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20 AI Prompt Tools For Powerful Content Creation

AI Prompt Tools For Powerful Content Creation

SEO is a leading technology at present. With the appropriate keywords, brands draw their clients to their websites. Their sales further add to the revenue and help in future growth.

Though adding the keywords to your website may not be such a tricky thing to do. The issue lies with finding the right keywords to do so.

Apart from this, there are other AI tools that you may need to make your work life simple.

Here we will share the top 20 AI prompts tools and how you may use them.

Best AI Prompt Tools

1. Keywords Everywhere

The tool helps you discover just the right keywords for your website. It provides “People also searched for” data to help take up the right keywords.

You can also see the historical volume for a keyword from 2004. You could also create the job prompt you need to get done and use it often.

2. Creative AI

As the name indicates, the tool helps create excellent website content. You can use it to customize the content generation process. The writing process then becomes efficient, enjoyable, and productive for you.

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3. Ordinary People Prompts

This tool is helpful in voting for the common AI prompts available online. The tool uses AI conversational architecture to learn and get inspired by others. You can vote and comment on your favorite AI prompts.

4. Prompt Base

This is a massive collection of AI prompts that could be later used. Use these prompts to produce high-quality results. With the tool, you can save costs and even sell your own prompts.

5. Promptist

The Promptist is a stable interface for Stable Diffusion v1-4. It optimizes all the user’s input into model-preferred prompts. The online demo tool works at a slow speed as it uses a CPU. However, for fast speed, GPUs are suggested.

6. Vitalentum

This is a creative powerhouse that helps generate innovative ideas and texts. You can use MidJorney’s AI-generated images that would help in enhancing the creations. It helps connect with fellow creators, share the work, and get inspired.

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7. PromptDen

With the tool, you can connect with prompt engineers worldwide and collaborate. You can show your AI-promoting projects and gain feedback from others. Get insights from industry experts and use the information for your further projects.


This tool helps mobile app developers to create, test and manage various Chat GPT Prompts. All this can be done from one place.

This includes error handling, logging, and gathering user feedback. Find out prompts to be used in common cases and apply them in daily life.


This collaborative prompt management tool allows users to organize, manage and share their prompts from one place.

It does not compete with other AI tools; instead, it works in tandem with them and provides the best results. Using advanced AI technology, the tool is efficient and accurate.

10. Prompt Journey

They have an extensive collection of more than 100 AI prompts that different industries could use. At no cost, the users get access to this vast collection. There are multiple prompts, and they can be used as per their industry.

AI Prompt Tools

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11. Recur AI

This is another collaborative tool that could be used to communicate through email, chat, and SMS. The users can upload their data and instructions and train the chatbot accordingly.

There are hundreds of prompts that are divided into various categories like education, legal, etc.

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12. What A Prompt

It is a GPT 3.5-based tool that is designed to create optimized prompts. The users could choose from the other prompt enhancer methods.

The interface is intuitive and relatively easy to use. Not only that, the users could tailor the prompts to their needs.

13. Orquesta AI Prompts

This single source allows you to store all your prompts. You could also experiment with them on multiple LLMs to get reasonable pricing etc. The tool also provides testing and personalizing of the various prompts.

14. There Is A Prompt For That

Here, you just have to tell the tool what you want. It will generate a suitable prompt that you could use to make the AI application more effective. The tool supports various AI tools like Chat GPT, Bard, Bing Image Creator, etc.


This AI-powered content generator can generate excellent content. It comes with ready-to-use templates that can help streamline content creation. It can be used to create content for blogs, emails, job descriptions, etc.

16. Prompt Paradise

All those who want unlimited ChatGPT prompts must use this tool. It comes with a vast library of prompts. It has a prompt generator that you can use to create your type of prompt. With the search, functionality is easy to find a tool of your own choice.

17. Promptify

This tool is helpful for writers, researchers, and designers to overcome any hurdles in their work. A wide range of prompts aid in the smooth processing of work. You can also use the tool to generate unique content.

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18. GPT Macros

As The name suggests, the tool could be used to create macros with the help of prompts. You can also arrange the prompts in whatever order you want. Also, use the variables inside the prompts to make your task more efficient.

19. Prompt Chainer

Now scale and build advanced AI-backed applications and flows through this tool. You can use the prebuilt templates and create personalized workflows. Also, access a collection of code snippets for efficient development of things.

20. PromptoMANIA

The tool is an AI art prompt generator. It guides the creation of beautiful visual images. With the Grid splitter tool, the image could be cut into sub-sections. You can list the details for the prompt builder and reference people and objects.

Why Should Companies Go For AI Prompt Tools?

As AI spreads its wings worldwide, AI prompt tools make a company’s job relatively easy. These prompts can be customized to offer the user the benefit of personalization. Some other reasons why companies should use AI prompt tools are as follows:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Ability to customize the prompts
  • Reduce the amount of time used for the task
  • Helps in collaboration between various teams
  • Smoothens any glitches in work

As time moves, these prompts would occupy most of our work schedule. However, people should know what they want before using these tools for best results.

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