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OnBase is cloud-based enterprise information software that allows organizations to manage their content, cases, and processes. The organizations can get specific solutions for separate sections like Insurance, higher education, commercial, and healthcare.

This software comes with tools that guide in capturing, integrating, measuring and securing electronic as well as paper content.




  • Document Indexing
  • Full Text Search
  • Version Control
  • File Type Support
  • Collaboration
  • Versioning
  • Metadata
  • Process Automation
  • Records Management
  • Conditions
  • Activities
  • Productivity add-ins
  • Security & protection
  • Web-based training
  • Offline & disconnected access
  • Client interfaces
  • Technical support
  • Import electronic documents directly to the OnBase cloud
  • File storage & archiving
  • High volume batch scanning


  • Deployment: Cloud Based, Web Based, SaaS Based


  • In Person
  • Live Online
  • Webinars
  • Documentation

OnBase Users

Available Support

  • Live Support

Language Support

  • English

Company Details

  • Company Name: Hyland Software

  • Headquarter: United States

  • Full Address:


OnBase is excellent for keeping copies of all my client’s purchase orders in one place. The layout is user friendly and very simple to use. I mainly use it to keep track of countless numbers of PDFs I have on file. Once imported in to OnBase, I am able to retrieve those files with a simple search. It’s been a lifesaver for keeping me organized.

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For me, the OnBase software is a must for keeping copies of purchase orders in one go and securely. OnBase is very easy to master. It’s a good tool for keeping track of your PDF files if there are many of them, because once the import is done, retrieving the files becomes very easy with the OnBase search. So we can say that it is the tool you need to get organised if you have a lot of files.

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With OnBase, Hyland offers a wide variety of modules and capabilities allowing customers to build a made-to-order solution without having to pay for features they’re never going to use. Many of OnBase’s tools are highly configurable without any need for custom programming, but the ability to do so is there if you wish to devote the resources to it. The workflow & workview modules allow for the building of in-system applications and rules-based process automation to easily reduce your dependence on paper-based processes.

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OnBase can be molded to fit many different use cases and can be used in some capacity in almost every department of a company.

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OnBase makes it easy to view student documents and files to evaluate student files and assess their transcripts. Saving and printing documents when needed is easy to do as well. This system makes my job easier.

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It has been an excellent product for content management. With the assistance of this product we can change over unstructured information into an organized one that contains numbers, dates and certainties so as to improve the information conveyance and generally correspondence in a specific association and companies. I would say it is a useful product.

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OnBase provides a feature-rich imaging solution that is beloved on our campus. In addition to being a solid imaging solution, OnBase features a powerful workflow engine that allows for easy automation of processes.

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