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Riverbed SteelConnect EX is an absolute enterprise SD-WAN system that establishes seamless integration of connectivity with the branch, data center and multi-cloud infrastructure. Extend connectivity options: Upgrade WAN capacity with convenient Internet Broadband and LTE to augment or reinstate MPLS. Enhance operational activities: Organize network operations and strategic value with centralized policy-based management. Build organized branch infrastructure: Go for a platform that unifies routing, SD-WAN, WAN optimization and security rather than using the conventional branch routers.




  • Unified connectivity and management across WAN, remote LAN and Cloud Networks
  • Universal policy automation
  • Cloud-based management experience
  • Zero-touch provisioning
  • Business-aligned orchestration
  • Ubiquitous and industry-leading visibility
  • Business Intent-based policy

Language Support

  • English

Company Details

  • Company Name: Riverbed Technology

  • Headquarter: San Francisco, CA

  • Full Address:


Stability of this product is good. easy maintenance. Easy to configure and maintain.

Easily we can login to device via GUI as well CLI, to verify the health of devices, to check the logs and traffic.

Top talkers can be checked easily. In case of any issue, traffic can be by-passed easily so it will not impact any services.

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We have found that SteelConnect makes our lives so much easier now that we are starting to migrate some specific applications to the cloud, it simply let us be agile.

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Riverbed is easy to use and implement. Its fail over is amazing, which is a “pass through” mode if the appliance fails, basically acting just like an ether net cable. It does this even when off.

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