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Top 20 Best AI Spreadsheet Tools To Revolutionize Your Data Analysis

Best Ai Spreadsheet Tools

Companies have to deal with vast amounts of data all the time. However, managing that data and deriving meaningful information from it is cumbersome. While doing that is very critical for the company’s success, it is hard for them to manage so much information. That is where AI tools can be of help.

There are spreadsheet tools that simplify the process of data recovery, management, and analysis. Here we will share the top 20 best AI spreadsheet tools companies can use.

Best AI Spreadsheet Tools


The tool is very efficient in managing all spreadsheet work. Here you can use AI to change the text instruction into a Google sheet formula. This reduces the manual labor the user has to put through. It can be used to generate programs, personalize emails, and much more.

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2. Parseur

This cutting-edge tool automates the process of data extraction from emails, PDFs, and any other document. So time-consuming, manual data entry process becomes effortless with this tool at work. It comes with a no-code point-and-click editor that helps in creating templates where data is to be extracted. You can straightaway the documents in the app or send them through email.

3. Dataspot

The Dataspot tool acts like your research assistant. It simplifies even the most difficult of topics and offers instant answers to them. It also comes with the benefit of analyzing the data, enhancing the efficiency of the operations. Here you can upload a variety of data types like Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Dataspot AI

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4. DataDistillr

If you need effortless data analysis and visualization, this is the tool that you must focus on. You can easily connect databases, files, and API’s without feeling the need to move the data. It is easy to connect the data source and start the data analysis process. It also allows the creation of quick and shareable graphs that prove helpful later on.

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5. Arcwise AI

This tool is a GPT-powered copilot tool for Google Sheets that help the users to understand, clean, and process the data. You could chat with the spreadsheet and ask relevant questions to gain assistance. The tool would also offer AI-generated, relevant formula suggestions and links to aid in the analysis process.

6. Excel Formula Bot

This tool allows you to generate Excel formulas from text instructions quickly. It works with both Google Sheets and Excel. It comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that helps in studying the formulas. Basically saves the time a user spends on adapting formulas.

Excel Formula Bot AI

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7. Sheet God

With this tool, you can create complex Excel formulas. Alongside this, the tool allows the facility to create Macros, basic tasks, and regular expressions. You can also use Google Appscript codes to automate your daily jobs.

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8. Genius Sheets

This tool helps in the effective generation of reports which allows users to derive insights from them. You just have to provide text prompts, and the reports will get generated. Access the real-time data for better reporting and analysis of data. Can be connected to Slack and Teams for better collaboration in data.

9. Formula God

This is an AI-enabled addon that you can use with Google Sheets. With the addon, you can perform complex calculations and manipulate the data using just one formula. This simplifies the work that you have to do. With simple English instructions, you can communicate your data manipulation requirements.

10. Neptyne

This app development platform transforms the manner in which Spreadsheets are used. It comes with a cloud-based architecture so users can collaborate within their teams. Since it is based on a Python-based Computation engine, it allows usage of the entire Python network. Assists in creating formulas and complex calculations with ease.

Neptyne AI

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11. Formularizer

This is an AI-driven tool that uses algorithms to generate Excel formulas just on the basis of text instructions. It comes with an Easy to use interface that even people with no experience can work on. Supports a variety of instructions, thus simplifying the formula adopted in Excel.

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12. Excelly

The tool can compute even the toughest of mathematical calculations and provide users with accurate results. It is compatible with both Excel and Google Sheets hence useful for all. Can integrate with Slack to help in better collaboration. It has an intuitive interface making the operations simple.

13. Rows AI

The tool uses AI effectively to analyze and summarise any data efficiently. Comes with features like AI Analyst, lead list automation, keyword theme identification, etc. Through plain language questions, you can generate summaries and insights. It also helps in categorizing social media posts as per their content.

Rows AI

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14. EqualTo

The tool utilizes the Equal To spreadsheet to make the spreadsheet generation process simple for users. It also integrates with Open AI so users can ask questions, provide prompts and refine the spreadsheets. Eliminates the need for manual and time-consuming work, thus simplifying processes.

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15. Sensible Instruct

The tool is designed to simplify the process of transforming unstructured documents in the form of structured data—Leverages GPT-4 technology for accurate data extraction. Even the non-technical staff can operate the tool with minimal prompts.

16. Coefficient AI

This is a platform that allows its users to pull out live data from the business systems and perform simple data analysis. Allows pulling off data from a variety of business systems. Analyze the tables and generate visual charts that are attractive and compelling. Integrates with Chat GPT copilot and use to generate formulas etc.

Coefficient AI

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17. Wraith Sheets

This AI assistant automates all spreadsheet tasks and enhances productivity. The chat-based assistant allows users to give their commands and request actions to the workflow. Enables editing of cells and troubleshooting of formulas to make the work processes efficient.

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18. Graphy HQ

The tool helps in analyzing charts, graphs, and other related visual data tools. Users could input the data into the chart generator. The AI insight feature would showcase all the analysis and boost a deeper understanding of the data. It comes with an easy-to-use interface that helps in a simple data input process.

19. Research PAL

The tool can integrate with Google Docs. Helps the users in conducting research, writing, and editing process. Users receive high-quality, informative, and coherent text. It saves time as users get easy-to-understand content without much effort.

Research PAL AI

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20. Chat2Stats

You can use this tool to simplify your data analysis process. Allows data analysis from a variety of resources like conversations, feedback forms, reviews, etc. It comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. You can generate tailored reports to suit your requirements. You can opt for real-time data analysis capabilities.

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Why Companies Should Use The Best AI Spreadsheet Tools

Every company has a vast data to manage. Until now, they worked on Excel and Google spreadsheets. However, doing that is not as simple as it looks. The process is rather tedious, and companies need tools that can reduce the hard work. Companies must use Ai spreadsheet tools for the following reasons:

  • Simplify the data analysis process
  • Integration with tools to enhance collaboration
  • Reduce the time taken to do jobs
  • Make work processes efficient
  • Handle data from various sources

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