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TablePlus has a modern & intuitive UI that is designed to serve Agencies and SMEs. Its UI can simultaneously manage multiple DBs, allowing users to query, edit and save their databases through a native app. It also allows users to take snapshots of their databases with multi-tab and multi-window views




  • Data Migration
  • Data Replication
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Database Conversion
  • Performance Analysis
  • Relational
  • Multiple Programming Languages Supported
  • TLS encryption
  • Multi-tab, multi-window view
  • Code review
  • SQL beautification
  • Data Migration
  • Data Search
  • Creation / Development
  • Queries
  • Mobile Access


  • Deployment: Installed - Mac, Installed - Windows, iPhone / iPad


  • Documentation

TablePlus Users

Available Support

  • Business Hours
  • Online

Language Support

  • English

Company Details

  • Company Name: TablePlus

  • Headquarter: Canada

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The GUI, the ability to split window panes, and the intuitive way to change data/table structure are all great. On top of that, the dark mode is very helpful.

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Supporting a wide range of databases mean that it’s hard to create a cohesive UI experience for all of them. The UI is probably most suited for relational databases like Postgres / MySQL while simple key value stores like Redis might not be as fitting.

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I like how easy it is to use. In addition, it has never lost my details or made me sign in again after I initially entered the database details, even after installing updates. Also love safe mode, which is great in case you have write access and don’t want to mess up the database or bring your whole app down.

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I’m an “app” user and I had typically been using an adminer docker container to manage my Postgres databases. Due to not wanting to purchase Navicat and not having other options that completely solved what I was looking for I chose to use this app. I came from a Sequel Pro background and wanted a similarly featured app for Postgres. So far this fits the bill with a couple of extra features over the adminer solution. Specifically, the copy as menu is a wonderful addition.

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It’s dead simple to use and to connect your databases. It’s disgustingly cheap for how much they offer you in terms of features. It also took SQL db visualizers out of the 1990’s as it looks modern and the UX was well thought out. There’s no reason why visualizers need to look like they’re made in Windows 98 anymore lol. Amazing quality software with equally amazing customer support via email, they have always responded within 24 hours.

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