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How To Create Compelling Contents For Demand Generation


Want to sell ideas, services or products online?

If yes, then you have to pay lots of attention to content that you create.

How can content help you sell products?

A great B2B content is supposed to generate demand.

The content generation for B2B marketing with the objective of lead generation (a business who shows intent in your product/services is a Lead) is a specialized job as the entire marketing is aimed at someone with high level of expertise or information. In addition, since businesses are always capable of putting enormous resources in perfecting their B2B marketing, hence most of the tricks of the trade are already been implemented clinically.

But still the basic tenets of a great content that generates demand are the same. And they can always act as a starting point for creating great B2B content that generates demand.

How to Develop Great Content that Generates Demand

  •  Presentation of the Content: How you say in B2B marketing content, is as important as what you say. Hence, presentation of content is of utmost importance. Content must be visually appealing, highly customized, presented in an easy to understand and attractive manner.
  • Quality of Content: Do you want to leverage the power of content to sell you products? Then, make sure that your content is of highest quality possible. Credible, unique, insightful information, right facts and convincing stats are some of the attributes of a great content.
  • Avoiding Redundancy: No reader wants to waste his time online reading the stuff which is repetitive. Hence B2B content must not be redundant. The rule of thumb here must be, deliver content that adds value. Celebrated former Apple Evangelist Guy Kawasaki, says this of the B2B communication, if you can’t describe something in ten slides with not more than five lines in each, then you must rethink your B2B marketing strategy.
  • To the Point: In B2B communication:  Less is more. If you can say 20 words effectively in 5 words, then do that.
  • Consistency is key: The entire B@B marketing effort must appear streamlined, this means no desultory behaviour. Picking up a topic only when the current one finishes.
  • Focus on Brand: Whatever be the content, the Brand must always be kept in the focus of the reader. But this must be done in a subtle way. A good way to accomplish this is to show a high quality Brand logo on each page (in watermark) in the focus or each slide. Another way is to share in brief what differentiates you from the competition and what is unique about you.
  • Give something, the readers can take home: Readers will keep referring to your content if it gives unique information of the products or services. A great content should always help buyers make a purchasing decision.
  • Use Visual aids to group content: Time is of utmost value in B2B marketing efforts. Use original complementing images, bullets, graphs, pie charts, infrographics to communicate the message.
  • Encourage Listeners or readers to Ask or post Questions: It’s always good to have a responsive readers or listeners, make the content interesting so that they remain attentive. Responsive audiences normally ask questions, which is great for lead generation.

One of the great ways of marketing B2B content is content marketing. It is basically using PR Agencies to proliferate the content.


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