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Best AI Logo Generators For All Budgets – Free And Premium Picks

Free And Premium Best AI Logo Generators

Logos play a crucial role in branding, but hiring a designer may exceed your budget, and crafting one from scratch takes time and expertise. Thankfully, AI now enables professional logo generation.

AI logo generators simplify the task, using advanced technology to produce diverse styles and formats.

A good AI logo generator should be user-friendly with ample customization options. With numerous options available, selecting the right one can feel overwhelming.

This post compares top AI logo generators to help find your ideal option. Many offer free trials for testing. Our testing focused on identifying the best AI logo generator, tailored to your needs with simple prompts or existing designs, some even free to use.

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Key Considerations For AI-Based Logo Generators

  • Logo Quality: Evaluate the quality of the generated logos, ensuring they meet your standards for professional representation.
  • Level of Control: Choose a logo generator that offers sufficient control over the design process, whether through prompt-based generation or customizable options.
  • Logo Sizes: Consider the need for various logo sizes to accommodate different platforms and mediums, ensuring scalability without loss of quality.
  • Image Editing Capabilities: Test the image editing features of different logo generators to ensure they provide the flexibility needed to refine your design.
  • Originality: Assess the originality of logos generated by template-based AI generators versus AI image generators for more unique designs.
  • Price: Compare pricing plans, favoring options with one-time purchases and full ownership rights for commercial use.
  • Free Trials: Take advantage of free trials or plans offered by AI logo generators to test their functionality and compare results before committing.

Benefits Of Using An AI Logo Generator

  • Speed and Efficiency: AI rapidly generates multiple logo options, saving time compared to traditional methods.
  • Cost-Effective: Many AI logo generators are free or offer free trials, making them ideal for startups and small businesses on a budget.
  • Exploration of Ideas: AI logos can inspire creativity and provide fresh perspectives on brand identity.

Limitations To Consider

  • Customization: While you can adjust certain elements like colors and fonts, the core design is AI-generated, limiting creative control.
  • Uniqueness: Ensuring the logo is distinct from existing trademarks is essential to avoid legal issues.
  • Complexity: AI may struggle with intricate designs or conveying specific brand messages, where human designers excel.

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Best AI Logo Generators

Best AI Logo Generators1. Fotor

Fotor stands out as a top AI image tool, including logo creation. Upon signup, you receive free credits and can purchase more or opt for premium plans for long-term usage.

With its pre-existing logo creation toolset, Fotor seamlessly integrates AI. Using text prompts, users enter descriptions to generate various logo variations.

These can be further refined using the toolbar’s style elements and parameters. Additionally, there’s a shortcut to the original logo editor for manual polishing.

2. Looka

Looka, an online logo generator, utilizes market research to craft logos tailored to your industry. By asking targeted questions, it offers diverse styles and allows slogan integration for brand messaging.

Post-creation, you have unlimited editing capabilities. Employing machine learning and AI, Looka suggests modern enhancements for your logo.

It boasts features like generating 75+ logos simultaneously, selecting from seven color schemes, and accessing 300+ fonts.

3. DesignHill

DesignHill is an intuitive AI logo maker enabling quick creation of unique, colorful, professional logos. It prompts you to input your business name, choose from hundreds of templates, and select a color scheme.

You can specify your industry and manually input desired symbols for added flexibility and influence.

Notably, it offers a comprehensive brand kit containing high-res vectors, transparent background images, prints, and more. While it provides numerous logo variations swiftly, it lacks support for text-based prompts.

4. Logo AI

Logo AI boasts over 1.4 million designs, emerging as a top AI generator for branding. Unlike general AI generators, it’s solely trained on logos, ensuring immediate understanding. Start by entering your logo name and slogan, then select an industry to refine the style.

Choose color scheme and font before generating over 20 initial designs. Modify further with new symbols and layouts. Beyond logos, it creates flyers, business cards, and more. Try it free or upgrade for full access starting at $29.

5. Jasper Art

Jasper, initially a content marketing solution, now offers Jasper Art AI image generation. Create logos and other art via text prompts. Describe your desired logo and select a style. It generates 4 options for immediate copyright-free download.

For consistent high-quality images, be descriptive and use commas. Mention ‘logo’ for logo-specific creations. Alternatively, use it for mockups. Marketers benefit from creating written content, logos, and imagery all in one place.

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6. Turbologo: Easy Logo Maker

Turbologo offers an intuitive editor, hundreds of templates, and multi-device support. It allows industry and color palette selection. Instead of auto-generating, it offers preset options for diverse logos.

Icons can be searched by keywords or tags, influencing the final design. Despite industry limitations, diverse icon choices compensate.

The editor, while not as advanced as DesignHill’s, allows customization of background, text, containers, and icons. Pros include logo variety, templates, and extensive icon options. However, the editor is basic.

7. GetIMG: AI Image Generator

GetIMG is an AI image generator offering creative freedom for unique logos. With 100 free credits, you can experiment and refine your designs. You have control over generated images, with prompt-based input and option to upload references.

Unique to GetIMG is the ability to use negative prompts to avoid undesired styles. Generate up to four images at once, refining them for clarity. While the tool struggles with text layout, it offers editing options.

8. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands offers logo creation regardless of industry or business uniqueness. Using AI, it generates logos from scratch or via templates, allowing image uploads and access to a stock library. It stands out by enabling business description and audience targeting.

Logo types include icon-based, name-based, and initial-based. Choose from a variety of icons for vibrant logos. Customization is limited, focusing on font, icon, colors, and layout adjustments. Pros include tailored AI input and diverse icon selection, while cons involve subscription-based pricing.

9. Brandmark

Brandmark is an AI service for logos and branding. Enter your brand details and keywords to provide context. Choose a color style and select from a variety of finished logo designs. Regenerate elements as needed.

Customize further with an advanced editor. The logo crunch feature resizes logos for various platforms. Brandmark charges a one-time fee: $25 for a PNG logo or $65 for full source files and layouts.

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10. Midjourney

Midjourney, a powerful AI art platform, also creates logos with proper input. Using the text prompt method, specify it’s a logo and the main icon, like “logo design, hamburger.” Adding “vector” and terms like “simple” and “minimalist” ensures the right style.

Alternatively, the image-to-image method lets you input an existing image for inspiration. Midjourney doesn’t handle text well, so editing may be necessary. While more complex than other generators, it offers superb logo-making for those familiar with AI and hands-on design.

11. Placeit

Placeit specializes in flashy, symbol-centric logos, ideal for sports, gaming, bars, and coffee shops. Its simplicity lies in generating options based on industry and graphics.

Offering thousands of professionally designed graphics, it allows easy selection and customization. Although the editor may be slow and limited in options, it provides a range of symbols and color choices for quick logo creation.

12. DesignEVO

DesignEVO simplifies logo creation with a vast asset library, including 10,000+ pre-designed logos and millions of icons and fonts. Its user-friendly interface offers customization options like colors and gradients.

Choose between free or premium plans for lifetime updates and high-quality downloads. The platform supports print-ready file types like SVG and PDF.

Whether you’re a startup or small business, DesignEVO offers budget-friendly solutions for crafting a unique logo that represents your brand effectively.

13. Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Generator, part of the Wix suite, offers quick logo creation and customization. Edit extensively even after AI generation, with various file formats available. Access over 40 color palettes, hundreds of fonts, and 100+ icons.

The tool allows precise element adjustments through click and drag, enhancing visual identity. Notable features include options for personalization and affordable pricing for high-resolution files. However, plans lack revision options, and creative control is limited.

14. ImageFlash

ImageFlash is a prompt-based AI generator for professional logos. The browser-based app is straightforward: input your needs, and get the logo within seconds. Detailing yields better results.

Generate up to five free images to test capabilities before opting for a paid version. While the generated image is unique, editing may be needed for a typical logo look. Lack of editing options is a downside, requiring external editing programs. Nonetheless, prompt-based generation offers flexibility.

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15. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly suits those familiar with desktop software and seeking further editing in Photoshop. Describe image as a logo and vector, specifying main theme. Edit four main designs with a toolbar.

Use ‘graphic’ or ‘art’ content type for non-photorealistic styles. Generative Fill feature enhances existing images. Currently in Beta phase.

16. Hatchful

Hatchful by Shopify is ideal for smaller businesses and solo entrepreneurs. While not as advanced as other platforms, it’s quick, simple, and free.

Choose industry and styles to generate logos instantly. Limited industries and lack of manual input may result in generic logos.

Manual adjustments to icons, colors, fonts, and layouts are possible. Note that a free Shopify account is required for logo download.

17. Designs.AI

Designs.AI offers a versatile design studio with AI generators for logos, copy, and videos. Create tailored logos with customization options like background adjustments and icon selection from a vast library.

Download your logo in various formats. A monthly subscription grants access to branding kits and unlimited revisions.

Designs.AI provides a range of logo styles and templates for seamless brand matching. Its user-friendly interface and AI Copywriter feature simplify logo creation. However, pre-designed templates may lack uniqueness, and the monthly subscription model may be costly for some businesses.

Ideal for individuals and businesses seeking comprehensive graphic brand asset management within a single platform.

18. is an AI logo generation platform enabling quick creation of professional logos in 5 minutes. Simply complete a questionnaire detailing your industry, business name, slogan, and style preferences.

Access a wide range of fonts, colors, and icons for endless combinations using AI.

With 100+ logo templates, 100+ icons, and 15+ color palettes, it offers ample features. The user-friendly interface includes click-and-drag functions and comprehensive editing tools for seamless logo creation.

19. Logobean

Logobean offers an AI logo generator with a simple interface. Customize your logo with icons, fonts, and colors. It stands out with additional controls for rotating, flipping icons, and adjusting spacing and font size.

Integrated with Google Fonts, it provides diverse typography options. Choose from five color palettes for visual appeal.

Download your logo in PNG and SVG formats and access brand guidelines. Preview your logo in various scenarios for optimal presentation.

20. Playground AI

Playground AI excels in app logo design and is free for app developers. It offers text prompts, image-to-image, and negative prompts to tailor logo generation.

The drawback is its limited suitability for non-app logos. Nonetheless, with 1,000 daily image allowances, there’s ample space for refining prompts and exploring diverse settings.

top free ai logo generatorsSumming Up

Remember, it’s always a good idea to explore these platforms and experiment with their features before making a decision. As you’ve seen in this review, there are numerous options available if you’re in search of an AI brand logo generator.

Given that most of these platforms offer the opportunity to test their tools and generate logos before committing to a purchase, it’s wise to take advantage of this and see which one aligns best with your preferences.

Whether you’re launching a new business venture or seeking basic branding for your online presence, artificial intelligence has proven to be remarkably effective in creating professional and visually appealing logos.

Take the time to assess your needs and consider factors such as customization options, pricing, and the level of creative control you desire. Ultimately, the best AI logo generator for you will depend on your unique requirements and skill level.

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