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20 Best AI Email Assistant Tools: Streamline Your Inbox

Best AI Email Assistant Tools

In the ever-expanding digital world, email has become somewhat of a hydra, a creature from mythology that sprouts two heads for every one you manage to defeat. Each day, we find ourselves engaged in an ongoing battle to keep our inboxes under control, but it often feels like an impossible task. You diligently tackle one email, only to have two more appear in its place, like an endless stream of tasks and information that never ceases. However, amidst this digital chaos, there is a glimmer of hope – the potential for AI to be our personal “email Hercules.”

Indeed, the idea of harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to conquer the email beast is tantalizing. Many have started to explore this avenue, with various AI-powered email applications making their way into the market. One notable player in this field is OpenAI, whose sophisticated language models have found their way into our inboxes, primarily in the form of AI-assisted email composition.

While AI can be a valuable ally in crafting emails more efficiently, it has yet to fully take on the Herculean task of managing our inboxes comprehensively. Email is not merely about composing messages; it encompasses a multitude of other critical functions – sorting, prioritizing, and deleting what doesn’t merit our attention. So, while AI has the potential to revolutionize our email experience, we are not quite there yet, and there is much more to be done to make our inboxes truly manageable in the digital age.

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Best AI Email Assistant Tools

1. Hoppy Copy:

It is an advanced AI-driven email marketing copywriting platform designed to streamline the process of creating effective email campaigns and marketing content. It offers a suite of tools powered by artificial intelligence to assist users in crafting compelling content that not only saves time but also enhances conversion rates.

The platform’s AI Copywriter generates persuasive and tailored copy for email marketing campaigns, ensuring that the messaging resonates with the target audience. It can also assist in creating content for other marketing channels, such as Facebook and Google Ads, product descriptions, AIDA framework (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), creative narratives, and compelling headlines.

Hoppy Copy incorporates scientifically proven formulas to automatically generate copy for various types of emails, optimizing content creation for marketing purposes. Additionally, it includes valuable features like an AI Copy Editor for fine-tuning and refining content, a Competitor Monitoring tool to keep track of competitors’ strategies, a Spam Checker to improve email open rates, and a Content Converter for repurposing content from diverse sources.

2. Voxwave:

AI-powered lead generation tool designed to boost response rates and convert leads into customers. It allows sales professionals to record a one-minute personalized voice message, integrate dynamic tags, and send hundreds of individualized voice emails to both warm and cold leads. This human touch approach helps establish credibility, personalize follow-up messages, and re-engage with leads using a familiar voice.

Voxwave seamlessly integrates into existing workflows and offers essential data insights. It ensures a consistent, trustworthy voice in initial messages, auto-generates names for enhanced engagement in follow-ups, and follows a three-step process: warming up leads, sending dynamic messages to engaged leads, and conducting post-call follow-ups.

Sales professionals looking to improve response rates and secure more business can join Voxwave’s waitlist. Detailed information regarding the company’s policies and terms can be found on their website, ensuring transparency and compliance with regulations like the Specified Commercial Transactions Act.

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3. Rytr:

A cutting-edge AI writing assistant tailored to content creators, aimed at saving time and resources while delivering top-notch content. This versatile tool harnesses state-of-the-art language AI to generate unique and original content suitable for various niches, spanning over 40 different use cases and supporting more than 30 languages.

Rytr boasts an array of robust features to aid users in crafting impeccable content. These include a rich-text editor for versatile editing, rewording and shortening tools for refining text, a plagiarism checker to ensure authenticity, and formatting options for a polished look.

Rytr provides a convenient browser extension, enabling seamless integration with emails, documents, and social media. It also offers team billing and project management capabilities for collaborative projects. Moreover, Rytr’s SEO analyzer assists users in creating content optimized for better search engine rankings.

4. Robin AI:

It is an artificial intelligence platform built to streamline the initial stages of the sales process for businesses. This innovative tool employs advanced text-to-speech technology and seamless CRM integration to compose and send emails directly from a business’s email address, tailoring the content based on lead information.

When a lead responds, Robin AI takes charge by generating objection-handling emails, with the aim of scheduling a call between the lead and the sales team. This transition ensures a smooth handover from automated outreach to human interaction.

Robin AI goes beyond automation by offering personalized sales advice and real-time insights, helping businesses achieve better results and gain a competitive edge. Its integration capabilities span major CRMs, SMS, chat, and voice platforms, making it a versatile solution for targeted outreach, email campaigns, and customer retention strategies. With Robin AI, businesses can efficiently manage the top of their sales funnel, ultimately driving growth and success.

5. ChatGPT Writer:

It is a Chrome extension powered by advanced AI technology, offering users the ability to effortlessly compose emails and messages. With a focus on Gmail integration, it provides high-quality responses that surpass many other tools on the market, ensuring efficient communication.

What sets ChatGPT Writer apart is its commitment to privacy, avoiding ads, cookies, and third-party trackers. It’s compatible with popular Chromium-based browsers like Chrome, Brave, and Edge, and it supports various languages for widespread usability.

To utilize this tool, users simply install the extension, input their writing topic, and click “Generate Response” to receive a well-crafted message. Gmail users can conveniently access it from the Gmail text editor icon, hitting “Generate Reply” to insert personalized email responses. Plus, users can customize keyboard shortcuts for quick access and seek troubleshooting support when needed.

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6. Onesta:

A sales automation platform empowering users to create and train their own AI sales assistants. This versatile tool simplifies the process of crafting personalized email campaigns through AI-generated, highly tailored emails, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Onesta streamlines communication with prospects by employing an AI-powered assistant that offers personalized responses to inquiries, aiming to secure sales meetings and boost revenue growth.

One of its standout features is automatic research on inbound leads, efficiently identifying the most promising opportunities using data analysis and advanced algorithms. This selective approach saves valuable time and resources.


A powerful AI tool designed to assist users in crafting professional and workplace-appropriate emails quickly and effortlessly. It achieves this by taking a draft of your email, regardless of the language or writing style used, and employing AI to refine the text. This refinement process involves removing any informal language, slang, or expletives, ensuring that the email maintains a polished and appropriate tone.

The tool is made accessible through a Google Chrome browser extension and can seamlessly integrate with email services like Gmail, Outlook, and other web-based platforms. Using is straightforward: users draft their email, and with a simple click of the “Fix my Email” button, the AI takes over.

Once the button is clicked, the email is sent to OpenAI, a renowned AI processing entity. OpenAI processes the email and returns a cleaned and refined version that is suitable for sending. This streamlined approach ensures that your emails consistently project a professional and respectful tone, making it a valuable tool for effective communication in the workplace.


Available as a Chrome Extension and NoCode RPA platform, is a versatile tool designed to streamline web-based tasks, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Its unique hybrid AI engine, leveraging ChatGPT and Machine Learning, enables it to perform a wide range of tasks, including answering search queries with AI-generated responses, summarizing web pages, extracting data, tracking product prices and stock availability, monitoring articles and legislation, and detecting changes on competitor websites.

What sets HARPA AI apart is its local browser-based operation, which ensures data remains on the user’s device and is not sent elsewhere, prioritizing speed and performance. It offers free usage, with an option for a paid plan specifically for ChatGPT queries.

The platform supports multiple search engines, including Google, Baidu, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Brave, Yahoo, Naver, Yandex, Kagi, and Searx. It also handles cookies for accessibility and security purposes and allows users to configure it to accept only essential cookies, enhancing user control and privacy.


A versatile tool designed to enhance business expansion through effective email outreach campaigns. It offers unlimited email sending accounts, enabling users to send a high volume of emails daily without jeopardizing their sender reputation. provides an extensive warmup pool with over 200,000 real human accounts to ensure emails avoid spam folders and enhance sending reputation. The tool empowers users to clean and verify lead lists, verify domain setups for cold emailing, and utilize a campaign builder and integrations to personalize and automate emails for improved deliverability and response rates.

It features inbox rotation for a more natural approach by alternating sending emails between multiple accounts. Campaign analytics are also available to evaluate campaign success and make necessary optimizations. further offers valuable resources such as extensive documentation, cold email templates, and access to a supportive private Facebook community. This comprehensive suite of features and resources makes it a powerful tool for successful email outreach campaigns.

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10. Superhuman:

An AI-powered email tool designed for individuals and teams seeking peak email efficiency. It promises a lightning-fast email experience, enabling users to navigate their inbox twice as quickly, ultimately saving valuable time.

The tool prioritizes productivity by offering a sleek email interface and a focused inbox that seamlessly integrates with major email providers like Gmail and Outlook. Notable features include AI-powered email composition for quick message drafting, automated email triaging to highlight important emails, reminders for follow-ups, email automation using snippets, and the ability to snooze emails for better task management.

Superhuman also provides read statuses to track when recipients open emails, autocorrect functionality, and shared read statuses within teams. Additionally, it offers social insights from platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to aid in building connections and effective communication.

Best AI Email Assistant Tools Streamline Your Inbox

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This AI tool empowers you to transform any topic or source material into fresh, captivating content that resonates with your audience.

It’s a breeze, just follow the 1-2-3 steps. First, provide your source material or topic – whether it’s a sales page, YouTube video, or an article. Next, experience the magic of auto-generation as’s AI engine generates a variety of marketing emails, newsletters, and social media content tailored to your requirements. Finally, choose the content you love the most, ready to use instantly. Watch as your sales skyrocket and engagement levels surge. isn’t limited to marketers; it’s a game-changer for anyone seeking to save time and effortlessly craft compelling digital content. Whether you’re an experienced pro or just getting started, simplifies content creation, making it accessible to all.

12. Quicklines:

AI-powered cold outreach assistant designed to supercharge your cold email campaigns. It boasts advanced features like deep social scraping and a natural language first-line writing platform to craft highly personalized cold emails that drive better response rates.

Quicklines is remarkably efficient, being 40 times faster and 6 times more cost-effective than human counterparts. It offers a lifetime access plan for just $59, which includes 300 credits per month.

The AI assistant excels at scraping valuable information from prospects’ LinkedIn profiles and is adept at composing authentic and engaging first lines to boost response rates. With a track record of assisting over 1,000 businesses in generating interested leads through cold outreach, Quicklines boasts a remarkable success rate of over 90% for ready-to-send first lines. It’s a valuable tool for businesses aiming to optimize their outreach efforts and drive meaningful connections.

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13. Ai Mailer:

A free AI-powered tool designed to simplify email writing. By harnessing the power of GPT and natural language processing (NLP), it quickly generates high-quality, personalized email content with context-awareness.

Users can input a subject or topic, and Ai Mailer crafts natural-sounding emails in seconds. Its goal is to save time and ensure consistent, professional communication for businesses. It’s also useful for improving customer service by delivering timely and personalized responses to inquiries.

Ai Mailer boasts a user-friendly interface, customization options, and multilingual support, catering to busy professionals and students looking to streamline their email communication without sacrificing quality.

14. Professionalize It To Me:

AI-driven tool designed to elevate casual messages into polished and professional correspondence with a single click. Powered by the ChatGPT API, it swiftly generates refined messages, making it accessible even to those without formal writing skills.

With Professionalize It To Me, users can confidently present themselves in a positive light when communicating with clients or colleagues. Available in six languages, it caters to diverse users across regions.

The process is straightforward: users copy their existing message or compose a new one, select the message type, desired tone, and language. The tool then instantly generates a professional version of the original message, ideal for business communication. It’s a valuable solution for those seeking to enhance their messaging prowess without investing substantial time and effort.

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15. Addy AI:

It is an AI email assistant that accelerates email composition, allowing users to craft messages 10 times faster while maintaining their preferred style and tone. With Addy AI, users can choose from various tones and set default preferences, effectively eliminating writer’s block.

The AI excels in drafting emails based on contextual cues, making it a time-saving solution. Remarkably, it’s reported to have saved users over 220,000 hours of time. Addy AI is available as a free Chrome extension and is currently in beta, earning positive feedback from a diverse user base, including entrepreneurs, executives, real estate managers, and basketball coaches.

For anyone seeking to streamline their email writing process and boost efficiency, Addy AI proves to be a valuable tool.

16. Quickreply:

An AI Reply Generator designed to make responding to messages quick and hassle-free. It employs advanced algorithms to analyze incoming messages and swiftly generates personalized responses that are relevant to the context.

Users have the flexibility to customize the tone of their responses, whether they want them to be friendly, professional, informative, or even funny. While Quickreply is currently in its beta version, a more advanced V2 is in the works.

Developed by CRET Studio, this AI tool aims to streamline communication and save valuable time and effort for both businesses and individuals. Users can sign up for notifications to be alerted when the new version, which promises even more enhancements, is released. Ultimately, Quickreply serves as a valuable tool for optimizing and simplifying message responses.

17. ParagraphAI:

A powerful AI-driven writing assistant that significantly enhances the writing process. It offers a comprehensive suite of features, including grammar, spelling, and vocabulary checks, as well as robust plagiarism detection.

One of its standout capabilities is generating automated responses for emails, messages, comments, and various other tasks. ParagraphAI is adept at producing highly unique content that is 99.99% plagiarism-free while maintaining a personalized style and tone.

This versatile tool supports a wide range of writing tasks, from paragraphs, emails, and lists to articles, translations, blog posts, and much more, making it an indispensable resource for various writing needs.

ParagraphAI has earned the trust of renowned companies like Amazon, MIT, Uber, Oracle, Harvard, Samsung, Pepsi, Meta Platforms Inc., and RBC Royal Bank, underlining its reliability and effectiveness. Users can access it conveniently through its Chrome plugin, as well as iOS and Android apps.

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18. SuperReply:

AI-powered email response tool designed to enhance professional communication by providing tailored responses. It operates as a Chrome browser extension, offering a free starting plan that allows users to send up to 75 emails per month at no cost.

This tool simplifies email communication by suggesting personalized responses based on the context and tone of the message, enabling users to respond professionally and efficiently. It provides multiple response options instantly to choose from.

SuperReply prioritizes user privacy, encrypting all emails and replies and not storing them on their servers. It only accesses email threads users choose to use it on and employs industry-standard encryption and security measures to safeguard user data.

The SuperReply team comprises experienced professionals in the tech industry, each specializing in different aspects of the platform, all dedicated to delivering an exceptional user experience and continuously innovating to provide value to users.

19. GETitOUT:

A versatile marketing tool designed to streamline the creation of compelling marketing content. It helps users identify ideal buyer personas, convert product features into persuasive benefits, and generate professional landing pages, emails, and more with customized, high-quality text.

The Persona Generator extracts competitor personas for a deeper understanding of target audiences, while the Text Tool suggests benefits and call-to-actions to transform features into value propositions. The Material Generator provides ready-to-use templates with professional texts tailored to unique designs, saving time.

GETitOUT also offers a browser extension for convenient content pasting and features like a Marketing Coach, B2B marketing blog, video tutorials, and a supportive community. It’s a valuable tool for marketing professionals seeking to enhance their marketing efforts and results.


It is an AI-powered content platform tailored for revenue teams aiming to craft highly personalized and compelling content swiftly. This tool harnesses artificial intelligence to assist sales teams in crafting personalized emails and various other content types, including landing pages, social media posts, and ad copy.

By offering AI-driven writing suggestions and real-time feedback on tone and language, aids teams in boosting their efficiency and productivity. It ensures that the content they produce is precisely targeted and resonates with their intended audience. primarily targets businesses and sales teams that require rapid content generation and seek to streamline their content creation process. Its user-friendly design and web-based platform facilitate collaboration among teams working on content projects. is accessible without the need for users to possess specific technical skills or knowledge. It’s designed for ease of use and requires minimal training.

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The world of email communication has been significantly transformed by the emergence of AI-powered email assistant tools. These innovative solutions have ushered in a new era of efficiency and effectiveness in managing emails, crafting compelling messages, and streamlining communication processes.

From tools like Superhuman, designed for high-performing individuals and teams, to, ensuring professionalism in workplace emails, and the AI-driven lead generation capabilities of Voxwave, there’s an AI email assistant for every need.

Quick lines simplify cold email outreach, while ChatGPT Writer offers advanced AI technology for composing emails and messages. And with ParagraphAI’s advanced writing assistance and’s focus on revenue teams, the versatility of these tools is evident.

Whether it’s automating email composition, refining communication for professional settings, or personalizing messages for marketing campaigns, these AI email assistants have revolutionized how we communicate and connect with others in the digital age. They not only save time but also empower users to deliver more impactful and engaging content, ultimately enhancing productivity and driving better results in various aspects of business and personal communication. As AI continues to advance, we can expect even more remarkable developments in the realm of email assistance, further elevating our digital communication experiences.

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