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Aha! is a cloud-based PM solution and caters to small, midsize, and large enterprises. The software caters to various industries like energy, finance, education, government, legal, IT services, medical, marketing, Nonprofit, amongst others. Aha! Supports the agile and scrum workflow and allows its users to create technology, manufacturing, product, and consulting roadmaps. Users can even customize its navigation tab, layouts, workflow and capture the customer and colleague ideas through a portal.




  • Collaboration Tools
  • Process Mapping
  • Visual Workflow Management
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Business Process Control
  • Process Change Tracking
  • Process Modeling & Designing
  • Build progress reports
  • Build visual roadmaps
  • Capture in-app feedback
  • Collaboration tools
  • Content import / export
  • Crowdsourcing ideas
  • Custom fields
  • Drag & drop interface
  • Idea management
  • Prioritization
  • Product roadmapping
  • Project planning tools
  • Rank and give scores to ideas
  • Share files and folders
  • Supports agile development
  • Third party integration
  • Visualize feature dependencies
  • Wiki Documentation
  • Community Forum
  • Customer Ideation
  • Work Capacity
  • Task Ranking


  • Deployment: Cloud Based, Web Based, SaaS Based, Installed - Mac, Installed - Windows, iPhone / iPad, Android


  • Live Online
  • Webinars
  • Documentation

Aha! Users

Available Support

  • Email
  • Phone

Language Support

  • English

Company Details

  • Company Name: Aha! Labs

  • Headquarter: United States

  • Full Address:


The comprehensiveness of this software is incredible. It has almost everything you can possibly conceive of when building nearly any type of product or service. It helps you organize, plan, communicate, rate, rank, document, and create everything you need, except the actual software code (but you can just assign the stories to your dev team, and/or sync to another product). It also empowers you to have the conversations with stakeholders to figure out truly what’s important (as opposed to the endless chorus of “it’s all important”). I wish I would have known about this years ago.

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Aha! provides a comprehensive set of tools to allow our teams to track work from an initial thought through to completion. Using Aha! we managed an extremely complex software implementation with multiple integrations and were able to track the work at varying levels of detail while always knowing status. Aha!’s My Work dashboard, assignment and commenting capabilities ensured our team members, with minimal effort, could readily identify their work, call out and address roadblocks and communicate progress. Team members who are more interested in doing the work than saying what work they did are converts to the value of Aha!, praising searchability, ease of use and a central repository for all the critical information.

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Everything works how you’d expect it to. It is EASY to use if you spend an hour or two looking at the help videos and basking in the glow of what an amazing product you’re investing in. Trustworthy company, eat their own dog food, led by a guy who wrote a book called Lovability. For us, finally being able to visualise our ambitions, go beyond simple roadmapping pitfalls to an optimised value-driven world, integrated with project management tools. Perfect.

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For my role as Head of Product Management: The strategic view of the product portfolio is all important for the company to see and for me to report. The functions I use most are the strategic and portfolio roadmaps, goals and linked initiatives. I absolutely love the dashboard function, especially for executive resporting. And now use the different workspaces for the different departments who are dependant on the product management scheduling, this is also an added bonus.

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Onboarding through the help files isn’t that great, as it’s now a fairly large and complex product. However, the accompanying videos are short and perfectly poised to help. You should expect to commit people to this product to understand and train others. Once you’ve configured and set up it’s a breeze and a joy. I could have done with more help containing output from workshops and discussions, whereas currently you need to use a combination of Notes and description fields, or some sort of crossover with Ideas. It isn’t very clear and that is surprising seeing as product managers use it. You’d have thought a clear workflow capturing initiative and feature level discussions would be normal.

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AHA has changed the way my team approaches product launches from the marketing side and we use the tool to keep our deliverables on time and manage approvals. I love the approval functionality so that we have a digital trail of what has been approved and when. While I haven’t had a chance to use the capacity function, I’m excited that it’s there and look forward to trying it soon.

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