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20 Best AI Summarizer Tools For Streamlined Content Digestion

Best AI Summarizer Tools

When you are researching something, the amount of content available can be very confusing. You cannot go through the entire content and derive the major points out of it.

However, AI is here to transform the way we work. There are multiple tools that can simplify the way we work. There are quite a few tools that content writers and researchers can use and find insights from any content.

Here we are listing the top 20 AI summarizer tools and their features.

Exceptional AI Summarizer Tools

1. Magical

This is an AI-powered tool that can modify a calendar into a workspace to manage future meetings. You can use it with conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Meet.

With the tool at work, you will get reminders of meetings, generate the agenda, and get follow-ups and summaries. With smarter and faster scheduling, the tool is helpful for professionals, team leads, and individuals.

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2. Casper AI

This tool works with the aim of simplifying the workflow. It helps in summarizing the articles, creating content, and sharing insights with the stakeholders. It has a Chrome extension, so using the tool is relatively easy.

3. Tech Crunch Summary

This tool specifically targets the Tech Crunch articles. It uses the Open AI GPT-3 API along with streaming. The tool fetches the content of a Tech Crunch article and sends it through a prompt, while the Vercel Edge function summarizes it and sends it back to the recipient.


The tool summarizes the minutes of a meeting and shares them further. It can record and summarize any meeting from Zoom, teams, Meet, or WebEx.

Users can type a question and find the answer from the meeting. The data is kept encrypted and stored in a database for use.


This tool is a meeting transcription software that helps users to remain engaged in conversations. It can transcribe the meetings for easy note-taking and follow-up drafting.

It is helpful for project management, sales, engineering teams, HR, etc. Offers seamless integration with google meet, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Zoom.

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6. Penelope AI

The tool uses AI technology to fasten the writing efforts. You can paraphrase, summarize and recreate any kind of content. There is also the facility to generate a story or autocomplete something you write.

7. Hacker News Recap

This tool is actually a podcast that uses AI technology and shares top posts on Hacker News. The podcasts are pretty fast and cover all the news in minutes. The same episodes are available on platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc.

8. Findsight AI

If you want to understand one concept from various sources, you can use this tool. You can explore the claims made in various non-fiction sources and better understand the topics.

With the help of filters like STATE, ANSWER, MENTION, and REFERENCES, you can find out answers to all types of questions.

9. Totemo Tech

This tool targets the Japanese tech industry. It provides 2-minute summaries of the latest trends in the Japanese tech industry. The summaries are in podcast format, making it simple to listen on the go.

Exceptional AI Summarizer Tools

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10. Flash Insights

The tool helps users to transform web pages and videos into concise summaries. Use the tool and enjoy a hassle-free experience in its operation. The tool can be used to cater to various applications like podcast summaries and recipe extraction.

11. VN Split

Users can use the tool to forward their voice messages to a number. In return, they will get accurate summaries for the same. In as less as 2-20 seconds, you get summaries of all the voice notes. The audio messages are deleted automatically after summary creation. Supports more than 50 languages.

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12. Hacker Cast

This is another AI-generated podcast tool that offers summaries of tech news from Hacker News. It scrapes the Hacker Newsletter for information and provides concise summaries. The summaries can then be transformed into speech-making podcasts that are easy to grasp.


The tool helps create summaries of saved blog posts and articles. Instead of having to read the entire article, you can just go through the summary.

No need to bookmark articles and then try and find them out. It is easy to highlight specific areas of the article tailoring the output as per your needs.

14. Parrot AI

The AI-powered tool allows businesses to transcribe experiences like video calls, conferences, presentations, etc. The recorded content can be made into editable pages that you can share with the team. Look for key moments from the conversation and paste that into the pages generated.

15. Recapext

This, in reality, is a browser extension that lets the users summarize any web page or part of it. With deep learning models, you can generate concise summaries of the content written. Identify the key points and information within the web pages.

16. SiteExplainer

This is a web app that simplifies and summarizes the website content. You can generate a clear and concise explanation of the website content. While doing so, the users save a lot of time and effort.

17. Tactiq

The tool automates the process of generating meeting summaries, action items, and the next meeting agenda. As soon as you start a new meeting, the tool appears on top.

It will generate the meeting summary and action items so you can use them later on. You can share these summaries with team members and stakeholders later on.

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18. Arxiv GPT

This is a Google Chrome Plugin that helps the user to understand the content provided in Arxiv papers. Users can save time and quickly grasp all concepts in one go. The tool is compatible with all the major languages.

19. Sumz AI

This user-friendly tool makes it simple to summarize any type of article. Just input the article’s URL, and the entire content will be summarized in a concise manner. Obtain a short version of the content without having to put in any major effort.

20. Adam.AI

This is a meeting management platform that helps in capturing and sharing the information exchanged in meetings. You can sync calendars, create personalized booking pages, and send invitations to other team members. It also allows us to create polls, assign actions and make informed decisions.

Why Should Businesses Use AI Summarizer Tools?

Summarizing the minutes of the meeting or any content can be a tedious job. However, with the AI summarizer tools, the same task is simplified. Using the tool is helpful to the business in the following ways:

  • It helps in reducing time used for tough jobs
  • Manages the meetings and content shared during the same
  • It makes it easy to research any topic
  • Keeps the information-gathering process concise and to the point

With the AI summarizer tools in hand, doing the same job repeatedly is reduced. Plus, the podcasts make it simple to access the content from anywhere, thus granting flexibility.

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