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Best AI General Writing Tools: Empowering Your Writing Endeavors [ Updated ]

AI General Writing Tools

Welcome to our updated post, where we explore the most recent advancements and insights concerning the Best AI general writing tools. If you’d like to revisit the previous edition of this article, you can do so by clicking here. In this refreshed content, our objective is to furnish you with the latest additions and comprehensive analysis to ensure you stay well-informed and captivated. Therefore, without any more ado, let’s embark on a journey to discover these cutting-edge improvements!

In the past year, AI writing tools, exemplified by innovations like ChatGPT, have made significant waves in the world of content creation.

While they may not have taken over the world just yet, these AI text generators have rapidly matured to a point where they can undeniably prove their worth, provided they are used judiciously and appropriately.

When harnessed correctly, these AI-powered tools can enhance productivity, generate more refined and brand-aligned content, and contribute to a more efficient creative process.

However, it’s crucial to emphasize that human supervision remains indispensable in extracting the best results from AI writing software.

When left to operate autonomously, these tools often produce content that is somewhat generic and occasionally erroneous, even if it can pass as human-authored.

As AI writing tools gain popularity, people have also become more discerning, recognizing the telltale signs of bland AI-generated content and approaching such content with skepticism.

This newfound awareness underscores the importance of maintaining a human touch in the content creation process.

Best AI General Writing Tools

1. Monica:

AI General Writing Tools -MonicaImage source:

AI-powered chat assistant available as a Chrome extension, designed to provide users with a wide range of services and enhance their productivity.

Powered by the ChatGPT API, Monica offers over 80 templates for effortless copywriting that can be inserted into any web page.

Users can also select text on a webpage to have Monica explain, translate, or rephrase it. This versatile tool is always-on and ready to assist while users browse the web.

Monica’s primary goals are to simplify the copywriting process, save users time, and boost their productivity.

It offers a free trial with the option to upgrade to a paid plan for more advanced features.

Additionally, users can find detailed information on how Monica works and how to make the most of it in the FAQ section on the website.

Monica is a valuable tool for anyone seeking AI-powered assistance for various writing tasks while browsing the internet.

2. GPT3 Playground

In the tool, you can enter any instruction or present. Very soon, it would come up with a compilation that matches the instruction entered. By changing the model, you can control which one of them would complete your task.

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3. Moji Writing Assistant

An AI-powered tool that helps users get information on topics like science, history, etc. This is useful in creating blog posts, emails, newsletters, etc. There are other features like text-to-image generator, logo creator, beats generator, etc.

4. Analogenie

As the name suggests, this tool helps create analogies for your content. These analogies help in making the content memorable. It can be used for different kinds of writing like business writing, proposal writing, etc. The language support offered is English.

5. Glasp

Powered by AI, the Glasp tool helps highlight and create quotes, thoughts, etc. It easily saves snippets of information from the web. You can also access shared resources and discover new and unique content. Now create personalized AI models from the curated highlights.

6. Frase

This is a content and SEO tool that helps in creating different types of content. It can also generate an outline for a write-up if required. There is also a paraphrasing tool and blog title generator. Each tool creates a different type of content, thus providing variety.

7. Grammarly

The AI-powered assistant of Grammarly gives suggestions on grammar, punctuation, spelling, clarity, etc. The tool can integrate with more than 5 lakh + apps and websites. It could be used by teams, businesses, individuals, etc.

8. Detect GPT

The Detect GPT tool helps identify if any content is human or AI-generated. It would scan the entire content of any webpage. After the analysis, you get to know if the content has been created through the GPT model.

9. Penelope AI

This is a fast-paced and sophisticated writing assistant. You can use the tool for paraphrasing content, summarizing, or generating any kind of content. There is the scope of story creation as well.

10. RegEx Generator

This tool helps the users to create regular expressions through spoken English. It is designed for users who are not familiar with the use of expressions. You can also use it to get answers to related questions.

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11. Araby.AI

This tool can be used to use for multiple purposes though its main functionality is for the Arabic language. With features like email creation, blogging, social media creation, etc. There is a comprehensive suite of AI-driven applications for use.

Best AI General Writing Tools12. Seamless GPT

The tool helps in integrating Chat GPT into a Windows app. This guides in the content creation of various types. The tool is easy to use, with just the need to enter what you require. All responses are generated quickly and are accurate too. There is no need to open an AI website to use Chat GPT.

13. Suzan

The Suzan tool protects a company’s data and shows any inappropriate behavior noticed. It also offers a secure platform for communication within teams and with clients.

14. Letter Magic

As the name suggests the tool helps create unique cover letters for proposals. You can even customize the letter to suit any particular job opening. It makes your cover letters stand out from the competition.

15. ES.AI

This tool is suitable for college students who can’t afford to pay much. It is cost-effective and offers various writing benefits like essay writing, proposals, and cover letters. Early users get a 20% discount on the package.

16. The Drive AI

An AI-powered document management tool helps group similar documents into folders. Ask questions, and the AI will provide answers based on that. The editor will understand the document’s context and create content accordingly.

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17. Grammar Checker

The Grammar checker helps in creating great quality essays. It checks the grammar and does not let the meaning of the essay get lost. The best is that all the features are free to use. It helps in improving overall writing skills and performance of the write-up.

18. HP AI

The HP-AI tool is helpful for a comprehensive range of services. This includes writing social media posts, blog posts, articles, etc. It also provides code-writing support for programmers. Helps in the transcription and conversion of text into natural-sounding words too. It can be used for tech support, customer support, etc.

19. Good AI

The Good AI tools assists in writing essays. Trusted by more than 2.5 lakh users, it is perfect for students and researchers. All the user has to do is add the title and word count. An auto-complete feature lets users just mention additional word count and extend the essay.

20. Issac Editor

This tool is an AI text editor just for academic writing. Its main features include grammar, spelling checks, adding citations, and personalizing your writing experience. More than 12300 students and researchers use the tool for their tasks. The tool is handy for non-native English speakers.

21. Notion AI:

A powerful tool harnessing AI capabilities to assist users in effortlessly generating a wide array of content, from blog posts to meeting agendas and sales emails.

By tapping into the boundless potential of AI, it empowers users to save time, write more efficiently, and expand their creative horizons.

Notion AI handles the initial draft, offering a head start on challenging paragraphs or entire pages.

Beyond initial drafts, it aids in extracting key ideas from lengthy documents, correcting spelling and grammar, providing inline translations, and even crafting poems.

Users can count on Notion AI for brainstorming, inspiration, and the enchanting experience of AI-driven content generation.

Notion AI’s alpha launch is set for November 16th, with access granted to those who join the waitlist on a first-come-first-served basis.

During the alpha phase, usage is free, but there may be potential costs in the future.

Importantly, user data used to power Notion AI will be treated with privacy and encryption in line with Notion’s data protection standards, ensuring it is not employed for training models or shared with third parties without explicit consent.

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22. Glasp:

AI-driven tool designed to efficiently summarize YouTube videos using advanced natural language processing and machine learning techniques.

It leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT and YouTube to deliver precise and concise video summaries, saving users valuable time.

Glasp is easily accessible through web browsers like Chrome and Safari, and it doesn’t require users to sign up.

Glasp extends its functionality to various social media platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Substack, Discord, and Slack.

Beyond video summaries, it offers features for highlighting and organizing quotes and insights from the web.

Additionally, users can engage in knowledge sharing with like-minded individuals.

Glasp is a versatile tool that streamlines the process of video content consumption and fosters collaborative learning and idea sharing.

23. Detect GPT:

AI General Writing Tools-Detect GPTImage Source:

A Chrome extension created by, and its primary function is to assist users in identifying AI-generated content as they browse the internet.

This tool operates by scanning the content of webpages in real-time, and it uses a visual cue – a change in the extension’s icon color – to indicate whether the content on a webpage has been generated by AI or authored by a human.

Detect GPT offers a convenient form where users can paste any content they come across online to check its authenticity.

This feature enables users to verify the origin of text even when not actively browsing.

The extension is available for free installation from the Chrome Web Store, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Detect GPT is a valuable tool in today’s digital landscape, as it helps individuals quickly discern AI-generated content, allowing them to make more informed decisions and avoid potential exposure to misleading or untrustworthy information while surfing the web.

24. Wordtune:

A remarkable AI-powered writing assistant and editor, dedicated to enhancing users’ writing skills.

This versatile tool offers an array of AI-driven features designed to elevate the writing process, including capabilities for rewriting, rephrasing, and providing instant suggestions to enhance writing quality.

In addition to its core features, Wordtune boasts a summarizer, an editing tool, and “Wordtune spices” that can infuse personality into the text.

It seamlessly integrates with the Chrome browser and is accessible from desktop devices.

Users have applauded Wordtune for its ability to generate sentence suggestions and alternatives, facilitating clearer expression of thoughts and significantly improving overall writing quality.

Moreover, Wordtune instills confidence in users by eliminating the need for second-guessing, thanks to its AI-powered assistance.

This makes Wordtune an invaluable companion for writers and content creators across various domains.

25. Webcopilot:

AI Writing Assistant specifically tailored for Notion users, accessible as a Chrome extension.

Its primary mission is to enhance the writing experience within Notion, offering valuable assistance to improve both speed and quality.

Upon installation, this tool provides users with alternative word suggestions when they encounter writer’s block, aids in refining their ideas, and even identifies logical fallacies in their arguments.

Webcopilot is freely available for use and can also be integrated with the Firefox browser.

Developed by IndianAppGuy Tech Pvt Ltd and featured on Futurepedia, it strives to boost user efficiency and productivity in the realm of Notion writing.

With its AI-powered capabilities, Webcopilot serves as a supportive ally, helping users write with greater proficiency and at a quicker pace, ultimately enhancing the overall writing experience in Notion.

26. Compose AI:

AI General Writing Tools-Detect GPTImage source:

It is a Chrome extension that harnesses the power of AI to streamline and automate the writing process, effectively reducing the time users spend on typing by a substantial 40%. By doing so, it enables individuals to allocate more time to their most important tasks and activities.

The plugin comes packed with a versatile set of features, including autocompletion and text generation, sentence rephrasing, and the ability to quickly enhance and edit written content by drawing inspiration from AI-generated suggestions.

Notably, it has the capability to generate complete emails based on natural language instructions, providing a convenient solution for crafting emails effortlessly.

What sets Compose AI apart is its adaptability to users’ writing styles, offering personalized writing suggestions that cater to individual preferences and needs.

It seamlessly integrates with existing platforms and tools, making it a versatile addition to various workflows.

Furthermore, Compose AI provides users with access to communities and groups, along with expert support, fostering a collaborative environment for those seeking writing assistance.

27. The Text Generator Plugin:

A valuable open-source AI tool designed to harness the capabilities of Generative Artificial Intelligence within the Obsidian knowledge management system.

This plugin empowers users to generate a wide range of content elements, including ideas, titles, summaries, outlines, and complete paragraphs, all based on their existing knowledge database.

Notably, it offers a cost-effective alternative to other AI-driven writing tools such as, Jasper, and Rytr.

Tailored to seamlessly integrate with Obsidian, this plugin significantly contributes to knowledge creation and organization.

It provides users with a plethora of features, including options for donations to support the Text Generator Project, detailed information on usage and setup, frequently asked questions, updates, commands, templates, and more.

Acknowledging the collaborative spirit of open-source development, the Text Generator Plugin credits Plugin Developer Docs and other open-source plugins for their contributions to its development.

In essence, this plugin serves as a highly efficient writing assistant, leveraging AI technology to generate ideas, titles, summaries, and paragraphs.

It is particularly beneficial for individuals who rely on Obsidian for managing their knowledge database and seek to streamline their content creation process.

28. Arvin:

AI-powered writing assistant offering an array of advanced content generation tools.

Its ChatGPT prompt generators cover a diverse range of topics, including IT, music, business, coding, and data analysis.

What sets Arvin apart is its ability to let users assume various roles, such as a cybersecurity specialist, music composer, CEO, or IT architect, among others, tailoring content accordingly.

Arvin’s AI technology generates contextually relevant and unique content prompts, eliminating the need for extensive research and enabling users to create high-quality content efficiently.

Notably, it provides an AI cover letter generator to assist users in crafting impressive and professional cover letters.

To enhance accessibility, Arvin offers a Chrome extension, simplifying access to its content generation tools.

Overall, Arvin’s AI technology streamlines content creation by generating ideas, saving time, and facilitating the production of high-quality content, making it a valuable resource for writers and content creators across various domains.

29. Toolbuilder:

A web application that democratizes the creation of AI-generated tools by eliminating the need for coding or technical expertise.

This no-code AI platform enables users to bring their creative ideas for applications to life and share them with others easily.

While currently in beta, the toolbuilder platform is accessible to anyone interested in exploring its capabilities.

The platform boasts a diverse array of AI-generated tools that users can customize to suit their specific needs, ranging from movie recommendations to stock analysis and personality compatibility analysis like MBTI.

Its user-friendly design simplifies tool creation and customization, promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the toolbuilder community.

Toolbuilder is a valuable resource for individuals seeking to harness the power of AI without the barriers of programming languages or technical know-how.

It empowers users, regardless of their technical background, to explore and experiment with AI technology, making it a versatile and accessible tool for creative problem-solving and automation.

30. Penelope AI:

A markdown editor that leverages AI technology to enhance the writing process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

It offers a range of features including auto-completion, paraphrasing, summarization, and story generation, all aimed at assisting users in various aspects of their writing tasks.

Penelope’s AI-powered autocomplete function seamlessly extends users’ narratives by automatically generating the next sentence based on the context of the previous one.

The paraphrase feature provides users with multiple tone options, enabling them to refine their content for different purposes.

Penelope’s summarization tool swiftly condenses lengthy texts into concise summaries, and its story generation function crafts unique narratives from just a few provided keywords.

Penelope AI proves invaluable for writers engaged in diverse tasks, be it composing blog posts, emails, tweets, or academic theses.

By harnessing its AI-powered capabilities, Penelope expedites the writing process, enhances clarity of expression, and suggests improved phrasing, ultimately elevating the overall quality of written content.

No matter the writing challenge, Penelope AI stands ready to assist users throughout their creative journey, from idea inception to the final story creation.

31. Grammarly:

It is an AI-powered online writing assistant that aids users in enhancing their writing skills. It delivers real-time feedback on aspects like grammar, spelling, punctuation, clarity, style, and tone, ensuring the text is polished and error-free.

This versatile tool seamlessly integrates with over 500,000 apps and websites on various platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Grammarly offers a comprehensive suite of features encompassing grammar and spelling checks, punctuation correction, plagiarism detection, citation generation, and essay evaluation.

Designed to cater to individuals, teams, businesses, and educational institutions, Grammarly offers a range of plans to suit diverse needs.

Additionally, it provides a wealth of resources through its blogs, covering various topics such as technology, education, business, and development.

32. Analogenie:

An innovative AI-powered analogy generator designed to assist users in crafting engaging and memorable content.

This tool operates by taking your input and generating complete analogies, enabling you to effortlessly create meaningful comparisons that enhance the quality of your writing.

Analogenie can be applied across various writing genres, including creative, business, academic, and copywriting, among others.

This tool serves as a valuable asset in making your written work more compelling and effective, aiding readers in better grasping your ideas.

Analogenie is proficient in generating analogies in English and offers a flexible pricing structure that includes a free trial, ensuring accessibility to users of all skill levels.

It stands out by assisting in the creation of analogies that feel natural and avoid the pitfalls of sounding cliché or forced.

33. Moji:

A user-friendly AI-powered personal assistant app, accessible on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, tailored to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Its expansive knowledge spans a diverse range of topics, encompassing history, science, and current events.

Fueled by the capabilities of GPT, Moji offers users a multitude of valuable tools and features.

These include pre-designed email templates, support for blog and essay writing, code suggestions, brand and product name recommendations, ideas for product descriptions, keyword generation, text-to-image conversion, beat generation, influencer earnings calculation, logo and cover art creation, and assistance with copywriting.

Moji stands out for its user-friendly interface, ease of navigation, and prompt delivery of accurate answers.

Importantly, it prioritizes user privacy by not collecting any personal data. Its high user ratings attest to its effectiveness and reliability.

34. Frase:

AI writing and SEO tool designed to simplify various aspects of content creation, and it’s available at no cost without requiring coding knowledge.

This versatile tool offers a comprehensive suite of AI writing tools, each tailored to specific content-related tasks.

These tools include an AI Content Generator, Introduction Generator, Outline Generator, Paraphrasing Tool, Paragraph Rewriter, Blog Title Generator, Description Generator, People Also Ask generator, Product Description Generator, Slogan Generator, Summary Generator, Value Proposition Generator, and Sentence Rewriter.

Each tool is crafted to facilitate the swift and effortless creation of unique, engaging content.

Frase provides users with a range of resources, such as a Live Product Walkthrough, Blog, Crash Course, and Help Center, to aid them in mastering the platform’s capabilities.

Frase empowers users to streamline content creation, making it faster, more accessible, and highly efficient, enhancing their overall productivity in the process.

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35. UndetectableGPT:

AI-driven writing tool that provides users with a variety of writing styles to choose from, including conversational, formal, informal, optimistic, pessimistic, and even custom styles.

It operates on the potent OpenAI GPT-3 API, known for its advanced natural language processing capabilities.

What sets UndetectableGPT apart is its unique ability to generate text that seamlessly blends with human-authored content, making it virtually indistinguishable from what a human would write.

This natural flow and authenticity make it invaluable in sectors like marketing and content creation.

Users can also specify their desired word count, tailoring the tool to their specific needs.

Additionally, UndetectableGPT offers a subscription to an AI newsletter, which includes daily chat prompts, tools, and AI-related news.

This versatile AI writing tool is suitable for various applications, such as crafting product descriptions, blog posts, emails, and social media content.

Its capacity to produce text that appears genuinely human-written not only saves time but also allows businesses and writers to allocate resources more efficiently, concentrating on other crucial tasks.

36. One Click Article Creator:

AI General Writing Tools-One Click Article CreatorImage source:

Provided by, offers users a swift solution for generating blog articles through the application of AI technology.

This tool’s primary claim is to eliminate the need for copywriters and cost savings by delivering content with just a single click.

Users have the flexibility to input their preferred topics, and the tool subsequently generates articles from scratch.

Powered by natural language processing (NLP) models, this AI tool produces output that is grammatically sound, engaging, and easily digestible.

While the exact speed of the tool’s operation is not explicitly mentioned, it is likely to prove advantageous for bloggers, businesses, and content creators aiming to regularly publish content and save time.

It’s important to note that the output from this tool may not match the creativity or personalization offered by human writers, who can provide a more nuanced and tailored approach to content creation.

Nevertheless, the One Click Article Creator tool can be a valuable resource for budget-conscious businesses in need of quick and cost-effective content.

As with any AI tool, users should exercise caution and review the generated content before publication to ensure it aligns with their specific requirements and standards.

37. Careered AI:

The AI Cover Letter Generator, developed by Careered, is a valuable tool designed to simplify and expedite the process of creating cover letters using artificial intelligence.

This tool is an integral part of the free Cover Letter Generator on the Careered website, offering a wide array of cover letter templates tailored to various professions, including engineers, nurses, teachers, truck drivers, salespeople, and more.

Its primary purpose is to aid job seekers in crafting standout cover letters that enhance their chances of securing their desired positions.

The tool achieves this by analyzing users’ resumes and specific cover letter requirements, then generating a personalized and well-suited cover letter for the targeted job.

This eliminates the complexities and time-consuming aspects of composing a cover letter from scratch, enabling users to swiftly customize a professionally written letter tailored to their job application.

This tool aligns with Careered’s broader mission to support job seekers in creating outstanding resumes and cover letters.

The website offers a comprehensive library of articles, examples, and resources to educate users on effective resume and cover letter writing techniques, ultimately assisting them in achieving their career aspirations.

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An AI-powered essay-writing tool designed to aid users in efficiently creating essays.

It offers a range of features, including options for premium upgrades with higher word-count limits and the assurance of generating 100% plagiarism-free essays in MLA format.

The tool stands out by constantly researching books and articles from the internet to provide users with relevant and current information for their essays, ultimately saving them time.

While presents itself as an AI-powered essay writer and assistant, the exact workings and degree of intelligence of the tool remain unclear from the website.

Additionally, the website lacks comprehensive information about the company’s team, history, or any notable awards or accolades.

39. Essay Builder AI:

AI General Writing Tools-Essay Builder AIImage source:

A free AI-powered tool engineered to generate essays swiftly and efficiently. Users are presented with a range of essay types and exam formats to choose from, including argumentative, classic, compare/contrast, persuasive, critique, and memoir.

With this tool, users can specify the number of paragraphs and provide a brief description of their topic.

Once these requirements are input, the tool seamlessly generates a complete essay, offering the option to preview, copy, or edit the generated content.

Essay Builder AI proves to be a highly effective solution for quickly producing high-quality essays. It caters to the needs of both students and professionals who require prompt essay creation.

This tool leverages its AI engine to generate essays tailored to users’ academic levels, fields of study, or specific requirements, making it a versatile resource.

However, users should exercise caution, recognizing that it complements rather than replaces their own knowledge and understanding.

While it expedites essay generation, thorough review is essential to ensure accuracy and quality.

Essay Builder AI serves as a valuable addition to users’ research and writing resources, offering a time-saving solution for generating exceptional essays.

The landscape of AI-powered general writing tools has rapidly evolved, offering a diverse range of solutions to cater to various writing needs.

These tools, fueled by advanced natural language processing models like GPT-3, have the potential to revolutionize the way we approach writing tasks.

While they are not without their limitations, such as the need for human supervision and the risk of producing generic or incorrect content, when used judiciously, these AI writing tools can be invaluable assets.

They empower users to streamline their writing processes, save time, and elevate the quality of their content, whether it’s for creative writing, business communication, academic endeavors, or other purposes.

From versatile platforms like Grammarly and Frase, which offer comprehensive writing and SEO assistance, to specialized tools like UndetectableGPT and Arvin, tailored to specific writing styles and industries, there is a tool for almost every writing need.

However, it’s crucial to strike a balance between leveraging AI for efficiency and maintaining the human touch in content creation.

These tools are best utilized as aids to enhance our writing rather than replace it entirely.

As AI continues to advance, the future promises even more sophisticated and effective writing assistance tools, further reshaping the way we approach the written word.

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