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Top 40 AI Text To Speech Tools [ Updated ]

Welcome to our revised article, where we delve deeper into the latest developments and insights regarding AI Text-To-Speech Tools. For those interested in gaining a broader perspective, the previous version of this article is accessible by clicking here. Within this updated piece, we aim to provide you with the most current additions and in-depth analysis to keep you informed and engaged. So, without further delay, let’s dive into these latest enhancements!

AI-powered Text-to-Speech (TTS) tools have emerged as pioneering solutions, capable of converting written language into remarkably naturalistic vocal expressions.

This convergence of linguistics and machine learning has paved the way for an array of applications spanning from accessibility enhancements to multimedia content production.

In the pursuit of identifying the paramount AI Text-to-Speech tools available, a systematic evaluation of their capabilities, linguistic nuances, and acoustic intricacies becomes imperative.

By delving into the technical underpinnings, linguistic modeling, and voice generation techniques, we endeavor to provide an authoritative assessment of the leading TTS solutions.

Our analytical approach not only considers the raw proficiency of these tools but also contemplates their potential to resonate with human listeners in terms of intonation, expressiveness, and naturalness.

In the subsequent sections, we navigate through the intricacies of TTS algorithms, encompassing diverse architectures such as WaveGAN, Tacotron, and Transformer-based models.

Drawing on empirical evidence from recent studies, we dissect the fundamental components that culminate in the synthesis of coherent and lifelike auditory outputs.

Moreover, a comparative framework is meticulously constructed, leveraging quantitative metrics and perceptual evaluations to quantify the efficacy of each tool.

As the boundaries between synthesized speech and human-generated speech continue to blur, ethical considerations and societal implications come to the forefront.

The rise of TTS tools raises questions about voice authenticity, data privacy, and potential misuse, necessitating a critical discourse on responsible deployment.

Top AI Text To Speech Tools

1. Fliki

An AI-powered tool this helps in efficient content creation. It has more than 900 voices in 75 different languages and dialects.

This makes the content look realistic. It also offers millions of images, video clips, and background music options. You can customizable the colors and fonts for subtitle purposes.

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2. Synthesis Studio

This tool is perfect for those who want to improve their digital messaging capabilities. With their text-to-speech and text-to-video tools, the user can provide vibrant voices that their customers would absolutely love. You get access to 374 voices in more than 140 languages.

There is the video generator that comes with 50 + templates and 60 human-trained avatars for the users to work upon.

Synthesis Studio

Image Source:

3. Audyo

This tool helps to create a human-like voice by typing. You can switch speakers and tweak the pronunciation to get more control over the audio. The tool can be signed in through Google and seamlessly integrated with other tools.

4. Voxwave AI

With this tool, you can convert leads into customers. By adding dynamic tags like name and company, you can send voice emails to your customers. Or you could send static voice messages to more than 100 K + plus leads. Easy to use, the tool quickly gets more leads coming your way.

5. Mubert

This tool is a royalty-free music ecosystem for content creators. With this tool, you can immediately create high-quality music for streaming, videos, podcasts, etc. The creators can generate tracks that can be customized to the content’s mood, duration, and tempo. This tool acts as a platform for earning money on tracks, samples, loops, etc.


Image Source:

6. FineShare FineVoice

The tool offers a variety of features to enhance the quality of voices and, if required, transform them. Users can change their voices to sound like different people. The tool comes with device effects that allow the users to simulate the voice. It helps in converting text into a variety of voices.

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The tool is a voice generation platform with a difference. It offers 400 + realistic voices in more than 140 languages. Comes with features like precision control, sound effects, music, etc. You get easy access to all the features and can create a variety of content types

8. Uberduck

The tool has 5000 expressive voices, custom voice clones, etc., to help in building audio applications. With a few minutes of audio, you can create custom voice clones. You could also use the APIs to create audio apps. Helpful for creating voiceovers for podcasts, videos, and presentations.

9. Murf AI

A useful text-to-speech software, this one helps create realistic voiceovers. This can be used for podcasts, explainer videos, promotional videos, etc. You can experiment with the pitch, punctuation, etc. Even you could transform home videos into professional voiceovers.

Murf AI

Image Source:

10. Coqui

This AI tool helps users create realistic voiceovers. With just 3 seconds of audio, you can create AI voices. Adjust the emotions and control the voices to get a dynamic performance. Also, you can direct scenes with multiple AI voices incorporated.

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11. Ai Sofiya

The AI-powered tool uses over 840 languages and dialects for text and voice creation. The users can create realistic text in any language and use it for marketing content. It helps in producing natural-sounding voices for voiceover. Allows adding features like pause and emphasis to get a more realistic voice.

12. Beyond Words

This cutting-edge tool modifies the way content is consumed. It has a library of AI voices and voice cloning technology for creating customized audio. Also, automate, manage, and optimize the audio content with a content management system.

13. Speechelo

The tool uses just three clicks to convert text into lifelike voices. Comes with more than 30 male and female voices in around 24 languages. Users can adjust pauses, breathing sounds and use one of the three tones offered. You can even add punctuation marks to make the voice flow look natural.

14. Big Speak

The tool uses AI to generate audio from text in various languages. The audio clips that are generated sound extremely realistic. To add personalization, you can customize the voiceovers like any human. Add pauses and adjust the pitch, rate, and volume to customize your audio.

Big Speak

Image Source:

15. Readspeaker

The company aims to give brands a unique voice to impress customers. You can develop lifelike voices that are in sync with the brand’s qualities. Along with there is a selection of pre-built voices in a variety of languages that you can choose.

16. Elf Messages

The tool is unique as it helps create customized audio messages from Christmas Elf. Get to create the message by adding personal details like email, name, etc. With the creative message, you can make your Christmas gifting very special. They also offer examples in case you don’t know what to say.

17. Godcast

This unique tool allows its users to generate conversations on any topic with the help of AI technology. You can select the voice for that conversation. It also allows adding of a description of the conversation, like voices, personalities, and dialogues. The conversation looks realistic and in sync with the times.

18. Babylon Voice

This is a powered voice chat tool that offers a variety of features. Allows the users to have meaningful interactions with the AI system. It uses voice, videos, text, etc, from other platforms. Users can easily create voice clones and 3D avatars. Supports more than 30 languages allowing users from the world over to work on it.

Babylon Voice

Image Source:

19. Play HT

With this Text to speech tool, you can generate synthetic voices that look genuine. The text entered is instantly converted into audio which can later be downloaded as WAV and MP3 files. Then the files can be used in a variety of ways.

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20. Speechellect

The tool is helpful for both text-to-speech and speech-to-text conversions. It will analyze the sense of each word and create accurate conversations. During speech recognition, it captures the emotions portrayed.

21. Descript

A potent AI-driven solution catering to an array of needs including transcription, podcasting, and screen recording.

Its transcription service boasts of industry-leading precision, ensuring near-instant turnarounds at a fraction of the cost. The AI-powered Speaker Detective feature seamlessly incorporates speaker labels within seconds.

Descript accommodates 22 languages and guarantees secure cloud storage complete with comprehensive version history.

This accessibility extends to collaborators, who can engage with the data remotely. With a user-friendly free plan that mandates no initial credit card commitment, Descript provides an easy entry point.

For enhanced accuracy, their White Glove service offers up to 99% precision within an average of 24 hours.

Overall, Descript’s prowess spans editing, storytelling, video production, workflow optimization, and even security considerations.

22. Speechify

An AI-driven text-to-speech solution, empowering users to transform written content into auditory files effortlessly.

This tool, accessible as a Chrome Extension, Mac App, iOS, and Android App, extends its utility across various platforms, enabling the auditory consumption of web pages, documents, PDFs, and audiobooks.

Central to Speechify is its voice-over generator, accompanied by an array of functionalities tailored to customize audio outputs.

Moreover, a repository of pre-recorded audiobooks enriches the user experience, providing a diverse range of content to engage with.

Notably accepted by students, educators, and professionals alike, Speechify has garnered acclaim for its precision and extensive set of features, solidifying its position as a preferred choice in the realm of text-to-speech applications.

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23. TTSMaker


Image Source:

A prominent online text-to-speech utility, offering a versatile array of services with a global reach encompassing over 100 languages and a diverse spectrum of voice styles.

The core of its functionality is underpinned by a potent neural network, elevating the quality of speech synthesis by imbuing it with a heightened sense of naturalness.

This tool facilitates the vocalization of text, rendering it audible, and further enables the conversion of textual content into downloadable audio files, available in formats like mp3 and wav.

However, it’s important to note that TTSMaker imposes a character limit of 20,000 characters on a weekly basis, though certain voices may provide unlimited usage within this constraint.

TTSMaker’s offerings extend beyond mere synthesis, allowing users to exert control over the auditory experience by adjusting parameters such as speech speed, volume, and even the insertion of pauses between paragraphs.

To facilitate a seamless user journey, the platform includes a Quick Tutorial section, guiding users through the intricacies of the text-to-speech conversion process.

24. Splash

An innovative AI-driven platform that democratizes music creation, offering a gateway to musical expression for all.

By harnessing the power of AI, users can craft original compositions and match lyrics to diverse melodies, streamlining the music-making process.

The platform’s scope extends beyond creation, hosting a virtual music festival that seamlessly melds music with interactive gameplay.

The convenience of Splash is encapsulated in its dedicated app, available on iOS and Android, facilitating on-the-go music production and sharing.

In its web iteration, Splash forms a collaborative hub for musicians to co-create, share, and explore music. This creative nexus allows for customization, downloading, and the discovery of emerging artists, fostering a dynamic musical ecosystem.

At the heart of Splash is Kai, an AI-generated persona forever locked at 16 years old, currently crafting an EP utilizing entirely AI-generated vocals.

Notably, Splash facilitates seamless music integration, enabling users to access their creations on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.


It introduces an AI-driven solution that enables users to replicate their voices for both singing and speaking applications.

This platform offers a trio of primary features: “Record Voice,” “Voice Template,” and “Upload.” The “Record Voice” functionality empowers users to record their own voices directly within the platform, while “Voice Template” permits the utilization of pre-existing templates to clone one’s voice.

The “Upload” feature facilitates the cloning process using previously recorded samples.

This versatile tool extends its capabilities to Text-to-Speech functionality, enabling users to transform written text into spoken words using their personalized cloned voice.n ensures individuality by generating distinct pitches for each voice clone, allowing users to stand out in creative ventures such as content production and musical projects.

The platform boasts user-friendliness, claiming that voice cloning can be accomplished in under a minute. provides an array of resources including details on data security, FAQs, background information, privacy policies, terms of service, and cookie policies.

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26. Translate.Video

Also known as, stands as a purpose-built solution, aimed at expediting the seamless translation of video content into numerous languages.

This comprehensive tool boasts a suite of automated functionalities including captions, transcripts, subtitles, and dubbing. Additionally, users can record and incorporate their voiceovers for a personalized touch.

A single application consolidates all these capabilities, streamlining the process of managing and tailoring video content according to preferences.

Beyond its foundational translation features, Translate.Video presents advanced options such as the manipulation of editing styles and elements, enabling further customization of videos.

The tool’s versatile nature accommodates a broad spectrum of users, spanning from individual influencers to corporate entities.

This adaptability allows both influencers seeking global reach and enterprises aiming to expand their audience base to effortlessly tap into the tool’s potential.

27. TTSLabs

A specialized AI text-to-speech solution tailored for Twitch streamers. Their dedicated desktop application enables real-time text-to-speech playback, allowing for seamless interaction with viewers.

The platform offers extensive customization options, including personalized voices, unique sound clips, and profanity filters to maintain content appropriateness.

TTSLabs enhances viewer engagement through streamlined features, enabling viewers to access enabled alerts, voices, sound clips, and set minimum values for text-to-speech interactions.

The service impresses with rapid text-to-speech processing, generating 20 seconds of audio within just 3 seconds. The integration capabilities of TTSLabs extend further, facilitating synchronization with popular streaming platforms like Streamlabs or StreamElements.

This permits efficient control of text-to-speech donations via the platform’s dashboard. The diverse collection of distinct voices generated through speech synthesis adds a creative dimension to streams, enhancing their entertainment value.

28. AIVA


Image Source:

It represents a cutting-edge AI-driven music composition tool tailored to a wide spectrum of creative individuals, from novices to experts, encompassing game developers, professionals, and enthusiasts alike.

This platform harnesses AI’s capabilities to generate personalized and distinct music compositions for various projects.

With AIVA, composers gain the advantage of accelerated music creation, producing captivating themes for their endeavors.

The tool furnishes an assortment of preset styles spanning genres like modern cinematic, electronic, pop, ambient, rock, fantasy, jazz, and more, including unique influences such as sea shanty, 20th-century cinematic, tango, and Chinese music.

This platform offers three pricing tiers catering to individuals, schools, and enterprises, ensuring a customizable approach to users’ requirements.

With track durations extending up to 5 minutes and a maximum of 300 monthly downloads for Pro plan subscribers, AIVA is equipped to cater to diverse project demands.

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29. AskBooks

AI-driven platform offering summaries and insights from a vast library of over 2,000 books and authors. Users can interact with books or authors to uncover hidden insights and ask questions.

Covering diverse themes like entrepreneurship, finance, travel, relationships, and fiction, the platform encompasses a wide array of subjects.

It boasts a search function for specific titles and authors, and features popular books and authors for user engagement. For books not currently available, users can submit their titles and ISBN for potential inclusion.

While the AI-generated responses provide insights, the platform advises caution due to possible inaccuracies and parodic content.

30. FakeYou

An innovative text-to-speech application leveraging deep fake technology to produce lifelike audio clips of celebrity and cartoon character voices. With a vast collection of over 2979 voices categorized by language and type, users can seamlessly create personalized audio clips.

Users begin by selecting a desired voice from the library and inputting their text. The application then utilizes deep fake technology to process the input and generate a realistic audio clip.

These generated clips are available for preview before download, ensuring satisfaction with the result. FakeYou fosters a community aspect, enabling users to share and upload audio clips.

The community features encompass a leaderboard and a feed showcasing the latest audio creations. Notably, FakeYou extends its utility by offering an API and developer resources, allowing integration with other projects and applications.

31. ElevenLabs Prime

A Voice AI stands as a robust and flexible AI speech software, empowering content creators and publishers to craft remarkably authentic and top-tier audio outputs.

This advanced AI model excels in replicating human-like intonations and nuances, ensuring a high-fidelity delivery that adapts to the given context.

The software finds its stride in various applications, serving as a potent tool for immersive storytelling, generating lifelike audio companions for newsletters and blogs, and producing dynamic audio books enhanced by vibrant narration.

Going a step further, it’s proficient in cloning voices from existing audio samples and even generating entirely new synthetic voices from scratch.

ElevenLabs is poised to unveil a dedicated workstation by late Q1 2023. This workstation will facilitate narration direction and editing while upholding intellectual property rights and implementing safeguards to curtail potential misuse.

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32. Replica Voice

Replica Voice

Image Source:

AI-driven platform for crafting authentic voice performances in creative projects. It employs a dedicated voice actor whose speech patterns, pronunciation, and emotions are meticulously incorporated into the AI model through extensive training.

This process allows users to rapidly generate voice lines and play-test their projects before engaging live actors for final recordings. The AI Voice Actor Library boasts 40+ voices, with ongoing additions.

The platform caters to pre-visualization, indie creators, and novel opportunities like real-time voice generation and dynamic scripts.

Replica Voice assures voice security and ethical considerations, guaranteeing positive use of voices. Users receive an initial 30-minute free voice credit.

Compatible with major platforms including Unreal Engine, Unity, and Roblox, Replica Voice is a product of Replica Studios, backed by investors such as The VR Fund, Carthona Capital, and Techstars.

33. Listnr

AI Voice Generator, empowering users to craft lifelike AI voiceovers from a selection of over 900+ voices in 142+ languages.

It offers seamless Text-to-Speech (TTS) conversion, swiftly transforming written content into natural-sounding speech, downloadable in MP3 or WAV formats.

With a robust user base of 25,000+ and an impressive Trustpilot rating of 4.8/5, Listnr’s AI Voice Generator relies on Speech Synthesis Engines to produce authentic audio outputs.

The platform’s capabilities extend to sharing audio on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Listnr impressively supports 75+ languages and boasts 600+ available voices.

It also provides an embeddable audio player, enabling users to seamlessly integrate audio into their websites and engage new audiences. Offers export options in both WAV and MP3 formats.

34. Resemble AI

Its Voice Generator and Voice Cloning technology presents an influential solution for crafting authentic synthetic voices.

Users can either clone their own voices or utilize uploaded voice data to produce remarkably lifelike AI-generated voices.

The technology encompasses an API for seamless content creation through synthetic voices, offering integrations and localization tools to facilitate voices in diverse languages.

Resemble AI extends its offerings to include Resemble Fill, an adept audio editing tool, as well as features for integrating voices into gaming and mobile platforms.

The platform accommodates varied applications, including dynamic ad creation with familiar voices, AI-driven audiobooks, and bolstering call centers with synthetic voices.

Through case studies and developmental insights in its blog, Resemble AI offers valuable resources to users.

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A cutting-edge conversation intelligence platform catering to developers, offering real-time transcription and insights gleaned from unstructured conversation data through advanced deep learning models.

This versatile tool serves multiple industries, spanning revenue intelligence, events, remote collaboration, contact centers, and recruiting intelligence.’s feature set encompasses custom trackers, summarization, topic modeling, transcription, conversation analytics, and pre-built UI components for voice, audio, and text data.

Through APIs, facilitates both real-time and asynchronous speech recognition for unstructured human conversations, enabling seamless intelligence augmentation via a single API call.

It excels in keyword, phrase, and intent detection in real-time, operating under 400 milliseconds or through batch/asynchronous requests.

The integration of speech-to-text capabilities enables high-accuracy and asynchronous speech recognition, tailor-made for human conversations.

The platform’s conversation analytics furnish metrics such as talk-to-listen ratios, words per minute, talk time, and topic-based sentiments, enhancing both user and agent insights.

36. Article Audio

Article Audio

Image Source:

A robust tool designed to effortlessly transform articles into high-quality audio content. With a vast selection of over 140 languages and human-like voices to choose from, it simplifies the process of creating accurate, comprehensive, and pleasing audio renditions.

Article Audio Pro grants access to all features, including the conversion of web links, text documents, PDFs, and photos into audio.

The user can select from a wide range of languages, spanning English, Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and many more.

The platform further offers an array of voices like Amber, Aarohi, Abdullah, and others, adding versatility and personalization to the audio experience. In essence, Article Audio stands as a versatile solution for generating high-quality audio from articles, catering to a diverse range of languages and preferences.

37. Convai

It serves as a conversational AI-driven service that empowers developers to infuse life into virtual realms, games, metaverses, and diverse applications.

This tool equips characters with human-like conversational abilities, interlinking them with NPC assets within game engines.

Convai streamlines this process through its user-friendly interface, facilitating the creation of character intelligence and connections to virtual worlds.

It encompasses a spectrum of capabilities, including open-ended voice-based conversations, expansive knowledge incorporation, scene perception, and actions.

To counter the issue of information hallucination, a knowledge base is integrated into characters, ensuring accurate responses. Convai finds its foothold in gaming, learning, and entertainment sectors.

In gaming, it empowers NPCs with dynamic conversation capabilities, facilitates user onboarding, and empowers companion bots with strategic intelligence.

Convai aids in constructing AI tutors for subjects and training applications, while also enriching virtual worlds with AI assistants.

The tool boasts integrations with platforms like Unreal Engine, Unity, Nvidia Omniverse, Discord, and Roblox, accompanied by comprehensive documentation, FAQs, and support resources.

38. Celebrity Voice Changer AI

An app, available on Google Play, harnesses artificial intelligence to craft genuine celebrity voices. Boasting a collection of 100+ celebrity voices, users can effortlessly select a voice, input text, and generate distinctive sound clips.

The app’s capabilities span video creation, voiceovers, and enhancing phone conversations. It introduces an exciting AI dimension by enabling users to pleasantly surprise friends with lifelike celebrity voices.

With the added functionality of employing custom audio in voice memos, phone calls, and voicemails, the app offers a range of creative possibilities.

Personalized messages like birthday wishes, narrated by cherished celebrities, become feasible. The app’s text-to-speech feature takes amusement further, allowing users to have celebrities sing beloved tunes or recite any text.

The emphasis on data safety is evident through privacy measures and compliance with Play Families Policy guidelines.

39. Voiceful


Image Source:

Developed by Voctro Labs, S.L., is a versatile toolkit that employs voice recognition technology to convert spoken input into text, facilitating efficient and intuitive expression of ideas. It offers customizable templates, automated transcription, and natural language processing tools.

Designed to enhance communication, Voiceful operates under Voctro Labs’ General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Voctro Labs retains intellectual and industrial property rights, with unauthorized use prohibited.

The company disclaims responsibility for improper toolkit use and user-associated damages. The toolkit uses Google Analytics cookies, with users advised to consult Google’s privacy page for details.

40. SpeechEasy

A text-to-speech tool harnessing AI and machine learning to create clear and engaging audio from text. This innovative platform offers nearly a dozen high-quality synthetic voices that are comprehensible and appealing.

The tool prioritizes user convenience through cross-platform functionality, enabling audio generation and playback on both desktop and mobile devices. With a user-friendly interface, SpeechEasy ensures a seamless experience.

A commitment to privacy underscores its approach, safeguarding personal data. Catering to various needs, SpeechEasy presents both a free version and an Enterprise option.

It caters to individuals seeking an effortless synthetic voice solution for diverse applications including presentations, e-Learning materials, marketing endeavors, and publishing initiatives.

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The journey through the best AI text-to-speech tools has unveiled a spectrum of solutions that transcend mere words on a page, breathing life into content and transforming the way we communicate.

From Descript’s intricate transcription prowess to AIVA’s harmonious melodies, these tools harness the power of AI to reshape our auditory experiences.

They have shattered barriers, be it in generating lifelike celebrity voices with the Celebrity Voice Changer AI or crafting dynamic characters in virtual worlds with Convai.

The symphony of offerings extends from Voiceful’s eloquent expression facilitation to Listnr’s artful audio synthesis.

We usher in a new era where words find voice, where technology imbues narrative with authenticity, and where possibilities flourish at the intersection of innovation and imagination.

The symphony of AI text-to-speech tools is poised to redefine the sonic landscape, inviting us to explore, create, and communicate in ways that were once the realm of dreams. The future of spoken word beckons, and it is nothing short of extraordinary.


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