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OneDrive is a sharing, access, and file storage solution. With this, you get the benefit of storing and sharing photos, videos, documents, etc. The OneDrive has a centralized platform, and you can get easy access to all your photos and documents. Apart from that, you can share files or folders without any issues. OneDrive also supports other collaboration tools like real-time co-authoring, it is easy for users to work with anyone.

OneDrive is a web-based digital management software that enables you to access and share documents and pictures on personal computers, Android, Mac and iOS devices.

OneDrive is an online document and project management software that helps organizations to collaborate, store and share data easily. This software allows cross-platform synchronization and keeps your data protected.

With OneDrive, users can collaborate and share files with their teammates. It authorizes clients and managers to access, analyze and edit the files. The software provides assistance in file management by giving power to restrict file access within the team or organizations. Whenever a file is viewed or edited, this solution sends a notification to keep you updated about the changes.

OneDrive tracks visuals saved in the cloud and auto-tag pictures that makes it easy for users to search and arrange pictures.




  • Asset Sharing
  • Asset Library
  • Search/Filter
  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Document Management
  • Collaboration
  • Document review
  • Desktop synchronization
  • Real time co-authoring
  • In-place holds
  • Data loss prevention management
  • Microsoft Office online
  • Mobile scanning
  • File type support
  • Anywhere access
  • Device-specific selective sync
  • Share online & email slide shows
  • Survey management
  • Secure access
  • Feedback collection
  • Export to Excel
  • Device reports
  • Device access rules
  • Remote device wiping
  • Content Library
  • Data Synchronization
  • File Sharing
  • Version Control


  • Deployment: Cloud Based, Web Based, SaaS Based, iPhone / iPad, Android

OneDrive Users

Available Support

  • Email
  • Phone

Language Support

  • English

Company Details

  • Company Name: Microsoft

  • Headquarter: United States

  • Full Address:


I like the ease of use and the ability to open and access files from any device such as PC, Phone, Tablet etc. I also like how its real time as well.

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OneDrive has great integration with the Windows ecosystem and their other services such as A short while ago it always seemed like the integrations were in some sort of beta, sometimes working, sometimes not. Unfortunately I do not have any more pros for this as the competition does as good as a job as OneDrive, there really isn’t much OneDrive stands out apart from the integration.

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The best feature is that it is FREE with my Office365 subscription. Being that it’s my personal program, I have full integration control and am able to set up and organize the folders to my liking and specifications.

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A huge storage of 1 TB for cheap price including MS Office 365. You can’t go wrong with this deal. OneDrive offers great security and stability.

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The best thing about Microsoft One Drive is the accessibility of the product across platforms and devices. Microsoft One Drive can be accessed in mobiles, laptops, browsers, and many servers. The work I keep unfinished in my Home PC can be resumed easily from my Work PC as both share the same credentials. This also ensures none of the work is lost as it gets backed up on the internet instantly.

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This product comes free with a large 1TB of storage with Office 365 that every business uses anyways. Even if you have GSuite, chances are that you are also paying for MS Office. GSuite’s Google Drive has a unique and frustrating (for new users or long time Windows users) method for syncing files. OneDrive’s storage method is more inline with the user friendly DropBox. You can also edit Office files and OneNote inside OneDrive.

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OneDrive allows me to keep files on the cloud and retrieve them from whatever device, even when I’m not at the workplace. This comes in handy when I need to share files from my smartphone on social media, particularly on pages that are only available on mobile devices. I have a powerful CPU with plenty of storage, but I often build massive illustration and digital images that would start filling it if I do not have backup storage.

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OneDrive storage is free to use with every purchase of Microsoft Office 365 and the cost to upgrading my storage size to 1TB size is quite comprehensive compared to other cloud storage service out there. I really like that they do not impose a file size limitation for files that are uploaded in here.

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Things that i really like with OneDrive is, the storage has not imposing a rule that limiting how large a single file can be stored in here unlike other cloud storage software that are free in the market. The files are stored locally on my computer storage device and on the cloud storage, which is very helpful as i can have the files on my computer from other device.

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