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Top 20 AI Text-To-Speech Tools

AI Text-To-Speech Tools

The world has shown a speedy progression in the last decades. With AI slowly creeping in, our work processes are further getting simplified.

Now text-to-speech tools are helpful when you do not have the time or patience to put your thoughts down. You just have to speak your content; these tools would put them down in the document.

Unknowingly these tools are reducing the work of authors and writers. Here are the top 20 AI text-to-speech tools you must trust when writing something down.

Top AI Text To Speech Tools

1. Fliki

An AI-powered tool this helps in efficient content creation. It has more than 900 voices in 75 different languages and dialects.

This makes the content look realistic. It also offers millions of images, video clips, and background music options. You can customizable the colors and fonts for subtitle purposes.

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2. Synthesis Studio

This tool is perfect for those who want to improve their digital messaging capabilities. With their text-to-speech and text-to-video tools, the user can provide vibrant voices that their customers would absolutely love. You get access to 374 voices in more than 140 languages.

There is the video generator that comes with 50 + templates and 60 human-trained avatars for the users to work upon.

Synthesis Studio

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3. Audyo

This tool helps to create a human-like voice by typing. You can switch speakers and tweak the pronunciation to get more control over the audio. The tool can be signed in through Google and seamlessly integrated with other tools.

4. Voxwave AI

With this tool, you can convert leads into customers. By adding dynamic tags like name and company, you can send voice emails to your customers. Or you could send static voice messages to more than 100 K + plus leads. Easy to use, the tool quickly gets more leads coming your way.

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5. Mubert

This tool is a royalty-free music ecosystem for content creators. With this tool, you can immediately create high-quality music for streaming, videos, podcasts, etc. The creators can generate tracks that can be customized to the content’s mood, duration, and tempo. This tool acts as a platform for earning money on tracks, samples, loops, etc.


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6. FineShare FineVoice

The tool offers a variety of features to enhance the quality of voices and, if required, transform them. Users can change their voices to sound like different people. The tool comes with device effects that allow the users to simulate the voice. It helps in converting text into a variety of voices.

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The tool is a voice generation platform with a difference. It offers 400 + realistic voices in more than 140 languages. Comes with features like precision control, sound effects, music, etc. You get easy access to all the features and can create a variety of content types

8. Uberduck

The tool has 5000 expressive voices, custom voice clones, etc., to help in building audio applications. With a few minutes of audio, you can create custom voice clones. You could also use the APIs to create audio apps. Helpful for creating voiceovers for podcasts, videos, and presentations.

9. Murf AI

A useful text-to-speech software, this one helps create realistic voiceovers. This can be used for podcasts, explainer videos, promotional videos, etc. You can experiment with the pitch, punctuation, etc. Even you could transform home videos into professional voiceovers.

Murf AI

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10. Coqui

This AI tool helps users create realistic voiceovers. With just 3 seconds of audio, you can create AI voices. Adjust the emotions and control the voices to get a dynamic performance. Also, you can direct scenes with multiple AI voices incorporated.

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11. Ai Sofiya

The AI-powered tool uses over 840 languages and dialects for text and voice creation. The users can create realistic text in any language and use it for marketing content. It helps in producing natural-sounding voices for voiceover. Allows adding features like pause and emphasis to get a more realistic voice.

12. Beyond Words

This cutting-edge tool modifies the way content is consumed. It has a library of AI voices and voice cloning technology for creating customized audio. Also, automate, manage, and optimize the audio content with a content management system.

13. Speechelo

The tool uses just three clicks to convert text into lifelike voices. Comes with more than 30 male and female voices in around 24 languages. Users can adjust pauses, breathing sounds and use one of the three tones offered. You can even add punctuation marks to make the voice flow look natural.

14. Big Speak

The tool uses AI to generate audio from text in various languages. The audio clips that are generated sound extremely realistic. To add personalization, you can customize the voiceovers like any human. Add pauses and adjust the pitch, rate, and volume to customize your audio.

Big Speak

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15. Readspeaker

The company aims to give brands a unique voice to impress customers. You can develop lifelike voices that are in sync with the brand’s qualities. Along with there is a selection of pre-built voices in a variety of languages that you can choose.

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16. Elf Messages

The tool is unique as it helps create customized audio messages from Christmas Elf. Get to create the message by adding personal details like email, name, etc. With the creative message, you can make your Christmas gifting very special. They also offer examples in case you don’t know what to say.

17. Godcast

This unique tool allows its users to generate conversations on any topic with the help of AI technology. You can select the voice for that conversation. It also allows adding of a description of the conversation, like voices, personalities, and dialogues. The conversation looks realistic and in sync with the times.

18. Babylon Voice

This is a powered voice chat tool that offers a variety of features. Allows the users to have meaningful interactions with the AI system. It uses voice, videos, text, etc, from other platforms. Users can easily create voice clones and 3D avatars. Supports more than 30 languages allowing users from the world over to work on it.

Babylon Voice

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19. Play HT

With this Text to speech tool, you can generate synthetic voices that look genuine. The text entered is instantly converted into audio which can later be downloaded as WAV and MP3 files. Then the files can be used in a variety of ways.

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20. Speechellect

The tool is helpful for both text-to-speech and speech-to-text conversions. It will analyze the sense of each word and create accurate conversations. During speech recognition, it captures the emotions portrayed.

Why Companies Should Use The Best AI Text-To-Speech Tools

Writing text or using traditional methods to generate audios are long past. These days it is time to use simple methods that reduce the workload. That is why companies find AI text-to-speech tools extremely helpful. These tools help the companies in the following manner:

  • Reduce the work.
  • It makes the conversion of text into audio streamlined
  • The resultant audio can be used in a variety of ways
  • Impresses the customers


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