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Clideo Review: An Easy To Use Video Editing Tool


With social media and the digital world expanding, video content has become rather popular. Clideo is a video editing application that lets users work on their content quality, even if they have no idea about how they can add special filters and effects.

Here in this Clideo Review, we will tell you all information about the application and its abilities. Also, we would compare features of the Clideo web application with other video editing tools.

Table of Contents

Let’s Talk About The Clideo Review

There are quite a few video editing tools already on the market. We will first distinguish between other movie editing apps and Clideo, which is relatively easy to operate.

Basic Features

So in this Clideo Review, we will review its most essential features for influencers and content creators. We will discuss the critical features along with information about how you can create the content. We will also discuss about the tutorials and educational material both inside and outside of the website. In the end, we will analyze the free version of Clideo before we compare it with other paid subscription plans. There are different subscription plans of Clideo that we will reach and tell which of them is most efficient.

Complex Features

Once we tell you the app’s most common features, we will put up Clideo for a test. We are going to perform user testing on that app and tell you how easily you can work on it. Then we will confirm the app to some of its competitors. Lastly, we will share the pros and cons before rating it on a scale of 10.

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Top Features Of Clideo

Coming to the first part of the Clideo review, we are going to discuss all the main features of this app. Apart from that, we will mention the features that make editing videos on it so easy.

Clideo Review: Look At The Essential Features

The features that we are discussing here are the ones that creators have to use the most. Some of the features are related to playback, while the rest allow the editors to add text and other things to the video.

Some of the features that Clideo offers are:

  • Clipping video and cutting scenes
  • Merging multiple clips into a file
  • Compressing the file into the size you want
  • Add subtitles
  • Resize video canvas
  • Use the video maker
  • Add memes and icons
  • Cropping the video
  • Altering The playback speed

The above items are the essential tools available to you in case you choose Clideo to edit the video content.

Adding Subtitle

You could add premade subtitles to your video with .srt format and create the subtitles on the web app.

There is also the facility to modify the subtitle’s font, sizes, colors, and even the content you add to the work. Whichever video format you use, you can add a caption to it. However, Clideo could not generate auto-captions for the videos.

Creating A Video

Do you want to make a video from multiple photos? With the Clideo feature, you can do so easily. You could choose multiple images and even add video clips into the mix and make one video. Plus, you could add a music file from the computer or add a music file from the Clideo library and add it to the video. But, if you use music, ensure there is no copyright issue.

Stop Motion Maker

Often stop, motion videos are highly impactful, mainly if the photos you selected to show some critical moments. With the Clideo Stop motion maker, you can choose the rate at which the video changes into pictures. You could offer the images in reverse if you want to make further changes to them.

Looping Video

An exciting feature of Clideo is its Loop video feature. With this feature, the users could repeat specific areas of the video clip at least six times. Or you could turn it into a GIF that keeps on repeating.

Meme Maker

Some of the meme templates allow users to create comic content with photos and videos. The Clideo meme maker has dozens of such meme templates that prove helpful.

You can edit the fonts, colors, and text sizes and thus create an excellent punchline. However, the templates are not varied from the other apps that we are discussing in the comparison section of the Clideo review.

Clideo Review: Look At All The Tools

Clideo comes with a versatile set of video editing tools that include Video Editor, Merge Video, Compress Video, Add Subtitles, Speed Video, and much more. Here, we discuss all the tools available with Clideo.

Video Editor

Clideo tool: Video EditorThis is your all-in-one video editor. Here you can create and manage the video, text, images, and music in a multi-track timeline. You can add animations and gifs and make the video interesting enough for the viewer to watch it.

Merge Video

With this tool, you can upload unlimited videos and images. Then modify their order, add music and combine all of them with just one click. You may add and edit the final video to merge as many elements as you want.

Compress Video

The tool helps you compress the video irrespective of whichever format it is in. You can reduce the size of the video, so it is easy to transfer to others. All this can be done in one click without much effort from your side.

Add Subtitles

With the tool, you could add subtitles to the videos. You can personalize the font of the text and write subtitles as per the content of the video. This feature works on all videos, whatever format they may be.

Resize Video

Now resize and crop any video easily. This tool helps you make the cuts as per the specifications of the social media posts. There is not much that you have to do everything can be done in just a few clicks.

Cut Video

If the duration of the video is more than your requirement, you can make cuts to it. With this tool, you can just mention at what point the video should end. Or you could move the markers such that it cuts the video file as per them

Meme Maker

Clideo tool: Meme MakerYou can use the tool to choose a template and make a funny meme. In that meme, you can use text and add emojis to grant it a unique look. The final video would be an attractive version that gets visibility.

Crop Video

Choose one of the prepared sizes that are set by default in some popular social media sites.
Some social media sites have a specification of the video size you could use. With the crop video tool, you can make the necessary edits.

Speed Video

You may need a specific speed at which the video plays. This tool offers six predefined speeds which you could use. There is also the option to use the slider. With the slider, you could set the correct speed as per the requirement.

Video Maker

Finally, create a video using photos, GIFs, etc. Search for other videos and music online and add them to the video. You can make edits to the final cut until it matches what you were looking for.

Slideshow Maker

Instead of a video, you could create a slideshow too. Add music, videos, and images and place them such that the slideshow looks creative and enticing. All this can be done just from your browser in a few clicks.

Rotate Video

Maybe the video is not on the side you want it to be. You may want to shift its position, so it looks better. For this, you can use this tool and bring your video to the right position. With one click, the video turns to the right side.

Add Music To Video

Clideo tool: Add Music To VideoA video without music does not look great. In fact, the correct music would get you traction. You can add an audio or favorite song to that video. The video gets complimented, and the views increase. All this comes for free without any charge.

Loop Video

Maybe you want the same reel to keep playing. In that case, you could use the tool and loop the content. This tool allows you to loop a single piece about six times or maybe infinitely. The loop video feature is easy to use.

Flip Video

Do you want to flip your video and create multiple versions of it? If yes, then you could use the Flip video tool and accomplish the same. With the tool video, mirroring happens within seconds and requires little effort.

Reverse Video

You can make changes to the video’s speed but also reverse it if required. There are three video speeds offered in the tool. That lets you make the video in slow motion, extra fast, or real-time. Select the tool and make the necessary edits.

Mute Video

Sometimes there are sounds in the video that you would not want to keep. With the mute video tool, just remove these sounds from the clip. The video mutes any extra noises, and then you can add music of your choice.

Stop Motion

You can use this tool to create a stop-motion animation. Just choose the required clip rate and the speed. This would change the video into a stop-motion animation that you could publish anywhere.

Filter Video

You have recorded the movie but want to add exciting features to it. With the filter video tool, you can choose different presets. Find out the best preset and apply it to your movie. The result would be an attractive video that yields results.

Adjust Video

Now you can make changes to the settings of your video. These include editing the saturation and contrast of the video. You can even add a vignette and fade effects. This makes the video look more creative and gets a better response from viewers.

DPI Converter

The dots per inch of the image decide how it would look in the end. With the DPI converter tool, you can change the DPI and beautify the image, making it sharper. Just choose the number that you think is suitable.

Cut Audio

If you have audio that you want to crop, you could use this tool. Just cut the audio to the length you want. Now you could use the audio as a ringtone and background to the video. Doing that does not require much effort.

Merge Audio

Clideo tool: Merge AudioThere could be multiple audio files that you want to join together and use. The Merge Audio feature makes it easy to add multiple files and then use them in the final video. Just decide which audio files you would want to use for the same.

Clideo Review: Detailed Features Assessment

Once you go through all the features of Clideo, you can see that there is an API that you can use for basic video editing, like trimming and mixing videos. But if you want multiple templates, enriching effects, and features like subtitles, then Clideo may not be suitable. That means Clideo can handle only a part of the work, and it is not a complete package.

Available On Devices And Apps

Clideo is an online app it runs on an API. That means you could access that program through a web browser on your PC or smartphone. But there are no apps for iOS and Android smartphones.

Clideo Review: How To And Tutorials

An essential criterion of software is whether it offers tutorials for professionals and beginners. Here in this review, we will now discuss the internal and external tutorials offered on Clideo.

Tutorials On The Clideo Website

On the home page, you will find a link to the Resources. Here you could read different guides on how you could create content with Clideo. Apart from that, the guides offer information about the concepts of filming and photography. Such articles provide tips on how you can create content-based videos.

Though these guides discuss everything, there is no Clideo Blog as such. But due to the UI and functions of their web application, you do not have to talk about the difficult issues in the forum.

External Tutorial Links And Resources

The users could learn how to use any app from its website. Yet learning from YouTube and Coursera comes with its own benefits. Now we will talk about such references.

Though there is no official YouTube channel, many tech pros and influencers have created review videos and tutorials to help people learn how to edit videos.

On Coursera or Ed-X also, there are no specific tutorials that help learn how to use Clideo. This is probably because it is very simple to use the app.

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Clideo Review: Free Version, Paid Membership Plans

We have disclosed all the essential app features. We will now talk about the terms and conditions for both free and paid membership plans. Let us first talk about the free version, and then we will move on to the paid subscription plan.

Clideo Free Video Editor

Clideo is free to use, and there are no time limits to using the app. But the website does not mention if you are allowed to upload and edit infinite videos. Maybe they have removed the limitations they had earlier set. A positive aspect of the free version is that they do not show ads to let you use the API.

Clideo Paid Plans

There is only one premium package that allows you to create unlimited videos. The package has all the features of the free version, but the company has not mentioned the other features that the users will get for choosing the paid plan.

The monthly cost of this plan is $9, whereas the annual fee is $72, which comes to $6 per month. Ahead we will tell you why it is one of the most cost-effective online video editors.

Users Testing Clideo Review

Moving on, we will test how user-friendly this video editing tool is. We will first analyze the design of the website. Then we will create an account to unlock the app and edit a video. Lastly, we will give an overall rating of their interface.

Clideo Home Page

The website is quite simple for any video editor. They don’t offer any fancy effects or EFX animations that come with it. Apart from that, the directory and menus come with tools, resources, pricing, my projects, and the avatar you choose, which will link the page to the account settings.

Their sitemap only offers links to the introduction of Clideo’s video editing features. In that scenario, the website is not bad, seeing that Clideo is a free tool. But there could be a lot of improvement in that area.

Signing Up To Clideo

Before we do the tasks we have thought of, we must create an account. It is easy to create an account with Clideo. Just sign in through either your Google, Facebook, or Apple accounts. You will then be taken to the projects page, where you can start uploading and editing.

Editing A Video Using Clideo

We have activated the account. Now we will test the UX and UI. In this section of the Clideo Review, we will first trim a video and then add a music piece that will be added over the video’s original sound.

You can easily upload the video and then add the location. One significant advantage of Clideo is that the editing of the video is effortless. But you cannot just add different modifications to the file immediately. For example, you will have to trim the video and then edit the sounds.

User Testing Analysis, Clideo Review

A user who has previously worked on video editing apps on the phone can easily use Clideo. Its interface is straightforward to follow. In fact, the tools are very common and helpful in enhancing social media content.

Yet Clideo has a few features missing, and therefore, you cannot consider as a one-stop shop. Let us read further to know more about similar apps having more editing features.

Clideo Review: What Are The Alternative Applications

Clideo is a website-based service that has many video editing features; still, many people want to use the application on smartphones to post content.

Apart from that, there are undoubtedly other factors that you should keep in mind before you make a paid subscription to any web app. That is why we are mentioning three other video editing tools that have similar tools.

Veed Vs. Clideo

Veed is another video editing tool that comes with mobile and web applications. It is a video editor that comes with an auto caption feature. It creates high-quality subtitles from the beginning. Apart from that, you also get themes that you could use to edit your content quickly, But Veed is more expensive than Clideo. The premium plans for Veed fall between $12-$14 per month.

Adobe Spark Vs. Clideo

Spark is another Lite video editor that works well with Adobe Premiere Pro. But Spark is much easier to use and also intuitive. Spark also offers a variety of themes that are available on Adobe Creative Cloud. Plus, the app is compatible with other Video software. It is available as a web version and mobile app for both iOS and Android. Its pricing begins at $10 per month, and there is a free trial of its premium plan for a month.

Wevideo Vs. Clideo

WeVideo is a fast and adaptable app you can use to edit videos. The application can be accessed on many devices like iOS, Windows, Android, and Chromebook. Its features are more varied than Clideo, and there are four different plans that come with various services. Basis the package you pick, you get paid $5-$37/ month. The WeVideo is expensive compared to other video editing applications.

Comparison Result

Though Clideo does not come with many templates compared to Spark and does not offer automatically generated subtitles features like Veed yet, its low price and easy-to-understand interface make it popular. But, if you want to create any unique content by using interesting effects, graphics, etc., then Clideo cannot be an alternative.


At the end of this Clideo review, we want to summarize some exciting facts about Clideo. We will tell you more about the app and give it a rating so you can compare it with its competitors.

The Positive Points Of Using Clideo

  • Low Cost
  • Intuitive interface, easy to learn and use
  • Free for practical use

Negative Points Of Clideo

  • There is not much difference between the free and premium version
  • Absence of themes and design elements
  • There is no mobile app facility
  • No offline version provided


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Clideo

Creating or editing a video is an arduous task for many. However, some software helps you get your work done efficiently. Yet not all of them would be trustworthy and might just cause a security hurdle. That is why we recommend Clideo, a software that makes video creation and editing a simple job.

This software offers features like editing and creating video files, images, gifs, merging, editing, chopping, etc. Users can save their videos in the profile and later download them. Plus, they can add music to the video and thus create an artistic video. If you have any doubts about the software, here are some answers that would help.

What Is Clideo Used For?

Clideo is a tool that helps the user to create and edit video files, gifs, and images. This tool has many video editing features like merging, editing, chopping, and other requirements. Users can even add and edit music and text and thus get more audiences to see their content.

Is Clideo Video Maker Free?

Yes, Clideo video maker is free and online. That means you do not need any download or complicated manuals to use it. It can be used on any browser or Operating system.

Does Clideo Store Videos?

Clideo does not store videos during the editing process. The videos are saved only if you click on the export button. Users can look for the videos in the exported projects shown under your profile.

How Do I Download From Clideo?

If you have signed into the account, you can download the project from the My Projects tab. Point the mouse to the project you want to rename, click on the three dots icon and then click on Download. This will take you to the result page. On that page, you can click on Download and save the file.

Does Clideo Cost Money?

Clideo is free of cost. It does not require any payment to use the software.

Is Clideo Secure?

Clideo offers technical, administrative, and organizational support to ensure the user’s data remains protected. However, there might still be some problems or breaches in security. If that happens, the user can contact technical support for assistance.

Does Clideo Have An App?

Clideo does not exactly have an app, but you can use their online version on your mobile as well. Their video creator does not slow the system or hang it.

What Is A Clideo App?

Clideo does not have an android app as such. You can use their video creator on your mobile, which will work perfectly.

How Do You Use Clideo Online?

To make a video on Clideo, you must first choose the files you need from your device. Change the order of the files to ensure it looks good. Add audio to it, trim the video and increase the volume. If you want a smooth transition, click on the Crossfade box. Now you can click on the Export Button. After the video is processed, play it and check if it is as you wanted.

Is Clideo Any Good?

Clideo is a very suitable app for content creators. It is pretty simple to use. Also, you can edit different video formats. Since it is online, it saves the storage on your mobile devices. The users can add any music to the video and download that video easily. Moreover, the software is free with no payment required.

How Do I Download Audio From Clideo?

Go to Clideo audio extractor and click on the blue button to choose a file from your device. If the file is in Google Drive or Dropbox, you can go to the drop-down menu and import the same. The audio stream gets extracted, and you can then edit it.

Can You Add Music To Clideo?

Yes, it is straightforward to add music to Clideo. Go to the Add music to video tool and choose the file. With Choose file tool, you can pick a video from your device, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. The most popular audio formats are MP4, 3GP, OGG, WMV, and AVI. Now select the audio you would like to add and set the volume for both tracks.

Does Clideo Leave A Watermark?

Yes, the free version of the software leaves a watermark on your videos. If you do not want the watermark, you can opt for the paid version.

Does Clideo Have A Time Limit?

Users can get unlimited access to the projects they have saved. The feature is still in its testing phase. So there is no guarantee that the projects could be stored for an unlimited time.

Does Clideo Work With Youtube?

Yes, you can create a YouTube video on the Clideo software. The YouTube Video creator is online and relatively easy to use.

Summary Of Clideo Review

Clideo is a free application for video editing, and its features are rather good. You could upload as many formats to the website as you want and start editing the content. Its premium version would allow unlimited editing at $9 per month. But the features are not as varied as some of its competitors. Also, there are no mobile applications. This is a massive problem for those who want to post their content from any location.

On a scale of one to ten, Clideo gets an 8.5 from our side. This is mainly due to some of the features missing from the app. However, if you have used the Clideo app, we would want to know your opinion. Let us see what ranking the Clideo app should get.

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