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Top 20 AI Low-Code No-Code Tools For Rapid Development

AI Low-Code No-Code Tools

The times have changed, and so have the ways companies adopt to impress their customers. Most customers have doubts before buying any product.

They need assistance in making that decision. Nowadays, chatbots help customers in the clarification of doubts. With the latest AI low-code and no-code tools, the process of creating chatbots is simplified.

These tools help to automate repetitive tasks and keep the business processes streamlined. Here are the top 20 Low-code/no-code tools that companies should choose.

Top AI Low-Code No-Code Tools

1. Magic Form

This AI-powered conversational platform helps boost conversions to get more engagement. This tool will provide quick and reliable answers if the customer has any questions.

This tool can integrate with existing CRMs and go through company knowledge bases to ensure only correct information is offered.

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2. Durable AI

This tool helps entrepreneurs to create their own websites without putting in any significant effort. Using AI-generated features, you can create a website in 30 seconds.

Add logos, custom objects, pictures, etc., and enhance the beauty of the website. It also comes with CRM tools, invoicing, promotional content help, etc.

Durable AI 

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3. Magic Chat AI

This tool is a chatbot builder, and it would help in creating a Chat GPT-type chatbot for your website. You just have to provide a link to the website, and the AI picks up answers from it.

When the customer has a doubt, the chatbot clarifies it in no time. Supporting over 95 languages, the tool has multiple functionalities.

4. Luminal

With the tool, you can quickly analyze your data. It can handle everything, like cleaning, analysis, and visualization.

It can manage even difficult spreadsheets having up to 1 million rows. Reduces the time spent on data wrangling and reduces data efficiency.

5. Block Survey

The tool helps in providing digital rights to users. That means the account identity and ownership will remain with the user.

It keeps all your data safe and encrypted, and you have the keys to accessing it. This reduces the chances of data breaches, leaks, and other issues that could crop up.

6. GPT Agent

With this tool, the users can create custom applications with the same technology that is used by Chat GPT. You can create a wide range of applications like chatbots and natural language processing algorithms.

GPT Agent AI

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7. Tiledesk

With the tool, you can combine free live chat with open-source chatbots. This helps in boosting the ROI.

You can also integrate the chatbots with WhatsApp or other channels. Doing that assists in having one inbox for all the communications.

8. Softr Studio

This is a highly useful platform. With it at work, you can build customized apps from Google Sheets and Airtable.

With one click, you can generate images and copy them. Use the platform to change your Google Sheets and Airtable into partner apps or client portals.

9. Teachable Machine

This web-based tool helps in making machine models faster and easier way. It is supposed to be used by artists, educators, students, innovators, etc.

All those who believe in creating can benefit from the tool. There is no need to have any prior experience in machine learning.

10. Stunning

The tool is a chat GPT-based website builder. It allows companies to create websites and add copy and images.

The tool also uses NLP and machine learning to create content and add images. Users can even add their own images if required.

Stunning AI

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11. Felvin

This is an AI no-code marketplace that is designed for users. It helps in creating unique AI-based applications.

With this tool, you can design, develop and monetize high-quality apps.

Use features like image masking, style image, and testify to create customized apps for your company. It comes with pre-built templates to hasten the app-building process.

12. Brancher AI

This Is a platform that allows the creation and sharing of AI-generated apps even without any coding knowledge.

Access any powerful model and create sophisticated applications. You can connect and combine AI models from multiple platforms and tools.

There is a lot of documentation, tutorials, and direct support from the Brancher Team to assist in the task.

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13. Aspen

This low-code platform makes it easy to generate and develop web apps. It can empower developers of all levels of expertise.

If you want, you can add user authentication to the applications. Allows the provision of integrating payment processing into the apps.

14. Classify AI

This is an innovative platform that allows users to use the power of machine learning. It acts as a bridge between applications and AI.

Using AI, the platform allows the automation of workflows. It also allows the creation and customization of JSON models for content creation and classification.

Best AI Low-Code No-Code Tool: Classify AI

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15. Razzle

The Razzle tool allows for simplification of the process of developing internal apps.

Describe the actions in plain language and allow the developers to communicate with the tool. See the user descriptions and execute the code on the basis of that.


Another no-code platform allows the teams to create their own internal tools, web apps, etc.

The platform comes with a range of features and resources so you can simplify the operations.

Offers seamless integration with other tools to streamline the work. Control the access and define the roles to ensure security.

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17. DeepOpinion

Without any coding, this tool assists in creating AI automation for text and document processes.

It comes with an intuitive interface to have an easy and quick automation setup. It comes with a growing library of pre-built automation solutions to give you initial help.

18. Voice XD

This is actually a collaborative platform. It helps in designing and building customized AI assistants.

The interface is user-friendly, and anybody can work on it. It also allows adding of visual elements like images, videos, interactive elements, etc.

AI Low-Code No-Code Tool: Voice XD AI

Image Source:

19. Fyli

Even if you have no coding skills, you can use the tool to create AI chatbots. Users could add their own data. Or they could upload data from other databases.

It also has a chat user interface that lets the users interact with their own data. It also offers hosting capabilities so users can customize their chatbots.

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20. Landbot AI

This no-code AI builder helps users to create interactive conversational experiences. It comes with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface to make things simple.

Users can even create customized experiences for the customers. It also allows integration with other platforms like Facebook Messenger etc.

Why Companies Should Use AI Low Code No Code Tools

Technology comes with its pros and cons. Coding is very helpful, and its uses seem to be plentiful. However, if you don’t have coding experience, there is no problem.

Companies use the above tools all the time to create chatbots for their customers. Doing that helps them in the following ways:

  • Reduces work time and effort required
  • Streamlines the work operations
  • It makes it easy for teams to collaborate
  • Offers the customer a simple way to interact with the brand
  • Provides realistic answers on the basis of the company details and policies

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