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How To Build Content Marketing As An Organization Competency


“Building out content marketing as an organizational competency” was the 2nd most important initiative, only behind measuring ROI. This was reported in IDC’s 2014 CMO Tech Marketing Barometer Study.

Did you , CMO & CXOs of companies, start the process of  competency building towards content marketing?

No!! Are you still confused??

What exactly is Content Marketing? Is it a type of marketing asset? Is it a process or a technique? Or something else?

Let’s try to unravel the confusion and curiosity around the topic.

Definitions of Content Marketing

Content marketing is any marketing technique whereby media and published information (content) are used to influence buyer behavior and stimulate action leading to commercial relationships. Optimally executed content marketing delivers useful, relevant information assets that buyers consider a beneficial service rather than an interruption or a “pitch.”-  IDC

Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.- Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing is intelligent use of creatives- written, graphics, audio and video- on all sorts of media channels to create curiosity, build buzz, influence buyer decision that leads to sales conversion.- Compare BizTech

Content marketing is the process for developing, executing and delivering the content and related assets that are needed to create, nurture and grow a company’s customer base. Stages of the content marketing process include: strategy; content development; asset development; and channel leverage across outbound marketing, inbound marketing and sales enablement.- Curata

What is, and is not Content Marketing?

To help marketers become more grounded in this definition of content marketing the CMO Advisory Service  of IDC has  published a guide for “Types of Marketing Assets.” In the graphic below you can see the break out of marketing assets into three categories:

  • Content Marketing Assets
  • Product Marketing Assets
  • Corporate Marketing Assets

These are the broad contours of “how to build content marketing for your organization competency”.

At Compare BizTech,  we believe that marketers must  keep pace with their buyers. A well-planned content strategy with clear goals, guidelines and processes should be in place to build it as an organization competency . Take reference of some best guides to build content strategy for your organization. To know more about  “How To” do content marketing, read the best available guides here.

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