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How To Run Successful Facebook PPC Campaigns

Facebook’s Paid Advertising

Facebook is the largest social network in the world, with over 1.65 billion monthly active users. With such a huge number of people on this platform, Facebook offers a huge marketing potential for businesses. Advertise on Facebook and you are advertising to more than a billion people.

For small businesses, Facebook can be a logical place to experiment with paid advertising  which can give you better ROI without , if you execute your campaigns correctly.  Let’s delve deep into the resources given below to launch a good pay per click (PPC) marketing campaign for your business on Facebook.

1. 3 Mind-blowing Hacks To Leverage PPC For Facebook Ads


During my junior year of college, as I licked the cheese off of my Dorito decorated fingers, I came to the realization that I was letting myself go. After polishing off a carton of Ben & Jerry’s for breakfast, something in my brain awakened, and I started running. Check out this blog here.

2. 10 Things I’ve Learned While Learning Facebook Ads


I’ve been obsessed with Facebook Ads for the past few years. It probably didn’t hurt that the first test campaign we ran earned an excellent $0.04 cost-per-engagement from a $10 budget.I’m obsessed because I’m convinced Facebook Ads are one of the most powerful tools we currently have as digital marketers. Whether you’re looking to spend $200 a month advertising to a single zip code or $20,000 a day reaching sports fans, you can reach the ideal target audience for your organization with targeting criteria that no other ad network, search engine, or social network can match. Learn more.

3. 7 Things You Need To Know Before You Launch Facebook Ads


When it comes to effective online advertising, there is no more powerful, yet underutilized resource than Facebook advertisements. While some people shy away from Facebook ads, these little online advertisements are some of the best ways to get the word out about your company and reach new customers and clients online. When you think about it, Facebook is the most popular and most visited social media site in the world. Advertise on Facebook and you are advertising to more than a billion people. Learn more.

4. Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook has been all-the-buzz lately as Q1 revenue grew 52%, blowing analysts’ projections out of the water. 82% of Q1 revenue came from mobile advertising. eMarketer predicts that this year more than half of US mobile phone users will be on Facebook at least once a month and will continue to lead the pack as the leading social advertising platform. Read more .

5. 10 Quick Steps To Creating a Facebook Ad Campaign

For small businesses, Facebook can be a logical place to experiment with paid advertising without the risky investment of a lot of time and money. The social media giant offers an easy way for even the smallest companies to quickly start a targeted ad campaign, displaying business content to Facebook users while they browse the site. Businesses can, for instance, create ads to direct new fans to a Facebook page, ensure that more users see certain posts or send viewers to their websites. Check this out here.

6. Everything You Need To Know About Facebook PPC

Facebook is the world’s largest social network. It’s the second most-visited website on the planet. It’s a huge marketing opportunity – and it’s about time you learned how to launch a good pay per click (PPC) marketing campaign through Facebook business. Today, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know about launching a successful, profitable, and effective pay-per-click marketing campaign with the Facebook Lead Ads platform. Check out this here.

7. 11 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ad Measurement Is Messed Up

A recurring theme I hear among paid social pros is the measurement discrepancy between Facebook and Google Analytics. People seem to have a really hard time matching up what’s happening with campaigns on Facebook and subsequent engagement, as measured by their analytics platform of choice (including – but not limited to – Google Analytics).Some people go as far as claiming that this is systematic click fraud perpetrated by Facebook. This is highly unlikely, for all kinds of obvious reasons. However, there is a clear problem.
Check out this here.

8. Instagram Campaigns Now Available To All Facebook Power Editor Users

How Google’s Customer Match and Instagram Ads Are Rewriting the PPC Playbook. Recently, Google announced Customer Match, a new method of ad targeting that allows marketers to upload a list of email addresses — which they’ve been collecting in a CRM or a mailing list — and target ads at those users and audiences similar to them.  Click here.

9. A Deep Dive Into Facebook Advertising

Facebook is on track to make over $4 billion in revenue this year from advertising. Someone’s clicking. How do you get them to click your ads? More importantly, how do you get them to buy your product? Many marketers who have tried Facebook ads, especially in their early days, decided that Facebook advertising doesn’t work. Don’t believe them. If you’re totally new to Facebook, start with this Facebook Marketing Guide. Then come back to this post for a deep dive into advertising. Check this out here.

10. A Crash Course On A/B Testing Facebook Ad Campaigns

Having a well-thought-out plan for A/B testing Facebook ad campaigns is essential if you want to improve your performance reliably and consistently. And the more you test, the better. A study of 37,259 Facebook ads found that “most companies only have 1 ad, but the best had 100’s”. A/B testing Facebook ad campaigns can get complicated quickly (and easily produce invalid results). Spending the time upfront to perfect your testing process / structure will go a long way. Read more.

11. When A Facebook PPC Campaign Is Not A Good Idea

With ever diminishing organic reach crippling businesses’ Facebook  efforts, advertising seems like the most effective way to reach your target audience. Right?

Not always. Many companies will argue about the power of Facebook ads, but few talk about the times where Facebook ads should not be relied upon to maximize ROI.  Yes, it’s costs are lower than other networks and platforms, but you shouldn’t allow yourself to be blinded by the sticker price. Read more.

12. 5 Steps To Kick Start Your Facebook Ads Campaign

Surprise! Facebook Ads is one of the most important advertising channels at present. If you didn’t know that, I’ll give you a minute to pull your head out of the sand.

Now, that’s better, right? Ok. Creating new Facebook Ads campaigns can be a daunting task for anyone, regardless of experience. And a lot of folks err on the side of caution when building new campaigns and this can lead to less than desirable results. Learn more.



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