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25 Best Twitter Marketing Tools For Effective Social Media Management

Twitter Marketing Tools

In many aspects, creating a marketing strategy on Twitter is same as any other social media platforms. However, on twitter, everything happens at very fast pace. Hence, creating content and advertisement on Twitter also involves strategies which you generally don’t employ on other social media platform. You need best Twitter Marketing Tools to increase the number of your Twitter followers, boost conversation and improve brand recognition.

On Twitter, you can very easily attract attention for you brands. It is easier to create buzz around your brand on Twitter, but sustaining the interest in your brand is a difficult task. You can get people talk about your brand quite easily, but they also lose interest in your brand in no time.

You have to target right kind of audience to boost your brand’s visibility on Twitter. Here, we have listed 25 best Twitter Marketing Tools for effective social media Management

1. Tweepi

Tweepi is a simple to use, yet very powerful Twitter tool that will help you get Twitter followers fast. Instead of spending many hours of your time trying to find and engage with users on Twitter, Tweepi’s ​Twitter tools will help you spend only a few minutes of your time on actions that will help you add more Twitter followers, so you can concentrate on doing the things you like most, while your followers continue to grow.

People and brands of all sizes use Tweepi everyday to search for and find the right people to follow and actions to take in order to get Twitter followers fast in a more time and cost-efficient manner than other traditional marketing methods.


2. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a cloud-based social media marketing and analytics solution for businesses of all sizes. It offers calendar management, branding, scheduling, client management and reporting functionalities within a suite.

SocialPilot is your go-to Twitter marketing tool when it comes to social media marketing. SocialPilot helps you analyze everything, right from hashtags, twitter mentions, and audience engagement. It also has an inbuilt content curation feature, that makes it easy for you to curate relevant content.

3. Tweepsmap

Tweepsmap helps you manage all your Twitter activity from a single tool. From in-depth analytics to scheduling your post, to guiding you with the best times to tweet and providing you twitter engagement in a single dashboard, this tool has covered it all.

4. TweetDeck

This is the most powerful Twitter tool for real-time tracking, organizing, and engagement. With this, you can reach your audiences and discover the best of Twitter.

It helps you organize your corporate Twitter account, track and share searches with your co-workers while keeping control over who sees the information. Still engage your audiences and following, while keeping things secure and under a password.

5. Tweriod

Tweriod is a free twitter tool that helps you make the most of Twitter by letting you know the best time to tweet. The most unique feature of this tool is that it not only analyzes your activity but also lets you analyze the tweets of your followers. Studying your followers’ activity helps you understand them better and generate more relatable content.

6. Twitonomy

Twitonomy is a Twitter marketing tool that provides you simple yet critical Twitter analytics. With this, you can get detailed and visual analytics on anyone’s tweets, retweets, replies, mentions, hashtags.

You can also browse, search, filter and get insights on the people you follow and those who follow you. Backup/export tweets, retweets, mentions and reports to Excel & PDF in just one click.


7. TweetReach

TweetReach helps you measure your content performance. Learn which posts, hashtags, and URLs work better for you. It also provides you in-depth analytics and ready to share analytics reports. You can quickly figure out what’s working, what isn’t, and how you can improve to generate more engagement and get more followers.


8. Twitter Analytics

It is easily accessible by everyone. All you need to do is log in to your Twitter account, click on your profile photo and navigate to analytics from the drop-down menu. Twitter Cards help you richly represent your content on Twitter. It covers various things such as your monthly Twitter activity summary, the audience as well as events.


9. Twilert

Twilert’s search history and email digests allow you to return to the most important tweets from your Twitter alerts anytime you like. You can monitor users, exclude keywords and search for tweets within a specific location or language. Twilert twitter alerts system captures every tweet to send to you in an email digest, set to your schedule or in real time.


10. Agorapulse

Its powerful features are built for easier social media management. It can help you engage with your Twitter followers, reach out to new audiences, and build connections.


  • Options for queueing and scheduling
  • Hashtag analysis
  • Saved searches
  • Labels with customization
  • Actionable insights

11. RiteTag

This software solution provides you with instant hashtag suggestions for images and text that can help you increase your discoverability. You can also group hashtags to compare them on RiteTag.Get instant hashtag suggestions for images and texts on desktop and mobile. Based on real time hashtag engagement. Group hashtags to easily compare them on RiteTag and quickly add to posts from RiteForge and RiteBoost.

12. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a social media management platform used by brands, businesses, agencies, and individual to help drive social media engagement and growth. It has packed in features ranging from content publishing, content curation, customer service, engagement to social listening all in one place at a competitive price.

Crowdfire is simple to understand, helps you save tons of time, has a host of features in a single place and is the perfect tool to grow and manage your social accounts.

13. iTrended

iTrended releases official reports about Twitter trends. It provides zoomable heat maps that show where the trends occurred. And it can also tell you from where the trends originated and how they progressed on to other locations. You can get access to data of worldwide, country-based, and city-based trends.

14. Tagboard

It is a reputation management tool for businesses of all sizes which helps with real-time hashtags, social media integration, content management and more.

It aggregates content, embeds, reposts, and redisplays on a tagboard. Keyword filters help you sift through aggregated posts. And you can filter or promote content as per the requirement. You can customize the tagboard and adjust screen size, resolution, and more.

15. Hashtagify

It is a Twitter and Instagram hashtags search engine and tracking tool. With this, you can track any hashtag on Twitter, or follow Twitter user and get an in-depth analysis.

It discloses the trending hashtags, monitor relevant content and find influencers you should know about. Enhance your social media strategy through hashtag marketing. Uncover the top trending hashtags and use custom suggestions to amplify your message and reach a broader audience.

16. Statusbrew

Statusbrew is a social media engagement tool that unifies your social inbox, brings your team together, and creates automated workflows. It is carefully designed to help social media teams work more efficiently and effectively across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google My Business.

It provides all functionalities of social media management tools such as publishing, team collaboration, reporting, analytics and online reputation management.

17. Hootsuite Analytics

Hootsuite is a cloud-based reputation management and social-media solution for organizations and businesses to collaboratively carry out campaigns across various social networks such as Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. It lets users launch campaigns from a single dashboard.

18. Audiense

Audiense is a social marketing platform with rich, actionable insight and marketing tools to engage audiences based on what they say, who they are, and how they think. This allows marketers to understand their audiences in unparalleled depth, identify strategic market opportunities and engage audiences intelligently.

19. LeadSift

LeadSift finds potential leads from Twitter and classifies their intent to buy, churn, or seek help.This tool scans millions of conversations to find who’s talking to your competitors. Spend your time wisely by prioritizing the hottest leads to optimize your sales process.

20. Brandwatch

Brandwatch is a cloud-based social media listening solution suitable for small, midsize and large businesses. Brandwatch’s Analytics is a social media listening platform that scans the web for reviews, articles and conversations. It separates data into categories, analyze it and send emails.

21. Unmetric Inspire

Unmetric’s integration with the Social Index Earned Media Value allows you to discover the dollar value you are earning from your social posts. This way, you can fine-tune your social strategy and create more content that resonates with your audience.

22. Mentionmapp

With this, you can expand your potential customer base with Mentionmapp. This tool makes it easy to find people, places, events, and conversations associated with your customers. You can also visualize and explore interactions, build critical relationships and find out who is carrying today’s conversations.

23. Keyhole

Keyhole measure your social campaigns and hashtags metrics in real-time, then prove your impact and create compelling reports on time for your clients. It also calculates and proves your success on every campaign with data. Having the latest data is crucial if you want to know whether influencers are meeting their targets. You can also monitor how every influencer is performing in real-time, and help them increase their metrics for your live campaigns.

24. StatSocial

With this, you can solve the problem of measuring social influencer campaigns by connecting social content engagement with actual company revenue and other business outcomes. It also helps you gain a deep understanding of your online audiences with StatSocial. This tool gathers insights on users’ interests based on over 40,000 categories.

25. Klear

Klear has one of the most sophisticated influencer search engines. Klear is able to match brands with the most relevant creators for their audience, across the leading social networks.

Klear’s discovery capabilities are 2X more targeted than any other tool on the market. Advanced filters allow you to sift through profiles and focus on those who are relevant for your brand. Klear discovery works for you, not the other way around.

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