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20 Best AI Design Assistant Tools To Boost Creativity And Efficiency

Best AI Design Assistant Tools

All brands need an identity that makes them stand out from their competitors. This identity comes in the form of logos, social media content, and website layouts.

It is not easy for companies to manage all this stuff independently. That is where the AI design assistant tools come to the rescue.

These tools are powered with the latest technology that helps craft unique logos and artistic images. With the help of these tools, companies manage to change their corporate image.

Here we will share with you the 20 best AI design assistant tools to work upon.

Best AI Design Assistant Tools

1. Stockimg.AI

An Image driven AI tool that helps create logos, posters, book covers, etc. There is a vast collection of categories that you can use for any kind of project.

The interface is simple to use, and images are generated almost instantly. There is a free trial and support facility to ensure you do not make an error.

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2. Predict AI

This tool is designed to get customer attention on images and videos posted. It helps in increasing conversions, improving performance, and boosting brand awareness.

The tool works in sync with other tools like Figma, Chrome, and Adobe XD.

3. Lime Cube

This tool is actually a perfect website builder that comes with a variety of features to help users create websites quickly.

It also provides AI-driven design, content writing, and curated images to help you make a website of your choice. You can use the content for the website and attract customers’ attention.


This tool is suitable for designers helping them create designs through a design system. If you have a particular concept in designing, you can curate designs accordingly.

Automatically generate the image assets, UX writing, and code. It helps simplify the collaboration between design and development teams.

5. Galileo

The tool is an AI-driven copilot that helps users to create stunning UI designs. You can use complex contexts and user inputs. You can focus on creative solutions by automating any repetitive design patterns used.

6. Flair AI

The tool helps create content without any problems. You can upload branded assets into the flexible canvas and build scenes with accessories. Comes with an autocomplete feature and AI communication assistance.

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7. Candy Icons

This is a tool that provides you with beautiful app icons for the product. They have a vast collection of app icons from which the user can choose.

They provide full copyright ownership and unique, high-quality icons that can be used on any platform.

8. MyRoomDesigner.Ai

This user-friendly tool helps people in designing their own interior spaces. Using the photo of the room, users apply different interior design themes like modern, coastal, farmhouse, etc.

You can store the photos in the cloud providing the level of privacy you need.

9. Oda Moodboard

This is another AI-powered tool that helps users customize their home décor style. There is a range of options and real-time visualizations provided. Using them, the user can create a variety of mood boards. There are a variety of mood board ideas to choose from, like modern, bohemian, etc.

10. UX Brain

The AI assistant tools help UI designers transcribe audio and video files, generate concise summaries, and derive actionable insights from the same.

You can view the transcript alongside and navigate to the paragraphs you want to see. Allows chat-like conversations helping ask for summaries, bullet points, etc.

AI Design Assistant Tools

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11. Waibsites

The tools help automate the process of creating of landing pages. With this tool at hand, users can generate landing pages without any complicated processes.

You can customize the page color style, font, etc., to make it look similar to the brand identity. The landing page automatically comes with SEO tags to increase their search visibility.

12. Colossi’s. AI

An AI-powered tool Colossi’s enhances the quality of travel-related images. This includes property images like hotel rooms, apartments, etc.

It can totally change the image by decluttering it, rearranging the furniture, or adding décor items. With such beautiful images, the property owners save time and the cost of going for a proper photoshoot.

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13. Logo Mockup

This tool helps the user to create mockups of their own logos. They can get 3-D versions of their logos. All they have to do is to upload their logo, and the tool does the rest.

The mockups are provided in zip format. Later the users can further make changes to the mockups using any editing software.

14. Chat2Build

The process of website creation can be simplified using this tool. Users just have to chat with the AI tool, and the task is done. Comes with various customization options like themes, layouts, styles, etc.

It can easily integrate with any tool and enhance the website functionality and overall experience.

15. HomeDesigns AI

An innovative AI-powered tool this helps in generating design ideas for new homes. It has a user-friendly interface and helps in designing various rooms of the house, like the living room, bedroom, patio, etc.

Offers a variety of design styles like Modern, Industrial, Scandinavian, etc. You can upload a photo of your home and get suggestions to design it.

16. California Markup

This tool simplifies the process of generation of HTML code. The users can describe the HTML code they want; all they have to do is to send a request to the bot.

The tool would generate the corresponding code within no time. It comes with a user-friendly interface that even a novice developer can understand.

17. GPT Mate

The tool offers multiple modes to generate, customize and edit the content. It provides more than 20 optimized prompts to start the creative process and provide unique text variations. It utilizes a cache-based approach to provide quick responses.

18. Design Ducky

The tool uses GPT 4 technology to create unique diagrams. You can create or update existing diagrams. It can be used to build the various parts of any project. With the chat interface, you can effectively communicate while the diagram updating is going on.

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19. Modify

With the Modify tool, you can create dynamic content on demand. Extract the motion from the videos and apply it to the digital characters.

With just one shot, you can animate your character. There are various styles to choose from, like K-pop and American.

20. Pico

The Pico app helps in describing the app idea using any language. Having advanced AI Capabilities tools can interpret descriptions and create the web app. There is no need to learn complex coding or a difficult app-building framework to use the tool.

Why Should Companies Use AI Design Assistant Tools?

Designing is an integral part of every business’s success path. Companies need assistance as certain tasks are difficult to manage otherwise. Apart from that, these tools synchronize all designing tasks in one place.

Some other reasons why companies must use AI design assistant tools are:

  • Reduces time and effort to create designs
  • Makes work processes rather efficient
  • Does much more than just designing
  • Customized solutions offered as per requirement
  • It can be integrated with other tools

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