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Digital Media Delivers Higher ROI Than Traditional Media

Digital Media

When Havas Media, the media strategy division of the Havas Group, the  largest media group in France, launched a Web/TV campaign for a food sector client, the Web-based campaign generated a ROI of 170 against 100 for TV.

Interestingly, this was despite the campaign’s heavy reliance on TV which accounted for 87% of the budget, while the remaining budget was invested in the Web.

That is why  that digital advertising is growing so rapidly. And, it is reasonably so. Digital media is fast becoming a favorite with marketers. By 2017, digital advertising is estimated to be worth $171 billion, accounting for more than a quarter of global advertising spend. This represents a 70% increase from current levels. (Magna Global Advertising Forecast 2013)

The growing popularity of digital channels is creating challenges for marketers in allocating budgets. Key among these challenges is the need to assess where they must put their advertising budgets— traditional or digital, the mix in which they should do so.

Capgemini Consulting conducted a joint study with Havas Media seeking to highlight some of the proven results of digital media, as well as its contribution to a multimedia plan.

Some key takeaways  of this Study are:

  • Digital media helps marketers to expand reach, target audience better, and reinforce brand communication
  • Digital media is strong in demographic targeting, particularly for young adults and upper socio-professionals
  • Consumers communicating through traditional media feel more engaged with the brand with the addition of digital media.
  • Behavioral and contextual targeting allows digital to reach target audience according to interest levels.
  • Location targeting helps reduce cost of customer acquisition
  • Mobile campaigns leveraging location targeting outperformed non-location targeted campaigns by a factor of two times

Have a look at the Infographic:

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