new customer. I do not have an use for this part of the app as my new company is still in it infancy stages. I love Social Media Integration in this app because it allows me to be productive and reach out to potential new users on Instagram so I think it is a critical feature of the app. Another critical feature of the app because it allows me to track referrals which are new and can be a potential client down the road.
Cons: The only con I would think of in this app is the pricing which is a a bit higher than I would pay for a great service like this just because I have just started a company from the ground up.

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What do you like best?
Influitive’s Advocate Hub is easy to use and helps me engage my customers in a meaningful way. Best of all, Influitive is committed to my success and is more of a partner than a vendor. The tool helps us communicate with our customers in a meaningful way and reward them for everything that they do for our business. Not only can we provide tools and resources to help customers with our product but we can drive measurable results by building out testimonials, a reference pool, and revenue through referrals.

What do you dislike?
I honestly don’t think that there’s anything I dislike about the Advocate Hub. I do have to say that their advocacy program, VIP, has gone downhill recently. That’s the only thing that I think can be improved but the product itself is amazing.

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What do you like best?
They have a large library of resources to assist you to create new content and to use their tools. They also have coaches that help you define goals and more importantly to reach them! Regarding the AdvocateHub, it is perfect to build a community with your customers and build a relationship with them. It makes communication easier to receive feedback, create case studies as well as contacting possible advocates. With their own personal AdvocateHub VIP you can use the product from a customer’s point of view. It gives you ideas, teach you about the product and provide a great understanding of the platform.

What do you dislike?
Administrator user interface is not always intuitive and it can be hard to find navigate. However, you can easily search in their gigantic library of tips and tricks to find whatever you need. Their mobile app also needs to be updated. I have heard they are working on it, though.

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