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20 AI Code Assistant Tools To Supercharge Your Programming Efficiency

AI code assistant tools

The entire world is digitalized, as most of the work is handled by computers. Coding, therefore, becomes an important aspect of all the tasks. However, earlier, the entire coding process was tedious and time-consuming. Thus people used to find coding difficult and only experts could handle the job.

Nowadays, coding tasks are allotted to AI tools. Doing that reduces the considerable level of effort required. For that, you need tools that are adept at their jobs. Here we will share with you the top 20 AI code assistant tools that you may require.

Top AI Code Assistant Tools

1. Codeium

This tool is designed to streamline the code creation process. It supports nearly 20+ languages. It also reduces boilerplate coding, finds and sues the API, and allows the developers to mention comments in natural language. The Codeium tool is used by companies like Adobe, Dropbox, IBM, etc.

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2. Replit

They have recently introduced a feature known as Ghostwriter. This feature helps in the creation of code with the help of AI. The code creation can be done in more than 50 languages, thus being hugely successful.

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3. Sly. fish

This is an AI-driven platform that helps users create SEO-driven content. It also assists in creating beautiful graphics, code, and audio transcriptions. The tool comes with around 60+ content templates that the user can choose from. With such diverse features, the user can increase their brand’s online presence and streamline the workflow.

4. Taiga

This tool is accessible through Slack and helps the developers work on their programming skills, save their time and become good at developing. It comes with detailed explanations, examples, and practical tips that would help the developer hone his skills. It can provide feedback on the code generated so the user knows where he is making mistakes.

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5. Mars AI

A programming platform the tool helps to accelerate application development. It builds apps that are ten times faster. You can access the pre-built applications, so your effort is reduced. It also allows NFT trading for artists, collectors, etc.

6. Safurai

This AI-based IDE extension helps developers with coding, debugging, and refactoring. The tool can act as your Virtual assistant providing solutions and suggestions wherever required. Developers get to improve their code quality which enhances their work output as well.

Safur AI

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7. Gitfluence

With this AI-driven solution, the users can quickly find the GIT command that they need. Just enter a description of the desired git action. You would receive relevant recommendations and command suggestions.

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8. Phind

The tool is a search engine that is particularly created for developers. The developers can set their search preferences as default and go back to them again and again. The topics provided are random, so the users can get access to a wide variety of information.

9. Cron AI

This cron expression generator simplifies the creation of cron jobs. Can quickly convert inputted words into cron expressions and get cron jobs. This reduces the effort and complexity of working on the cron tasks.

10. Auto Regex

The tool simplifies Regular expression creation through NLP. Even if you have no knowledge of Syntax, you can create RegEx patterns. It comes with a different range of plans that suits a person’s needs. Helpful for novice developers who are just starting in.

Auto Regex Ai

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11. Amazon Code Whisperer

This, in reality, is a machine learning-powered service that would help improve the developer’s productivity. It can generate code recommendations based on the comments offered by the developers.

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12. Tabnine

This tool uses an AI framework to help developers to write code faster. You can choose whichever IDE you wish to work on. Tabnine can work on all such frameworks and thus offer you freedom from overburden.

13. Copilot

This pair programming tool uses AI to streamline the coding process. It uses OpenAI Codex to suggest lines and functions. The tool eliminates boilerplate and the use of repetitive code patterns. Then the developers can focus all their attention on creating great software.

14. Lookup

The tool is a data analytics tool that helps in delivering meaningful insights every day. You just have to ask questions, and you will receive prompt answers. It also allows analysis across the various data sources, and the users can do CSV import.

Lookup AI

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15. CodeComplete AI

This code assistant runs on the customer’s servers. This ensures enhanced security and privacy. The assistant can be fine-tuned to align with the customer’s coding style. Since it allows self-hosting customers to get more control over their intellectual property.

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16. Whispr AI

This tool is designed to streamline the code generation process. It also improves coding efficiency and saves the developer’s working time. The tool comes with instant assistance and valuable insights as and when required. There are comprehensive descriptions offered that help in reviewing the code and finding out errors.


With artificial intelligence, this tool transforms complex source codes into simple-to-understand PSEUDO codes. It just takes intricate codes and converts them into pseudo codes. Since the code becomes simple, the developers can focus their attention on other jobs at hand.

18. Komandi

This is a commands manager that transforms the way the users manage and execute the commands. Users can insert, favorite, copy and execute the commands. The tool can also help in identifying and warning against any harmful commands. It uses Tokens to generate commands from natural language prompts.

Komandi AI

Image Source:


This is a web testing platform that can simplify and optimize the testing process. With the help of AI power, it creates maintainable tests, improves test coverage, and identifies bugs without affecting the development cycle. With a no-code architecture, the users can create end-to-end suites.

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20. Parsagon

The Paragon tool is helpful for Web scraping and can gather data from various websites. With just a single click, the entire data can be collected. It also helps in creating browser automation, so there is no need for manual coding. The tool requires JavaScript to be used for optimal functionality.

Why Should Companies Use AI Coding Assistant Tools?

Coding is used in multiple aspects of a company’s running. The entire process until now was very tedious, and one small mistake could crash the whole system. That is why the entry of AI in the coding field has simplified matters. Companies use code assistant tools for the following reasons:

  • It saves a lot of time and effort
  • It makes the coding job easier and more streamlined
  • Simplifies other processes associated with coding
  • Helps developers learn the basics of coding
  • Easy application of coding concepts to real life.

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