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Top 10 Content Marketing Guides & Resources For Marketers

Content Marketing Guides & Resources For Marketers

Content Marketing means creating and sharing content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers. Precisely with content marketing, you try to educate people so that they know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you. The success of Content Marketing depends on many factors and one must analyze them before proceeding ahead. The key to content marketing success is having a documented content strategy, since content strategy is the lifeline of content marketing. Writing quality content is not sufficient to drive traffic to your site. Thus, content marketing is very crucial to present your content to as many eyeballs as possible. It is to make people know about your products, content, services and expertise. Here are the 10 content marketing guides (alphabetically arranged), which will help you understand content marketing with all its aspects.

1. Organizing for Content

Altimeter’s research report “Organizing for Content: Models to Incorporate Content Strategy and Content Marketing in the Enterprise” presents framework for coping with enterprise content marketing demands and checklists of recommendation for organizational readiness. This report explores scalable organizational models for addressing content needs across the enterprise and makes recommendations for a holistic program.

2. Content Marketing: How to Build an Audience that Builds your Business

This guide shows you the importance of building a home and creating a vision for your content strategy. It tells you how to create identity in writing branded content with real life examples. Checkout the eBook.

3. The Comprehensive Guide to Content Marketing Analytics and Metrics

The guide provides a comprehensive overview of the analytics and metrics that will help you determine the effectiveness of your content, and ultimately how it affects revenue. More importantly, this guide helps you find a better way to answer the single most perplexing question for anyone in content marketing: How do I measure the effectiveness of my content marketing? For further instructions and a deeper dive into the framework, download the full eBook here.

4. Connecting with Content : A Sales Person’s Guide to Content Marketing[E-Book]

This eBook by Salesforce tells us why content marketing is so important for sales professionals. Salesforce partners leading content marketing software provider, Kapost to know what the term content marketing exactly means and its importance for sales personals. The E-Book analyses the basics of content marketing for sales people and how can you ensure your success with the help of your company’s content.

5. The Essential Guide to Creating a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

This guide by HubSpot is a blueprint for successful content creation and helps you generate leads as well as customers. It discusses all the aspects of content blue print and tells us why all the aspects are important to marketers.

6. The Unconventional Guide to Building Personas to Drive Your Content Marketing Strategy

Your content marketing strategy has to be based on a strong research, including identification of the ideal prospects to drive your marketing motive. Creating user persona is now an inevitable part in any content marketing effort as it helps you in identifying what your prospects are really looking for. This article tells us the importance of strong research for your content marketing strategy. It  emphasizes the inevitability of creating user persona for any content marketing effort as it is going to help you in finding out what your prospects are actually looking for. Checkout the e-book here.

7. A Field Guide to Content Marketing

This article has borrowed tips, tricks and tools from the experts of the field and used them to establish an approach which works best for us. She incorporates the experts’ views and tips and things they wish they knew when they started  career to help those who have started fresh. Check the article here.

8. The Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing

Nate Desmond, in this guide, The Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing, tells us the effective use of content marketing for your business. However, he says that for a great content marketing piece you must toil a lot and ready to invest time and energy on it. Only if we invest our time he can show us how to maximize our value.

9. The Advance Guide to Content Marketing

The guide, The Advance Guide to Content Marketing,  gives you the most detailed and extensive guidelines of advance content Marketing techniques. The tactics given here are the most useful in building fans and followers, and to enhance engagement and traffic to your website, and drive sales. This guide is for those who want to produce and publish content. So those who wants tips on publishing and producing content check

10. Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing and Influencer Strategy

This eBook tells you about 5 ways content marketing and influencer strategy work together. It tells us how content marketing and influencer strategy goes hand in hand. It shows how both the digital marketing practices fit together.  Download  here the Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing & Influencer Strategy. All content marketing programs have rooms for improvement. They are never finish. Almost all brands started with general and un-targeted contents but in the present scenario all brands do thorough research before creating contents. The guides discussed in this article are the best to understand all the aspects of content marketing.

What’s your take on  these eBooks? Will referencing these resources help you dig deeper into specific content marketing areas when you need to? Are you missing something that you think is crucial? Leave your comments or questions in the box below! Image: Unsplash  via Jeff Sheldon

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