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Venngage is graphic design software that is used by inexperienced designers, collaborative teams, and people working within tight time restraints and budgets. It is a reliable infographic design application for creating posters, reports, infographics, and presentations.




  • Templates
  • Filtering
  • Collaboration
  • Image Database
  • Unlimited support
  • Team collaboration
  • Custom templates
  • Add multiple pages
  • Data Visualization
  • Branding
  • Unlimited infographics
  • Export PDF, PNG, Hi-Res PNG
  • Sharing of templates
  • Priority support
  • Charts and icons


  • Deployment: Cloud Based, Web Based, SaaS Based


  • Live Online
  • Webinars

Venngage Users

Available Support

  • Live Support

Language Support

  • English

Company Details

  • Company Name: Venngage

  • Headquarter: Canada

  • Full Address:


When I pressed for more diversity of skin tones and people the [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] reached out to me directly to share progress and they did make big changes. They are responsive and their graphics are great.

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Their interface and results are not as sleek looking as what you can produce with some of their competitors. It is difficult to present ideas that are more conceptual and visual than numbers-driven with Venngage.

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I must point out that my least favorite things about this software are all “free subscription” problems. From what I’ve read, if you purchase a subscription, all of my concerns are resolved. I understand – they are a tech company and they need to charge for the awesome product. I’ve just found other platforms with similar abilities that offer more features for free. I think it would be phenomenal if they’d consider some sort of teacher or education package, but as of now, this is too pricey for educational purposes.

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Venngage has pre populated icons, images, and shapes that are royalty free. This makes it very easy to design nice PPT slides and pitch decks. It also have templates for various decks and info graphics.

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With such huge numbers of online illustrations makers, it’s hard to discover an administration without a group of clasp craftsmanship. Venngage has a free library of symbol, pictures, flags, and more for you to peruse through and look by watchword. You can transfer your image logo and pictures (up to 6 pictures) to use with your Info-realistic. This enables you to make an appealing, enlightening, and marked battle for use on real internet based life outlets and interface with your site. Venngage has numerous formats that we utilized as beginning stages to alter and make our own archives.

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I wish more of the templates were formatted for a standard letter sized page as often I’d like to include them as a part of handout or physical file of resources for clients. The long infographic templates, display the most information which is great for web-based sharing of information, but they are difficult to replicate if you want to share a physical version. Despite the number of icons available, I still encounter situations where I can’t always find the right icon to illustrate my message and have to use other sources, e.g., Icon Finder, to identify the most appropriate visual. I do think the monthly cost of Venngage is pricey.

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