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Sketch is a digital design toolkit for app building. It assists businesses of all sizes with vector editing, prototyping and collaboration. Its solutions can be reused and shared with the design community. Sketch users can see a live preview of their designs on their iOS device.




  • Feature Library
  • Grids & Guides
  • Symbols
  • Instant Preview
  • Collaboration
  • Pixel-level precision
  • Vector editing
  • Boolean operations
  • Feature Library
  • Code Export
  • Export Presets


  • Deployment: Cloud Based, Web Based, SaaS Based

Language Support

  • English

Company Details

  • Company Name: Bohemian

  • Headquarter: Netherlands

  • Full Address:


Sketch was directly intended for UX people and was a first in the industry for that reason. You no longer had to use tools like Adobe Photoshop which had workarounds but were clearly not intended for UX designers. – You don’t have to keep paying for your account. You can purchase it once and keep using it (you just won’t be getting the updates but still). They also have student discounts which is how I got started with it a couple of years ago.

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I find that Sketch is almost perfect while there are a couple of things that can be improved like the software is only available on Mac OS and not on windows which makes it difficult to share editable files with some clients and freelancers. Unlike Figma, sketch which doesnt allow to access your file from anywhere and also doesnt allow multiple people to work on a same file.

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My team and I primarily use Sketch to design and share projects using the Zeplin plugin for Sketch. The best thing about Sketch is the ability to add and customize an infinite number of plugins to tailor your workflow. The transition from Adobe products to Sketch was almost seamless, and the interface just makes sense.

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Overall, it’s been an interesting journey learning to use Sketch. I came from an Adobe environment and learning to use Sketch was not a tedious process. Many of its functions are so similar. Only difference is shortcuts and layout, but allows you to do your job without any hassle.

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The ability to easily create digital designs for web and mobile. It’s so much easier than Photoshop, and has greater functionality. It’s really good for editing/preparing assets beforehand such as icons/images. Also it’s kinda the industry standard(or at least was until recently) so i’m very familiar with it.

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