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20 Best AI General Writing Tools Empowering Your Writing Endeavors

Best AI General Writing Tools

Content is king these days. If a website has excellent content, it is sure to attract visitors’ attention and vice versa. However, generating effective content is not an easy task. There is a lot that goes behind creating something unique. Apart from that, writing is also an essential skill in colleges and offices.

With the help of AI writing tools, a user can excel in his writing skills. However, not all the tools are helpful in this case. Here we have compiled the top 20 AI general writing tools that would help you in getting the best content generated.

Best AI General Writing Tools

1. Monica

This is an AI-generated chat support assistant. Users can chat with Monica at any time. There are more than 80 templates that help in creating copy for any web page. Choe text on the page, and Monica would rephrase or translate it.

2. GPT3 Playground

In the tool, you can enter any instruction or present. Very soon, it would come up with a compilation that matches the instruction entered. By changing the model, you can control which one of them would complete your task.

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3. Moji Writing Assistant

An AI-powered tool that helps users get information on topics like science, history, etc. This is useful in creating blog posts, emails, newsletters, etc. There are other features like text-to-image generator, logo creator, beats generator, etc.

4. Analogenie

As the name suggests, this tool helps create analogies for your content. These analogies help in making the content memorable. It can be used for different kinds of writing like business writing, proposal writing, etc. The language support offered is English.

5. Glasp

Powered by AI, the Glasp tool helps highlight and create quotes, thoughts, etc. It easily saves snippets of information from the web. You can also access shared resources and discover new and unique content. Now create personalized AI models from the curated highlights.

6. Frase

This is a content and SEO tool that helps in creating different types of content. It can also generate an outline for a write-up if required. There is also a paraphrasing tool and blog title generator. Each tool creates a different type of content, thus providing variety.

7. Grammarly

The AI-powered assistant of Grammarly gives suggestions on grammar, punctuation, spelling, clarity, etc. The tool can integrate with more than 5 lakh + apps and websites. It could be used by teams, businesses, individuals, etc.

8. Detect GPT

The Detect GPT tool helps identify if any content is human or AI-generated. It would scan the entire content of any webpage. After the analysis, you get to know if the content has been created through the GPT model.

9. Penelope AI

This is a fast-paced and sophisticated writing assistant. You can use the tool for paraphrasing content, summarizing, or generating any kind of content. There is the scope of story creation as well.

10. RegEx Generator

This tool helps the users to create regular expressions through spoken English. It is designed for users who are not familiar with the use of expressions. You can also use it to get answers to related questions.

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11. Araby.AI

This tool can be used to use for multiple purposes though its main functionality is for the Arabic language. With features like email creation, blogging, social media creation, etc. There is a comprehensive suite of AI-driven applications for use.

Best AI General Writing Tools12. Seamless GPT

The tool helps in integrating Chat GPT into a Windows app. This guides in the content creation of various types. The tool is easy to use, with just the need to enter what you require. All responses are generated quickly and are accurate too. There is no need to open an AI website to use Chat GPT.

13. Suzan

The Suzan tool protects a company’s data and shows any inappropriate behavior noticed. It also offers a secure platform for communication within teams and with clients.

14. Letter Magic

As the name suggests the tool helps create unique cover letters for proposals. You can even customize the letter to suit any particular job opening. It makes your cover letters stand out from the competition.

15. ES.AI

This tool is suitable for college students who can’t afford to pay much. It is cost-effective and offers various writing benefits like essay writing, proposals, and cover letters. Early users get a 20% discount on the package.

16. The Drive AI

An AI-powered document management tool helps group similar documents into folders. Ask questions, and the AI will provide answers based on that. The editor will understand the document’s context and create content accordingly.

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17. Grammar Checker

The Grammar checker helps in creating great quality essays. It checks the grammar and does not let the meaning of the essay get lost. The best is that all the features are free to use. It helps in improving overall writing skills and performance of the write-up.

18. HP AI

The HP-AI tool is helpful for a comprehensive range of services. This includes writing social media posts, blog posts, articles, etc. It also provides code-writing support for programmers. Helps in the transcription and conversion of text into natural-sounding words too. It can be used for tech support, customer support, etc.

19. Good AI

The Good AI tools assists in writing essays. Trusted by more than 2.5 lakh users, it is perfect for students and researchers. All the user has to do is add the title and word count. An auto-complete feature lets users just mention additional word count and extend the essay.

20. Issac Editor

This tool is an AI text editor just for academic writing. Its main features include grammar, spelling checks, adding citations, and personalizing your writing experience. More than 12300 students and researchers use the tool for their tasks. The tool is handy for non-native English speakers.

Why One Should Use AI Tools For General Writing

Writing is a dominant skill that most businesses need. It is critical that a business posts great content that attracts the attention of customers. In the absence of the same, there is nothing that would hold the customer on the website. AI tools generally make the content readable and enticing. Businesses should use AI tools for general writing because:

  • It saves time, and work is completed quickly
  • Enhances the quality of the content generated
  • Removes minor grammar and spelling errors
  • Informs where rectifications are required
  • Assists in paraphrasing and answers any doubts
  • Provides chat support required

With the advent of AI general writing tools, content creators can fulfill loads of work. AI is gaining prominence and should soon overtake human-generated content in personalization. Once that happens, the content industry would get a pretty strong boost.

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