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40 Best AI Productivity Tools To Maximize Your Efficiency [ Updated ]

best AI productivity tools

Welcome to our latest post, delving into the latest advancements and insights on the Best AI Productivity Tools. If you wish to revisit the previous edition, click here. In this updated content, our goal is to provide you with the latest additions and in-depth analysis to keep you informed and engaged. So, without further delay, let’s explore these cutting-edge improvements!

In the fast-paced world of today, where time is a valuable commodity, AI productivity tools have emerged as game-changers. Their ability to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, analyze data, discern patterns, and make informed decisions has significantly elevated efficiency and accuracy, leading to a substantial boost in overall productivity. Whether for businesses or individuals, these tools offer a multifaceted approach to enhance time management, streamline decision-making processes, and provide automation for various daily tasks.

The advantages of AI productivity tools are manifold. They enable users to manage their schedules effectively, find solutions to pressing questions, and set timely reminders for important tasks. As a result, employees and individuals alike gain the precious gift of time, allowing them to allocate their energy and attention to more critical activities. It’s no wonder that AI tools are increasingly gaining prominence as indispensable assets for enhancing productivity across various sectors.

Best AI Productivity Tools

Efficiency at its peak with the best AI productivity tools1. Humata

AI-driven chatbot tailored to optimize your interaction with data and documents. It enables swift access to information by offering instant AI-generated answers to your queries, significantly accelerating research and comprehension of intricate files. Humata’s capabilities encompass learning, summarizing, synthesizing, and extracting valuable insights from your data, as well as expediting the creation and analysis of legal documents. It also offers a rapid Q&A function for addressing challenging questions associated with your files and can even automatically generate written content based on the content of your documents, making the process of crafting papers up to 10 times faster.

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2. Baby AGI

The “yoheinakajima/babyagi” GitHub repository is a project aimed at creating AI tools. It provides features for automating workflows, managing packages, enhancing code quality with AI, tracking code changes, and facilitating collaboration on non-code matters. The project, developed by yoheinakajima, is open for contributions from GitHub users and is governed by a public license that permits both non-commercial and commercial use, modification, and distribution of its code.

This repository serves as a GitHub showcase, highlighting its capabilities in CI/CD, automation, DevOps, and DevSecOps. It has gained popularity with over 11.5k stars and 1.5k forks, suggesting its value for AI developers. Examining its commit history reveals tools like BabyAGI Classic and extensions for AI model improvement.

3. ChatGPT Writer

A free Chrome extension powered by advanced AI technology for composing emails and messages. It excels in providing high-quality responses, particularly in Gmail. The extension prioritizes user privacy by avoiding ads, cookies, and third-party trackers. It is compatible with Chromium-based browsers like Chrome, Brave, and Edge and supports multiple languages. To use it, simply install the extension, input your message topic, and click “Generate Response.” Gmail users can conveniently use it from the Gmail text editor by clicking the extension icon and selecting “Generate Reply” to insert a personalized email response.


An AI-powered tool for capturing, transcribing, and analyzing voice conversations. It records audio and video, quickly generates transcripts, and enables users to filter and review key topics discussed in meetings. Its AI-powered search helps users identify important details in minutes. Users can collaborate by adding comments, reactions, and notes to conversations, and share meeting notes with apps like Slack and Notion. It offers conversation intelligence to track metrics like speaker talk time and sentiment. It can also automate tasks like updating CRMs and sharing meeting recaps. This tool serves various teams, including sales, engineering, recruiting, marketing, education, and media.

5. The ChatGPT Chrome Extension

Created by, is a free tool that offers convenient access to OpenAI’s ChatGPT directly in your web browser. It enables users to ask questions and interact with ChatGPT effortlessly. The extension’s source code is openly available on GitHub for transparency.

In a January 2021 update, the extension was modified to open in a new tab, addressing the change made by OpenAI, which set ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘sameorigin’. With over 100,000 users, it has established itself as a popular productivity tool, catering primarily to English (United States) speakers.

Notably, the developer adheres to the European Union’s definition of a trader, meaning they operate within the framework of this regulation. The extension respects user privacy by refraining from collecting personal data for purposes unrelated to its core functionality.

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6. Merlin

A free extension powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, offering personalized and intelligent text-based interactions. It aids users in various tasks such as summarizing documents, crafting complex Excel formulas and code, composing professional emails, condensing content, generating creative ideas, addressing coding challenges, and answering questions, including those from children. It also suggests keywords and topics for connecting with target audiences. Merlin is accessible on both Chrome and Firefox and offers its features at no cost.

7. Jusi

It is an AI-powered tool for businesses, swiftly creating technical specifications for website or app development through conversational interactions. It compiles comprehensive specs including business analysis and feature lists. Jusi then identifies development studios, presenting the top 20 candidates based on various criteria, and gathers pricing and timeline data. It promises significant time and cost savings, claiming to reduce production times by up to 20 times and lower costs by up to 12 times. Its primary goal is to simplify the process of finding the right development studio by automating the search for compatible prospects within budget constraints.

8. FlowGPT

AI tool with a visual interface for ChatGPT, enhancing conversation organization and clarity on a canvas board. It facilitates multi-threaded discussions and offers nodes for easy conversation management, collaboration, and quick document access. Users can tap into ChatGPT’s capabilities for tasks like copywriting, marketing, research, and more. It introduces features like parallelism and antithesis for stylistic variations. FlowGPT follows a pay-as-you-go model, billing users solely for the AI words they use, using the OpenAI ChatGPT API to track word count, eliminating monthly subscriptions.

9. TinyWow

An online platform offering free AI-powered tools, including AI writing, PDF editing, and image editing. It processes user data, such as IP addresses, through cookies to serve personalized content and ads, measure impact, gain insights, and improve products, all subject to user preferences. The AI writing tool assists in generating relevant content. It also provides PDF editing features for modifying documents and AI-driven image editing for enhancements. While using TinyWow, personal data may be collected for personalization and analytics, but users can manage their cookie preferences and withdraw consent. The platform focuses on both AI capabilities and user data privacy.

Boost your productivity with top-notch AI-driven software - Texti10. Texti

It is an AI-powered copyright assistant for your browser. It helps create original content, saves time, and offers copyright protection. Users can easily start using it by downloading the Chrome Extension for free, and it can answer a substantial number of questions. It also offers competitive pricing and flexible repayment options. Ideal for content protection and business growth.

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11. The Text Generator Plugin

Open-source AI tool designed for Obsidian, a knowledge management system. It helps users generate ideas, titles, summaries, and paragraphs from their knowledge database. It’s a free alternative to other AI writing tools like, Jasper, and Rytr. The plugin offers numerous features, including support options, FAQs, updates, and special thanks to contributors. It’s a valuable tool for those using Obsidian to streamline content creation with AI-generated assistance.

12. WriteGPT

A web extension that brings OpenAI’s ChatGPT capabilities to any website for efficient writing tasks. It offers features like translation, summarization, email composition, content creation, and social media commenting. It’s available for free, with a paid plan for unlimited credits and extra features. The extension is developed by Flutter Motion and can be reached via Twitter or email for support.

13. Sheldon

Free AI assistant available as a ChatGPT extension for Google Chrome. It’s designed to boost user productivity by saving up to 40% of browsing time. Sheldon offers services like content generation, Excel formula assistance, coding help, and email writing. It’s compatible with popular websites like Google services and can adapt to various tasks, from composing professional emails to creating marketing content and assisting with coding problems. Sheldon is exclusively available to Google Chrome users, making it a valuable tool for enhancing efficiency in various online activities.

14. Toolbuilder

A user-friendly web app that lets you create AI-powered tools without any coding expertise. It’s currently in beta but accessible for exploration. You can customize a range of AI-generated tools for various purposes, such as movie recommendations and stock analysis. It encourages collaboration and knowledge-sharing by allowing users to share their creations. Toolbuilder is a valuable resource for individuals who want to harness AI’s capabilities without having to delve into programming or technical complexities, making AI experimentation accessible to a broader audience.

15. ChatGPT Plugins

Enhance the capabilities of the ChatGPT language model by providing additional functionality, access to real-time data, and third-party services. These plugins are developed with safety in mind and are being gradually introduced to a select group of users to assess their impact and alignment with safety standards.

Leading companies like Expedia, Klarna, Slack, and Wolfram have created the initial set of plugins, and there are plugins for web browsing and code interpretation. These plugins act as extensions for ChatGPT, enabling it to access personalized or specific information beyond its training data, run computations, and interact with external services.

The rollout of ChatGPT plugins will expand to more users over time, and developers can use provided documentation to create their own plugins. The code for a knowledge base retrieval plugin has also been open-sourced, offering developers the option to self-host this plugin.

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16. Vondy AI

Vondy’s Next Generation AI Apps is a diverse collection of AI-powered tools that cater to productivity, personal growth, and entertainment. It offers a broad range of features, including chatbots, image generators, speechwriters, and more. Vondy serves as an all-in-one platform for creating content across various mediums, from written content to videos and even song lyrics.

Users can explore various tools like image generators, chatbots with unique personalities, and productivity apps. The Writing Toolset covers a wide array of content creation, from articles to blog topics, comedies, stories, emails, and tutorials. The Entertainment Toolbar includes an adventure game, a poet generator, and a chatbot for crafting rap lyrics and beats.

Vondy provides Business Tools for tasks like writing Google ad copy, product reviews, and job descriptions. It also offers chatbots and generators for fitness, nutrition, and cost-effective, healthy recipes.

17. Audioread

AI tool that transforms web articles, PDFs, emails, and more into ultra-realistic audio content. It’s compatible with podcast apps and browsers, making it easy for users to convert text into speech for multitasking during activities like exercising or commuting.

Users have multiple input options, including forwarding emails, uploading PDFs, copying text, and highlighting it. Audioread offers flexible listening choices, such as creating a personal podcast or direct browser playback. It offers a free trial, and the paid version provides unlimited daily word conversions in up to 18 languages at $15 per month. The tool has gained recognition from notable figures like Thomas Frank and been featured in articles like “The Age of AI Has Begun” on, making it an efficient solution for those looking to save time while consuming lengthy content.

18. Sidekick

An AI-driven Slackbot, functioning as a personal business assistant. It enables natural language queries to organizational apps, tracking of important topics, setting reminders, document retrieval, and conversation summaries within Slack. Furthermore, it offers free access to ChatGPT 4.0 within Slack, facilitating content generation for various purposes like emails, playbooks, templates, articles, and posts. Sidekick streamlines business communication and productivity within the Slack platform.

19. Gamma

A web-based AI tool that streamlines content creation and presentations. It offers customizable templates, no-coding editing, and the ability to embed various media formats. Gamma promotes engagement with interactive content and collaboration features, including reactions and comments. It simplifies presentations by breaking down complex ideas into manageable pieces. Additionally, it provides built-in analytics for refining and improving presentations. Gamma is a valuable resource for individuals and organizations looking to create and present content more effectively.

Experience enhanced workflow using the finest AI productivity solutions - Eesel AI

20. Eesel AI

Integrate ChatGPT with your existing document and knowledge management systems like Google Docs, Confluence, and Notion, and transform it into a powerful oracle capable of instantly providing answers to any query. This integration allows for a seamless connection between ChatGPT and your internal workflow.

You can incorporate this ChatGPT-powered oracle within your internal Slack workspace or even as a widget on your website. Whether you’re using Google Docs for collaborative documentation, Confluence for team knowledge sharing, or Notion for project management, this integration enables you to tap into the vast knowledge and information stored within these platforms.

The result is a sophisticated and efficient AI-driven information retrieval system. Users within your organization can simply pose their questions, and the ChatGPT oracle will quickly retrieve relevant information, providing instant answers. This not only enhances productivity but also ensures that your team has easy access to the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and drive projects forward.

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21. Supermanage AI

Simplifies preparation for one-on-one meetings by distilling relevant Slack channel information into customized employee briefs. By joining the waitlist, users access this feature, which provides concise insights to catch up before each meeting. These briefs save managers time and enable more meaningful conversations. Supermanage aims to enhance team dynamics, engagement, contributions, sentiment, and more in the future. Users can rely on this tool for efficient information gathering, allowing them to focus on being present and empathetic during discussions. Streamline your one-on-one meetings with Supermanage.


It is a meeting transcription software powered by AI, offering real-time transcriptions, note-taking, and follow-up drafting. It serves a range of applications, from project management to sales and engineering teams. integrates with popular services like Google Meet, Docs, Calendar, and Zoom. It’s available for free with basic features or through a monthly subscription with additional capabilities. This tool saves time and boosts meeting productivity.

23. Tammy AI

An AI tool for generating YouTube video summaries across various genres. Users can easily explore videos by popular channels, titles, and keywords through a simple interface. While it’s currently in beta and requires registration, Tammy AI has the potential to save users time by quickly accessing essential information from YouTube videos. Keep in mind that the accuracy of the summaries may vary based on the video’s quality and content complexity.

24. Superpower ChatGPT

A Chrome extension that enhances ChatGPT’s capabilities. It enables chat export, search, and language change. Users can sync their chats locally, pin messages, access a prompt library, and customize their experience. The tool is privacy-focused, storing minimal user data on the server and keeping most data locally. It does not save conversations in the database, and the developer pledges not to sell user information. It offers a user-centric, customizable experience for ChatGPT users.

25. ChatDOC

AI-powered file-reading assistant based on ChatGPT. It understands and extracts information from PDF documents, providing instant and accurate answers. It’s ideal for reading and learning from research papers, books, and manuals. ChatDOC is free with a ChatDOC account, allowing up to 10 documents with a 150-page limit. It offers secure file storage and easy cross-document search. Future updates will enhance its capabilities. It’s a valuable tool for obtaining fast answers from PDF documents.

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A free book recommendation site powered by AI. It uses GPT-3 to tailor book suggestions to users based on their reading preferences, goals, and age. Users receive three personalized book recommendations, each with detailed explanations. The site also showcases books endorsed by notable figures like Bill Gates and Oprah. It’s a valuable resource for finding books for leisure, academic pursuits, or personal development. Users can explore it for free or support it through donation and Amazon referral links.

27. FGenEds

A creation by Sphere Labs, simplifies the conversion of lecture slides into convenient cheat sheets. By uploading a PDF of lecture slides, FGenEds swiftly organizes and condenses the content for efficient studying. This tool enables users to save time and bypass lengthy lectures, helping them compile vital information in a structured manner. FGenEds also provides five complimentary cheat sheets and places a strong emphasis on user privacy through a detailed Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


Free AI explainer tool that offers straightforward explanations for highlighted words or paragraphs on web pages and PDF URLs. Users can easily access this tool without the need for sign-up. Powered by a responsive AI engine, it provides quick and accurate explanations in response to user queries. is user-friendly, allowing anyone to highlight text and receive simple explanations. It’s designed for a broad audience, making it a valuable resource for swiftly comprehending text.

29. Corpora

AI-powered intelligent search tool that swiftly and accurately answers user questions within their document library. It employs natural language processing to comprehend user queries and tailors responses accordingly. Corpora is user-friendly, allowing answers in preferred formats and can consolidate data from multiple sources. It provides human-like answers and is currently available in a free beta version, making it a valuable addition to users’ workflow.

Streamline your tasks with the best AI-based productivity tools - Chat Genius30. Chat Genius

An AI chatbot app powered by GPT, ensuring quick and precise responses to user queries. Users can personalize their virtual assistant’s name and gender. The app offers a coin-based model, enabling users to earn coins through ad views while exploring its functionalities. Chat Genius enhances communication efficiency by understanding and meeting user needs. It’s accessible for free on the Play Store, with exclusive features for downloaders.

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31. Mindgrasp

AI-powered tool that generates notes and answers from various documents and videos while prioritizing user data protection. It offers features like AI Note Generation, Video Summarizer, and caters to students with discounts and an Ambassador Program. Mindgrasp accelerates learning by analyzing documents, textbooks, article links, and multimedia lectures, reducing reading time and enhancing comprehension. It’s accessible on iOS devices and benefits students, professionals, and avid readers.

32. WebChatGPT

A Chrome extension that improves ChatGPT with web search results. It’s open-source, prioritizes privacy, and supports multiple languages. Users can enhance prompts for more accurate conversations. It offers a toggle to minimize web searches for a cleaner chat experience.

33. EvelynAI

Collective Conscious by EvelynAI is a Telegram-based AI tool powered by GPT-3, offering assistance in crafting text-based content such as tweets, posts, and blogs. It aids users in generating engaging and relevant content for their communities. To access it, users need to join the Collective Conscious by EvelynAI group on the Telegram app and DM @ninja_writer21. This tool is user-friendly and free to use, simplifying the content creation process.

34. Rationale

It is an AI-driven decision-making tool that assists businesses, managers, and individuals in making well-informed decisions. It utilizes GPT and in-context learning algorithms to analyze various decision scenarios, including pros and cons, cost-benefit assessments, SWOT analyses, and multi-option problems. The tool generates comprehensive lists of pros and cons, SWOT analyses, or multi-criteria evaluations to help users evaluate their choices. Rationale offers personalized analysis, customizable tone, and continuous learning to ensure decisions are based on the latest information. It also provides multilingual support and API access for seamless integration, enabling users to streamline decision-making in just 10 seconds.

35. Typly

AI-powered keyboard that streamlines messaging responses. It uses NLP to suggest context-appropriate sentences with matching emotions. It offers dating support and sentence bundles. Core features include keyboard support, glide typing, personalization, and feedback for improved texting habits, helping users save time and enhance their conversations.

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36. SummerEyes

A Chrome extension that harnesses advanced AI with 400 million parameters to provide instant, concise summaries of online text. Its speed and convenience help users read newsletters, grasp articles, and skim through company-wide emails with ease. It’s set to expand to other browsers in the near future.

37. Cogniflow

A no-code AI platform that empowers users to integrate AI into their workflows without coding skills. It’s versatile, handling text, image, and audio data, with a focus on image analysis for life sciences. It seamlessly integrates with automation tools like Zapier and Cogniflow provides a user-friendly AI playground, supporting various data types and multiple languages. Its applications span customer service, HR, operations, and more, offering features like document chat, classification, speech-to-text, and various recognition tasks. Trusted by both large and small companies, Cogniflow is backed by AWS Startups and provides comprehensive documentation.

38. Nanonets

AI-powered document processing service specializing in Optical Character Recognition (OCR). It efficiently automates data extraction from various documents like invoices, receipts, passports, and ID cards using self-learning algorithms. Nanonets offers solutions for workflow optimization, including AP Automation and Email Parsing. It provides free OCR converters, a Web Scraper, Image to Excel, and Image to Text tools. Trusted by over 10,000 customers worldwide, it has earned high ratings on platforms like G2 Crowd and Capterra. Nanonets helps businesses save time and money by automating manual data entry with successful use cases in various industries. It offers ready-to-use solutions for common document types.

39. Personal AI

An innovative technology that empowers users to create a digital counterpart of themselves, enhancing their cognitive capabilities. It’s a time-saving, productivity-boosting solution that aids in swift memory recall and idea retrieval.

Through a messaging interface, users can seek answers from their AI, receiving prompt responses. Personal AI prioritizes data security through secure, encrypted blockchain technology and can be personalized to align with users’ preferences and habits.

With its AI-driven knowledge engine, the tool facilitates knowledge capture, organization, and retrieval. Users can also generate drafts and highlights from articles they’ve consumed. Whether you aim to amplify your business impact, streamline mental tasks, or simply save time, Personal AI is a versatile tool.

Achieve more in less time with these exceptional AI productivity products - DeepL40. DeepL

Stable Diffusion is an advanced AI text-to-image model jointly developed by StabilityAI, EleutherAI, and LAION. This cutting-edge technology excels at producing highly realistic images based on textual descriptions.

The model taps into the latent space of input text, making it effortless for users to craft stunning art with minimal effort. It’s readily accessible through a free web demo and API, and the open-source code is available on GitHub.

Users can leverage this tool for a variety of purposes, including generating artwork, customizing search engine results with images, and fine-tuning settings for factors like recency, region, safe search, and link behavior.

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The world of AI productivity tools is rapidly evolving and offering innovative solutions to make our lives more efficient and streamlined. From AI-powered writing assistants like TinyWow and WriteGPT to tools that help with decision-making like Rationale, the options are diverse and powerful.

AI is transforming the way we generate content, manage documents, automate data entry, and make decisions. With AI tools like Corpora and Nanonets, we can search and extract valuable insights from vast document libraries more effectively. We can automate repetitive tasks with ChatGPT extensions and manage meetings more efficiently with Supermanage AI.

These AI productivity tools are designed to save us time, enhance our content creation, and enable us to work smarter, not harder. As AI continues to advance, we can expect even more exciting and useful tools to emerge, further enhancing our productivity and simplifying our daily tasks. Whether you’re a writer, a manager, or a professional in any field, these AI tools offer the promise of greater efficiency and effectiveness in your work and personal life.

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