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Top 20 AI Art Tools For Masterpieces

AI Art Tools

AI has totally transformed the way things operate. It has crept into multiple places to give users a life of ultimate convenience. Artists, in particular, can find a unique method to express their individuality through these tools. Multiple AI tools offer artists a chance to experiment in various ways. However, some of these tools offer better functionality than others. Here are the top 20 AI art tools that users can work with.

Top AI Art Tools

1. Midjourney

This research lab aims to use AI and design and create imaginative designs. It comprises experienced advisors, researchers, and staff from various organizations. The tool emphasizes design, human infrastructure, and AI that enables exploring new thoughts and ideas.

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2. Easy-Peasy.AI

This AI-powered tool allows easy creation of content for the team. They offer more than 80 templates from which the users can pick. The tool helps in generating visually enticing visuals. You can quickly and accurately transcribe the audio content. The AI buddy offers assistance through natural language conversation.

Easy-Peasy AI

Image Source:

3. NightCafe.Studio

This tool is, in fact, an Art generator app that allows the users to get multiple art designs. It comes with neural style transfer, text-to-image AI, and style mixing to receive unique creations. Allows the generation, creation, and download of up to 28 artworks daily. You can also share, like, and comment on other creations.

4. Pixelicious

As the name indicates, the tool helps convert images into pixel art. Just upload the image and select the level of pixelation that is required. You can even convert the image into retro-style images. Basically, the tool is designed to help the game developers.

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5. PlayArti

With this tool, you can simplify digital artwork creation. You can create unique artwork from various methods, like images, videos, and photos. For personalized creations, you can use your preferred colors, shapes, and sizes. This artwork can be useful for school projects, logos, and website designs.

PlayArti AI

Image Source:

6. Astria

This is another AI-powered image generation platform. It helps in the creation of customized images rather quickly. It also allows video production, product shots, and concept art capabilities. Helps in aligning the teams with detailed visuals to get enhanced collaboration. Provides guides, FAQs, and API customization to help with the use.

7. AISixteen Studio

Here, the users can provide text input and generate images on the basis of that. The images created could be used for website banners, product photos, social media banners, etc. It uses advanced AI techniques to get faster and more precise images. Allows the download of the images in various formats.

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8. My Virtual Media

This Ai based tool helps the users to create new content without any major effort. There are a variety of templates that allow users to generate content. Apart from that, they can also create artwork using the design options available.


This tool helps in generating a generative QR code. The user can do so by using image prompts and linking the same to urls. There are a variety of image prompts available that could be used, thus adding distinct styles and elements. It comes with a user-friendly interface, so even users with limited expertise can use it.

Image Source:

10. Voidsynth

This tool could be used to convert sketches into alluring artwork. It comes with a wide range of customization styles, thus giving the freedom to experiment. The Void Synth can be synced with other 3D models helping in the creation of realistic images and style. The interface is user-friendly and easy to start working on.

11. PromptxaArt

The tool helps in creating unique prompts for multiple art projects. It comes with a library of five different prompts that could be used with other applications. In order to customize the various prompts, the tool comes with different art genres. You just need a phrase input to generate an appropriate prompt.

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12. QR Craft

As the name itself indicates, the tool allows the users to create visually enticing QR codes that could be used later on. With this tool, the user can alter boring-looking QR codes into stunning ones. The QR codes still remain scannable no matter what changes you make to them.

QR Craft

Image Source:

13. Painted Saintly

This AI-powered tool helps users to create unique portraits in the style of Saints. Users can create beautiful portraits of themselves by just uploading 10-20 images. You can even add a project name and personalize the entire experience. Allows up to 100 portraits at a paltry payment of $12.

14. Dreamphilic

Creating content is often a big issue with users. The Dreamphilic tool helps in curating content as per the need. The front page reflects the AI-generated content, which can then be categorized into various sub-topics. You can also create an account and save all that customized content.

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15. Westinghouse

This tool is a patent drawing generator. It uses AI technology to create original patent drawings. Users save a lot of time and resources as the tool does all the work for them. It has unique features and functionalities making it different from the other tools.

Westinghouse ai

Image Source:

16. Sketchimage.AI

If you have some sketches, you can convert them into beautiful masterpieces with this tool. You just have to upload an image of the sketch and give your prompt as to how you want it to look. It would add artistic styles, textures, color schemes, and additional elements as per your prompt.

17. Transpic

With this tool, you can modify any kind of image into beautiful hand-drawn illustrations. It is powered by AI and comes in multiple styles like Disney, comic books, etc. There are a variety of image models that make the illustrations life-like. You can adjust the number of illustrations, fix their original effects, and do much more.

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18. Text To Pokemon

The tool helps the user generate Pokemon on the basis of any text input. This helps in creating unique and beautiful Pokemon images. Plus, they can share the same Pokemon images through Social media and other ways.

19. Aimons

The tool comes with a replicate API that allows users to generate unique AI-controlled creatures. You can even use ChatGPT to work on the narratives of each AiMon separately. Moreover, you can mint the AiMons as NFTs on the Polygon Network.

Aimons ai

20. Gencraft

The tool uses specific words and keywords to create their own art photos. Comes with a wide variety of categories like art, fashion, video games, etc. You can pair the styles with your own prompts and generate something unique.

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Why Should Companies Choose AI Art Tools?

It is not easy to create unique art pieces every time. Even the best artists fall short of ideas to work upon. However, by using AI art tools, they get a chance to explore and experiment. The tools come with varied features and help ease a company’s burden in the following ways:

  • Reduce time taken to create artwork
  • Minimize the effort taken
  • Offer easy customization options
  • It can be synced with other tools
  • Cost-effective and multi-functionality

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