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SMTP2GO is a flexible and time saving email service tool that allows you to send transactional and promotional emails. Also, this gives you access to email delivery status reports. Keep a track on your daily performance and progress. Protect and manage your clients individually with DKIM.

Real time performance reports lets you gauge the responsiveness on sent emails from customers perspective. It keeps you miles away from blacklists & spam folders and alerts you with notifications in case of any invalid interferences like rise in bounce rate. Furthermore, keep your accounts safe and evade arbitrary suppression supported by ISP or website SMTP solutions.




  • Archiving & Retention
  • Data Recovery
  • Email Monitoring
  • Queue Management
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Response Management
  • Routing
  • Signature Management
  • Spam Blocker
  • Whitelisting/Blacklisting
  • Activity Dashboard


  • Deployment: Cloud Based, Web Based, SaaS Based


  • Documentation


Available Support

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live Support

Language Support

  • English

Company Details

  • Company Name: SMTP2GO

  • Headquarter: New Zealand

  • Full Address:


Overall: I used SMTP2GO to improve deliverability, and it has delivered on that.
Pros: I was having issues with sending outbound email from my home address, even though I was using a GSuite domain and Google’s SMTP services. SMTP2GO provides a simple SMTP endpoint with clean IP addresses that I can use to deliver mail with nearly 100% success. They offer 2FA for security, all the modern email authentication signatures (DKIM, etc), and enough monitoring for my use.
Cons: I could not think of a single con with the service, but they do not offer the ability to add or remove headers that pass through their SMTP service, which may be a problem if you need that functionality.

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Overall: Due to the bad reputation of our public IP addresses at our ISP, there were times where we couldn’t send 20 emails per day as our IPs were blacklisted by all known antispam providers. we had no choice but to rely on a smart-host like SMTP2Go. we tried similar competitors but this by far was the best.
Pros: if your business relies on emails and If you are looking to enhance your email delivery and not worry about sending failures, SMTP2GO is your best choice. theirs servers are whitelisted at any Antispam service, your Email wont get bounced unless you have a typo mistake. They also provide you with brilliant reports to track every single email. support team are very helpful. several packages are available for everyone and you always upgrade/downgrade if you wish
Cons: I never had any problems so far. except for one time when we had a few infected users sending bulk emails to invalid recipients and got us blocked. it will a bit tough to handle with the support team cause they were too strict to unblock us but to be honest they had a valid reason as our problem could have affected the other members and therefore their business. otherwise, we are happy with what have!

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What do you like best?
Setup and ease of access is fantastic for SMTP2Go, it allows us to use a centralised system to send our mail from each of our different applications.

It’s great that we can setup different users to show the person which the mail is coming from.

The SPAM reports and bounce email reporting allows us to make sure our email details are accurate at all times. We use SMTP2GO for the majority of our transactional email.

What do you dislike?
I don’t really have a negative experience, it would be good if the login remembered my device rather than using multi factor authentication for every login. I’m happy to do so though as I would rather more security than less.

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What do you like best?
Can use the port 25 directly. some applications or appliances do not let you use custom ports, other services do not offer this capability. Also some services requires you to use https, configure certificates, and in that case for this data that is not that sensitive and is for home, do not need so much features.

What do you dislike?
Nothing, in general the current features are good and work as intended

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Using SMTP2Go to solve what was an ongoing headache for my clients with Emails not being delivered due to mis-blacklisted IP addresses where ISP / Hosts share IP’s between clients this software has released my time and it worth every penny – in the lats year I have not had to track down a mistaken RBL listings once where as previously this was a monthly occurrence for some co-hosted clients. but every time I move a client over to use SMTP2Go the support overhead vanishes in this respect because it just works, I could not recomend highly enough.


the web-based interface, and ease of integration made this the natural choice long term – having had problems a with my IPS and hosting company getting shared IP address listed on DNSBL or RBL lists and spending allot of time doing de-listing because of other peoples mistakes rerouting via SMTP2GO made perfect sense, I tried the free package and while this would suffice for 90% of the time I don;t mind paying what is realistically a small fee for piece of mind – my clients don’t notice and mail gets delivered.


As yet I have found no drawbacks, I can’t fault the interface or the service.

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