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Telegram is an open-source desktop and mobile messaging app that gives businesses the facility of messaging. It utilizes end-to-end encryption and self-destructs message capabilities to do so. Companies can create their own client interface or create additional tools using their free open API, Bot API, and TDLib. Telegram also comes with 1-1 and group messaging files and image sharing. In the telegram, the users can decide if they want to have 1-1 conversation or group conversations.

Telegram is an open-source mobile and desktop messaging solution that offers you an instant, reliable, and well-designed communication platform with end-to-end encryption and self-destruct message functionalities. Businesses can customize their client interface or build their programs with Telegram’s free open API, Bot API, and TDLib. Telegram features 1-1 & group messaging, video calling, file sharing for up to 200,000 users, and more.

Telegram’s servers are distributed worldwide which makes it a faster and secure method to communicate within seconds. Telegram’s document storage and file sharing capabilities enable users to store and share files and documents of all sizes.




  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Audio Calls
  • Batch Communications
  • Chat/Messaging
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Content Import/Export
  • Content Sharing
  • Discussions / Forums
  • Drag & Drop
  • File Sharing
  • Image Library
  • Multi-Channel Communication
  • On-Demand Communications
  • Real Time Editing
  • Real-Time Chat


  • Deployment: Cloud Based, Web Based, SaaS Based, Installed - Mac, Installed - Windows, iPhone / iPad, Android

Telegram Users

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  • Email

Language Support

  • English

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  • Company Name: Telegram Messenger

  • Headquarter: United Arab Emirates

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Overall: Telegram has always been a great option for communication within our teams thanks to its simple integrations with different software development workflows through its various APIs. The bot API came in especially useful when we were trying to build a commit notification workflow for AWS CodeCommit.
Pros: Telegram is one of the few messaging platforms that boasted end-to-end encryption before the big names like WhatsApp and Viber jumped on the bandwagon. Telegram has always been touted as the ‘secure’ messaging option and it lives up to its name. It also provides a great deal of useful integration features via its bot and channel APIs. Telegram has always been blazing fast, and has never lagged except during outages caused by malicious activity.
Cons: The theming community on Telegram has dropped off lately, with people having to create their own custom themes for Telegram. The secure nature of Telegram also tends to attract groups that aren’t the best in terms of legal activity.

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Overall: In conclusion, I must say that Telegram is one of the best social media app in today’s world. It helps me a lot with my day-to-day works. Also with the high-security level in the privacy concerns gives good trustworthiness to our private messages. Telegram having a very attractive st of stickers to enjoy our chatting without any boring. Because of all that facts, I can definitely say that the Telegram app is one the best social media app in the present world.
Pros: Telegram is one of my favorite app I used in my social media experience. It having a very attractive and user-friendly interface. So that even a new user can easily work with that app. Also, Telegram allows us to share excellent quality photos and videos. Group chat option also brilliant with comparing other social media apps thus Telegram allows many members to one group. With the help of the end-to-end encryption ability, this software provides maximum security for our personal messages.
Cons: Telegram uses a lot of data to function properly because it gives us the excellent quality of photos and videos to share. Also, this app needed good signal strength to work properly. Bellow 3G level signals, it is not working well.

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This software application used for messaging related purpose. It have various features such as large group limit, media size is not restricted, bots creating and usage.


Bots feature.


Share screen and group voice call can be added.

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I have been using Telegram from the past few years and there was never a day when I didn’t use this app. It makes me feel connected to my audience . The user interface is really good and more importantly it doesn’t limit the type of file which can be shared. I have used it to share videos of huge size and it works like a charm. The only thing I have to ignore here manually is the scammers and spammers who keep messaging frequently. But apart from that at telegram, I have always felt like I am closer and connected to my auidence.


The main reason I started using Telegram is because of it’s privacy and no user limit to groups and channels. I own a Telegram Channel myself and can proudly say it is one of the best platforms to talk with your audience. More importantly I love the night mode which feels very easy to the eyes. It has a lot of developer tools to create bots which is really a cool feature among all the instant messaging platforms.


One thing I am really worried about Telegram is the growing number of scams. If you are at Telegram then you would have definitely received messages from unknown people giving you advice on crypto and various other things which generally leads to a scam. This is something that the Telegram team needs to fix as it really hampers the reputation of the entire platform.

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